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    Quote from Sixen: Go

    Not that I know of, nope. Sounds like a cool idea though. How exactly would you do this though? Just mass units until it starts lagging? :P.

    Pretty much what Jackolas says ↓↓ XD

    Quote from Jackolas: Go

    think the best way is to have some kind of battle. let the camera turn around it. and spawn extra units every few sec. make all units regenerate extremely fast so nothing dies

    also have 2 counters.

    1) showing FPS

    2) showing amount of units on screen.

    500~800 of any random units fighting in one map should be fair enough to judge your CPU/GPU. :P

    Please give me good luck to see this in the coming days :)

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    A map to test the capabilities of your CPU/GPU.
    2 sides of player, produce X number of any units, move and attack.

    Does this kind of map exist already?

    Thank you in advance.

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