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    posted a message on Probes vs Templars ( Sheep Tag )

    Me wants a youtube video so I can news it ;)

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    posted a message on [Release] Defend the Statue

    Could you make a small video showing off your map? :)

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    posted a message on Popularity Listing on sc2mapster


    I've been working lately on scladder.com and the past few days on integrating it into sc2mapster. Here's a preview of what you should see next week :)

    Note: all the blizzard maps will be removed. Those are just placeholders for now.

    Popularity Main Page

    It's the 10 most popular maps that have a project on sc2mapster on your region (based on your browser language)

    Popularity Listing

    Map Detail

    Map Admin

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    posted a message on [Misc] Codec System (Dialogs)

    It looks fun :)

    However ... You should strip out the first 25 seconds of the video, they are really useless!

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    posted a message on Blizzards Possible Custom Map Improvements
    Quote from s3rius: Go

    Generally when officials avoid answering a question directly it means that they just try to not speak out a direct denial.

    Imo that's because they didn't really study the question.

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    posted a message on [Release] Evolution Wars

    Do you mind making a gameplay video? :)

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    posted a message on [Contest] WoW Boss

    Bounty_98: Small reminder: you have to give the map as well so we can play it :)

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    posted a message on [Library] STARCODE v1.4
    Quote from EarendilSphere: Go

    Haven't test with multiplayer environment, so bear in mind this is for a single user bank file loading.

    There is no limit for single player :)

    Quote from SouLCarveRR: Go

    Whats the possibilites of me dynamically generating the Encryption Seed Based off The Players name. Lets say I convert the players name to hex value and use that as the key?

    The player names are write-only. You can't read them and extract information from them.

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    posted a message on Forcing events to happen, without them actually happening
    Quote from Klishu: Go

    Can you hook functions just like you did in World of Warcraft?

    No :(

    WoW is using lua as a scripting language that treats functions as first class object (basically they are just variables). This means that you can do something like this:

    var old = locked_function;
    function locked_function(a, b, c) {
      /* Do something */
      var result = old(a, b, c);
      /* Do something */
      return result;

    However galaxy is closely related to C and this is not possible.

    Also, this is really fun you are asking because I was the first one to discover it on WoW during the beta on Cosmos UI :) It was really annoying to have to manually update all the files that were edited. You basically had to do manual diffs on all the files and try to fix it.

    During 6 hours after a patch release we were focusing on fixing Cosmos. This was the birth of the expression "Patch Day, No play" :)

    When I found out this trick, I started moving into "modules" (was the name we had) our code. My Minigames were therefore the first addon of WoW! They introduced the addons something like 2 weeks later.

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    posted a message on How to publish to NA from SEA account now?

    I believe they added it ingame but not in the editor. You can do it anyway using a little registry modification. It's working like a charm :)


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    posted a message on Question about Reals.

    Reals in galaxy are fixed: http://www.sc2mapster.com/api-docs/types/fixed/


    fixed is a 32-bit fixed (as opposed to floating point) number where 19 bits are available in the integer portion, 12 bits are available in the fractional portion and 1 bit is giving the sign. In the Galaxy Editor GUI fixed is referred to as a real.

    • (231 - 1) / 4096 = 524287.999755859375 is the greatest fixed number.
    • -(231 - 1) / 4096 = -524287.999755859375 is the least fixed number.
    • 2-12 = 1 / 4096 = 0.000244140625, is the smallest non-zero fixed number.

    They are just int divided by 4096 :)

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    posted a message on Makai Galaxy - Turn Based Strategy Game

    I don't get it, is that in Java or is it a Starcraft 2 map?

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    posted a message on [Info] Patch 1.1 Undocumented Editor Changes
    Quote from Rushhour: Go

    Edit: And could someone explain what the game variants were? I just read they were removed and saw that people are happy about that, but I don't know what they were good/bad for :D


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    posted a message on [Info] Patch 1.1 Undocumented Editor Changes
    +native void     GameSetMissionTimePaused (bool inPaused);
    +native bool     GameIsMissionTimePaused ();
    +native fixed    GameGetMissionTime ();
    +native playergroup  GameAttributePlayersForTeam (int team);
    +native bool     GameCheatIsAllowed (int cheat);
    +native fixed Floor (fixed x);
    +native fixed Ceiling (fixed x);
    +native fixed Trunc (fixed x);
    +native fixed Round (fixed x);
    +native fixed Pow2 (fixed x);
    +native fixed Log2 (fixed x);
    +native int FloorI (fixed x);
    +native int CeilingI (fixed x);
    +native int TruncI (fixed x);
    +native int RoundI (fixed x);
    +native int SquareRootI (fixed x);
    +native int Pow2I (fixed x);
    +native int Log2I (fixed x);
    +native int PowI (fixed x, fixed power);
    +native void TriggerAddEventPlayerEffectUsed (trigger t, int player, string inEffect);
    +native int      EventPlayerPropertyChangeInt ();
    +native fixed    EventPlayerPropertyChangeFixed ();
    +native string   EventPlayerEffectUsed ();
    +native point    EventPlayerEffectUsedPoint (int inLocation);
    +native unit     EventPlayerEffectUsedUnit (int inLocation);
    +native int      EventPlayerEffectUsedUnitOwner (int inLocation);
    +native string   EventPlayerEffectUsedUnitType (int inLocation);
    +native int      EventPlayerEffectUsedAmountInt (int inAmount, bool total);
    +native fixed    EventPlayerEffectUsedAmountFixed (int inAmount, bool total);
    +native void     UnitDamage (unit inAttacker, string inEffect, unit inVictim, fixed inBonus);
    +native int      EventUnitProperty ();
    +native int      EventUnitPropertyChangeInt ();
    +native fixed    EventUnitPropertyChangeFixed ();
    +native void     TriggerAddEventUnitChangeOwner (trigger t, unitref u);
    +native int      EventUnitOwnerOld ();
    +native int      EventUnitOwnerNew ();
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