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    posted a message on remove units

    At the moment the only Galaxy functions that are implemented are the strict minimum for the AI to work.

    There are two ways to "remove" your unit.

    • As Sixen said, you can give a suicide ability to the unit and use it with the AICast function. However you can't use it on player units.
    • You can make an invisible unit that does huge damages and can target anything. When you want to kill an unit just ask this imba unit to attack the unit. This works well but it's hard to kill multiple units at the same time with that technique.
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    posted a message on Contra Defense

    yugrenn has made a new map: Contra Defense. This time you have to choose between 3 heros and must kill the many ground & air waves that are coming.

    There isn't any english translation yet but it's still playable. I suggest you to try the 3 different heros, they have different abilities and some are more imba than others :P


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    posted a message on You're in the library, why are you talking so loudly?

    Have you seen the japanese game where they have to make some challenges in a library without laughing too loud? It's really fun :p

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    posted a message on Anyone good with Math and Statistics around here?

    I really love math because you can create really complex formulas out of really simple things :p

    It looks interesting anyway, going to read it.

    Btw, wtf the "Do not copy" on everypage? Seriously I want to give remarks & show typos but I can't copy & paste things ...


    Okay just read the whole article. It is interesting.

    Proof? Your theory is great but you could say full bullshit it would be the same. There is no theorem proving, no verification of any kind on examples. Have you tried to parse replays and apply your models on real data and see if it fits? Where are the benchmarks & such things :)

    References You are talking several times about Game Theory but you are not using it anywhere. You have references but they don't appear anywhere either.

    Mathematics You say it's a mathematic paper however the only concepts you are using are only basic operators (*, +, /, sigma). You are using regression at the beginning but just defining the concept and it isn't used after.

    I really think this kind of article is needed however I think it requires more investigation. You defined many concepts but you don't prove them (nor show they work on examples) and start from scratch without reusing any other paper at all.

    I hope you are going to continue it because I really think it has potential.


    I'm not sure that you should put this as a reference ... http://mlewi.com/content/projects/INFOGD.4/Documentation/Game%20Design%20-%20Design%20Document%202008-2009.pdf

    The CNN article is from a blog and ... there is no argument given as for how the game is unbalanced. How would it be a valid reference !? http://scitech.blogs.cnn.com/2010/03/19/geek-out-starcraft-ii-wings-of-liberty/?hpt=Mid

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    posted a message on Videos as textures

    @argonz: Go

    Sometimes I wish I knew Chinese ... Anyway, I can't see someone telling how to achieve this effect. Did they only find that it was there or do they have an actual solution to reproduce it?

    Thanks for the link

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    posted a message on Release Date Speculations ...

    On Starcraft Mapping.de they are speculating on the sc2 release date with this screenshot:


    The beta was released on February 16 ( 02/16 ) so they guess the release date is June 11 ( 06/11 ).

    What do you think ?

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    posted a message on Videos as textures


    While reading sc2galaxy.net forums (french) I found a post by Upcios. He realized that there were fake ads as video instead of textures. Those are stored in ogv format and upload them.

    Would be nice to know how it's done. Thanks Upcios for uploading them :)

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    posted a message on Tutorial Title Format - READ BEFORE POSTING

    UPDATED 2015

    This section is meant to receive all the tutorials you could write about pretty much anything related to the Galaxy Editor. The goal is to keep it clean so please do not post anything other than tutorials.

    Title Format

    In order to easily understand what the tutorial is about you must use the correct title format:

    [Tag] Tutorial Title

    • [Tutorial] is NOT an appropriate tag. It's in the tutorial section; we already know it's a tutorial!
    • Keep it brief. Don't make your title a sentence.
      • Bad: [Model] How to reskin an existing unit to make a new unit in Blender
      • Good: [Model] Reskinning Models in Blender

    Common Tags

    Below you will find a list of commonly used tags. You may choose from any of the below tags, or create your own. The process of creating a custom tag is explained below.


    Data customization


    Galaxy Scripting


    Terrain modification


    Texture creation and integration




    Everything else that doesn't belong in previous categories. You might want to make a custom tag instead (see below).

    Combining Multiple Tags

    If your tutorial covers more than one topic, you may want to use more than one tag. If you plan on using more than one tag, use the following format:

    • [XML, Galaxy, Terrain] or [Model, Texture]

    Custom Tags

    As a general rule of thumb, if your tutorial does not fit into any of the above options, you should use a custom tag that you think is appropriate. When creating a custom tag, use the following guidelines:

    • Keep it simple. Don't start with "How to" or write a sentence. ("How to" is okay in the title, just not the tag).
    • Make a tag that encompasses everything in your tutorial. For example, if your tutorial is about how to create missiles, don't tag your tutorial [Marauder Modding], tag it [Missiles] or even [Data].
    • If you make a specific tag, you might also want to include the "parent tag" in combination. For example, [Data, Missiles].
    • Remember that people will be searching for your tutorial. Think about what keywords people who are searching for your tutorial might be likely to use.
    • If you are unsure if you should use a custom tag, use one of the default tags.

    Custom Tag Examples

    • [XML] - Creating an Uberlisk
    • [Galaxy] - Structures explained
    • [Blender, Model] - How to Import WoW Models
    • [How To Make a Good Map] - Making a good map
    • [Fun With Flames] - Modding the Firebat
    • [Tutorial] - Making a Zombie Defense Map
    • How do I (topic)?

    Using Improper Format

    If I (TacoManStan) see you using an improper format in your title, I will likely rename your title for you. I will do my best to choose an appropriate title, but the title may not be to your specific liking. To avoid this, make sure you use the proper format.

    Thanks and cheers!

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    posted a message on Overall style and functions of the site.

    It's 3 hours later the last post, it's useful to see how the discussion goes. If you want the full timestamp just mouse over the (2 hours ago)

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    posted a message on Blizzard Bugs - Report them

    It's possible to make the game crash through Galaxy scripting:

    • When creating a unit group with a huge region. The edge value is a little less than 524288 = 2^19. I suppose that there is an overflow somewhere.
      UnitGroup(null, c_playerAny, RegionCircle(Point(0, 0), 524288), UnitFilter(0,0,0,0), 0);
    • When requesting for a percentage property where the Max value is 0. There must be a division by 0 behind the scenes.
      UnitGetPropertyInt(someUnit, c_unitPropEnergyPercent, false);

    Official Bug Report: http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=23767187579&postId=237647590705&sid=5000#0

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    posted a message on Blizzard Bugs - Report them

    We are priviledged users that are able to discover bugs inside the maps generated through the Galaxy Editor. This post is meant to be a compilation of all the known bugs.

    Some rules:

    • Make sure this is an actual bug and not a misunderstanding. Post it on the forums before here!
    • Explain all the needed steps to reproduce the bug and tell exactly what is going on.
    • Do not talk in this thread, only report bugs.
    • Crosspost it in the official bug report forum and link it.


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    posted a message on question about create unit

    This is a working version and everything might not be working as intended. Just see if the units are being created from the enemy building.

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    posted a message on [XML] Inventory System in 8 Points

    It's a translation from sc2mod.net by 墨.尚贤.寒心

    • Inventory is an ability that units can have
    • Item definition is in ItemData.xml
    • An Unit is an Item

    A - Item Classes

    <CItemClass Id = "TestItemClass">
      <Name value="TestItemClassName" />
    </CItemClass >

    B - Inventory slots

    This is the definition of a bag.

    <CItemContainer id="TestContainer1">
      <Model value="Zealot" />
      <ModelHeight value="500" />
      <ModelWidth value="500" /> 
        <Equip value="1" />
        <Row value="8" />
        <Column value="0" />
        <Equip value="1" />
        <Row value="8" />
        <Column value="1" />
        <Equip value="1" />
        <Row value="8" />
        <Column value="2" />
        <Equip value="1" /> 
        <Row value="8" /> 
        <Column value="3" />
      <!-- ... for all the slots you want -->

    C - Item Definition

    Insert here all the item properties you want

    <CItem id="TestItem">
    <Face value="SCV" />
    <Flags index="CanDrop" value="1" />
    <Class value="TestItemClass" />
    <Container value="TestContainer" />

    D - Unit as Item

    Now you have to use an unit and transform it into an item

    <CUnit id="Probe" parent="ITEM">
      <Item value="TestItem" />

    E - Skill Inventory

    You have to add this to the Unit in order for it to be able to use the items.

    <CAbilInventory id="TestItemAbil">
        <CmdButtonArray index="Drop" DefaultButtonFace="Move">
                <Flags index="ToSelection" value="1"/>
            <CmdButtonArray index="Move" DefaultButtonFace="MovePatrol">
                <Flags index="ToSelection" value="1"/>
            <CmdButtonArray index="Take" DefaultButtonFace="MoveHoldPosition">
                <Flags index="ToSelection" value="1"/>
            <CmdButtonArray index="ItemInstant" DefaultButtonFace="AcquireMove">
                <Flags index="ToSelection" value="1"/>
            <CmdButtonArray index="ItemTarget" DefaultButtonFace="Turn">
                <Flags index="ToSelection" value="1"/>
         <Range value="2"/>
         <MaxDropRange value="5"/>
           <EmptyFace value="Move"/>
           <Classes value="TestItemClass"/>
           <Alignment value="Left"/>
           <Container value="TestContainer1"/>
           <Item value="TestItem"/>
         <Hotkey value="Move"/>

    F - Result


    G - Memo


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    posted a message on question about create unit

    Look at the latest revision of the TD. It uses AITrain http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/mapster-td/files/12-r11/

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