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    Quote from s3rius: Go

    You got triggers so why not use them if it's easier. In the end the result matters, not how you do it.

    For the challenge :)

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    Quote from KratsAU: Go

    edit: Seems quotes don't display when they have line breaks, replaced with the manual line break markup.

    You have to leave a double enter at the end of the <</quote>> and one before. It has been present since the beginning of times :(

    Anyway thanks for the recap!

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    Looks like Vegas after an atomic bomb and who hasn't been inhabited for 100 years xD

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    Omg no french flag! :)

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    1. Smash TV Boss by ZarafFaraz - 58 Votes
    2. Crush Company - Lurker by Bibendus - 28 Votes
    3. Smash TZ Tank Boss by RahnSCII - 14 Votes
    4. General Vezax from Ulduar by LordAbyss - 7 Votes
    5. Planetary Boss - Zaragor by Bounty_98 - 7 Votes
    6. Ter'Ama by Dungeons Projects - 6 Votes
    7. Mengsk - Final Battle by gh0st00 - 4 Votes
    8. Random Boss Battle by FrozenFirebat - 3 Votes
    9. Verethragna by D1000 - 1 Vote
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    We've had issues with the popularity system and did not relaunch the updates yet. We didn't expect that there would be more than 20k published maps :)

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    Not sure, and if there isn't there won't be. I don't want people to flood because of that :)

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    Gratz :) I'm a low with only 912 :(

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    The loop looks right. Imo that's because the creep tumors are invisible :) Try to spawn a marine instead

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    Adding a terrain is easily done in 30 minutes. Adding code in an existing map is a lot harder. So having this many hands thingy applied to code is akward.

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    You should make it go faster. One small change every 10 seconds is really slow and boring :(

    Anyway that's a great job!

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    It was a Boss contest. WoW Boss was to give a general idea of how they should look like :)

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    <script rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script> <script> $('cite') .click(function() { $(this).parent().find(':not(cite,li)').toggle(); }) .html('Show / Hide Description') .click(); </script>
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    All the bosses are playable! Click on the boss name to get either the map to download or the name of the published version :)


    I had created this a little while ago as a test project. It includes some features that aren't evident on the surface. For Example: Agro levels on all the units (they remember who's causing them the most grief and attack that target) Which is done by Giving all Targets an ID, then Adding all damage to a unit's Custom score Index #(ID), Then running a function to determine what of that array is the highest, and making the target attack that one.

    This boss has 3 phases.

    During the first phase, every 3 seconds, the two boss parts (Body and Base) will perform a move. Both have a standard attack... The Body can be tanked anywhere, but the Base needs to be tanked from a range or it will attack a random target if the primary agro target is beyond it's minimum range. The Base can also shoot a stunning shot, or a Flame thrower attack. The Body can also shoot a barrage that paralyzes the target for the duration of the attack. Also during all phases, Dropships will arrive that will drop off Reapers that will run around the battlefield and engage anything they find... The dropship can be dealt with before it gets to the dropoff point. There are also two Generators next to the boss that will respawn after a while when destroyed. One increases the Dmg of the boss, the other Make the boss nearly invulnerable to attack.

    In phase two, the rate of dropships being deployed increases, and the Base gains the ability to call in a Mule to come repair the boss... They land randomly and move slowly towards the boss. Also the Body obtains a missile attack which launches a missile at a spot, which is highlighted for you to avoid.

    During the last phase, the boss begins to attack in overdrive. And you have to kill the base and body within 30 seconds of each other, otherwise one will rebuild the other.

    Ter'Ama by Dungeons Projects

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/qk1zQ1rPYYc?fs=1

    Part 2:

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/Kx2rjWrjy-Q?fs=1

    Additional Information:

    Zakariahliklikleh and myself worked on this map. We'd also like to thank SweetZombieJesus for providing his excellent library we used for the hero selection as seen in the video Part 1.

    What is in the videos

    We were a total of 4 players but we recommend playing it with 5. All heroes were level 2 and had 2 abilities to use when facing Ter'Ama. But there is a total of 5 abilites per hero (all unique) and they all have 2 additional higher levels each.

    Rory Swann (Tank) : [Level 1] Taunt and [Level 1] Defensive Stance

    • Taunt puts you back on top of threat forcing the enemy to attack you
    • Defensive Stance has a long cooldown but provides 70% reduction to all damage taken for 10 seconds.

    To use his abilites, Rory Swann gains energy for every point of damage he takes.

    Egon Stetmann (Healer) : [Level 1] Heal and [Level 1] Guardian Shield

    • Heal is a channeled restore that heals life every second
    • Gurdian Shield is the blue dome around the tank every so often seen in videos 1 and 2. This absorbs up to 300 damage for 10 seconds.

    Egon Stetmann has very good energy Regeneration allowing him to last for a long time in fights (we all die otherwise :) )

    Jim Raynor (Damage) : [Level 1] Snipe and [Level 1] Impact Rounds

    • Snipe deals a large amount of damage at a target from very long range.
    • Impact rounds deals a bit of damage but weakens the target making reducing it's attack speed.

    Jim Raynor's big advantage is that he's not energy based. His abilities only have a cooldown cost which makes him very useful in combat. All his damage is ranged physical.

    Tassadar (Damage) : [Level 1] Psionic Sphere and [Level 1] Mental Instability

    • Psionic Sphere is the photon cannon like orb that Tassadar hearls towards the target. Deals a lot of Damage and splash.
    • Mental Instability is a curse that stays on the target for 10 seconds. If it stays it's full duration, the curse detonates and deals damage to the target as splash and also creates a small damage over time for 12 additional seconds on the target. (Looks like the MotherShip Vortex on Ter'Ama in the video Part 1)

    This class gains energy based on the damage it deals. His spells are very powerful but require a lot of energy to conjure and thus he needs to use his regular attack often to unload the large damaging spells.

    Since the last class (Zeratul) was not used in this video, I'll leave it up to you guys to check it out yourselves. We hope you enjoy the video and would also like to note, this is just the first boss on the map. The published version has a second boss which we couldn't get to but he is much cooler and worth the effort to get to. Also much MUCH harder than Ter'Ama. :D


    Cleave (Passive): Every time he swings he cleaves people in front of him.

    Bile Bomb (Cast): Every 15 seconds he'll throw some slime at you which ignites into a ball of fire dealing damage every second when u stand in it.

    Enrage (Cast): He enrages doubling his damage and his attack speed and his movement speed (hits very very very hard). This happens once every 35 seconds.

    Time Limit: If he is not killed within the allocated time, he makes a Final deadly enrage that will kill anything in his path and lose you the game.

    There is one last thing I'd like to note, in the video part 2 you could hear at one point the healer on ventrilo tells me he needs to regenerate energy so we used the landscape to our advantage. Basically we waited for his enrage to be used up and then in that window where he moves at normal speed and enrage is still not available we had him chase me (Tank) around the crater of lava on the upper right corner of the map. On future boss releases there will be fights where you will need to use the land to your advantage to succeed.


    Another Video:

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/aiV43bCTFDE?fs=1

    Since I didn´t have enough time I made 2 instead of 3 phases and used no tentacles (no tentacles for a zerg boss! -.-) Also I don´t have enough time to make a video, I would be really grateful if someone made one for me.

    I´m sorry for submitting an unfinished entry, but I put a lot of time in it and I don´t want this time to be wasted.



    You have a base, everything you can build only needs a tenth of the normal time, firebats and medics are available, flying units not. Maximum supply is 80.

    The boss constantly spawns units after a given time, so you can´t just sit around an build an army.


    • Boss has 6000 lives
    • Range attack: 7 range, 16 damage
    • Melee attack: 1 range, 30 AoE damage
    • After no action for 15 seconds (no damage, no damage dealt) the boss resets himself

    Phase 1:

    Shoots sometimes 2 eggs near the players units which explode after 5 seconds an deal terrible terrible damage

    When the boss reaches 3800 lives it spawns 4 queens to heal him (only one of them heals him at a time) and changes to phase 2

    Phase 2:

    Shoots 3 instead of for eggs and sometimes infests a unit. An infested unit dies after 10 seconds and spawns 6 broodlings. This can be prevented by killing the unit by yourself.

    Used the data editor for everything, except these:

    • Bossbar
    • Attack order to spawned units
    • Victory conditions
    • Mission Objectives


    • Stimpacks, the marauder passives, scan & mule aren´t working

    As I mentioned before the attached map is not identical to the video I made. I managed to cut some triggers and remake some of them in a simplest version, the result is really similar to the original one.

    Lurker (Boss)


    Each time he can the Lurker tries to burrow. While doing it each unit near it gets knocked back. The lurker can attack and move only while burrowed.


    Basic attack used while burrowed that deals damage in a line. The attack can be dodged by moving out or jumping. Before burrowing (except for the initial one) the lurker calls for the help of 2 roaches.


    The Lurker throws 12 spines attack around him with random offsets. Each attack works exactly as the normal spine attack.


    When the Psi-Disrupter gets activated the Lurker is forced to unburrow (knocking back enemies near him) and he gets stunned for 8 seconds.

    Roaches (Adds)


    Roaches can randomly burrow knocking back nearby enemies. While burrowed they try to reach enemies to unburrow near them and deal knockback damage.


    Roaches are forced to unburrow after 8 seconds, when they are nearby an enemy or when the Psi-Disrupter is activated. Deals knockback damage.


    Basic attack that deals damage in the area and leaves an acid pool that deals damage over time to nearby enemies.


    When activated forces all enemies to unburrow and stuns them for 8 seconds. 15 seconds of cooldown to activate.


    Features and Abilities

    • 4 PLAYER CO-OP
    • 3 Boss themes/music based on what the current phase is
    • 4 Extremely powerful boss abilities
    • 4 Player Abilities
    • 3 Phases based on current health
    • 3 Difficulty settings (Gamespeed = Difficulty Level, Normal, Fast and Fastest should be used)
    • Use your Templar to summon a Tank, DPS, or Healer depending on the sitaution...then bash your enemies in with your blade!
    • Destroy the reactors scattered throughout the junkyard to deal a massive 15,000 damage to Zaragor, but be warned.. these reactors are guarded by Elite Demons.

    Phase 1 Abilities

    Compact Earth

    Zaragor will periodically channel energy into his claws and eventually slam them to the ground causing a line of havoc to cause damage in a straight line in front of him

    Summon Sporeling Warrior

    Every so often Zaragor will take a deep breath and let loose an extremely loud and powerful roar. This will summon two Sporeling Warriors to Assist him

    Phase 2 Abilities

    Parasite Grenade

    Zaragor will throw a grenade at the closest templar to him (Can be dodged). If you are hit with a Parasite Grenade your body will be lit on fire and you will let loose a massive amount of dangerous energy around you within 10 seconds of being infected. This energy/aoe will cause massive damage to anyone around you.

    Summon Suicide Sporeling

    Every so often Zaragor will take a deep breath and let loose an extremely loud and powerful roar. This will summon two Suicide Sporelings to Assist him (They work like banelings)

    Phase 3

    Phase 1 + Phase 2 Abilities all on at once


    First off, you'll notice that the video starts with a cinematic. This is the final boss cinematic that basically brings the heroes to the boss arena and introduces the boss. No real gameplay value here, just some entertainment. Oh, and a cookie for anyone who knows the reference for " "

    Once the boss fight starts, probably the first thing you'll notice is that the boss likes to blink around a lot. He cannot be trapped into a corner or anything, so you have to do your best to chase him down as he launches attacks at you. Another thing you may notice is that the boss has NO auto-attack. This means that the only method he will use to attack you is abilities. He has both major and minor abilities.

    Minor Abilities - The boss will continuously use these at various intervals while he is moving around.

    Major Abilities - The boss will speak and then use the major ability. He will not use any minor abilities while a major is in progress.

    Minor Abilities:

    Plasma Missile - He will occassionally fire 1 to 3 plasma missiles at a player with no charge up. Can hurt if a melee attacker is caught in it.

    Plasma Bomb - He will launch a plasma bomb that will split into 12 plasma balls. He will charge up before shooting this. Can be extremely deadly if a melee attacker is caught in this.

    Target Fire - Every 10 seconds, a random player will be targeted and have spiking energy chasing after him/her. The name of the player that is currently being targeted is shown on the right side under "Boss Target". Additionally, a red target effect will appear on the unit as well. This can be quite damaging if a unit stands still while under its effect. Also, the energy spikes can hurt allies as well, so care must be taken that the player does not lead the energy spike towards his allies.

    Major Abilities:

    Energy Waves - "Your lives are forfeit. Surrender to despair." The boss will summon various patterns of plasma energy projectiles. These waves will travel in all directions, and often require some agile movements to dodge all incoming projectiles. The further away you are from the boss when he creates these, the easier it is to dodge. At short range, multiple projectiles can hit a unit at the same time causing HEAVY damage. Melee characters beware.

    Blink Hammer - "Your doom is only delayed." An aura appears around the boss causing his defenses to drop for a few seconds. When his aura turns green, however, anyone who is attacking him will suddenly be attacked. The boss will blink towards the unit, and slam it hard enough to cause the unit to be knocked back quite far. The boss will continue to instantly blink towards units until the aura wears off.

    Spiral Psi Storms - "Cease your foolish struggle. There is no hope." The boss creates a pattern of spirals on the ground and summons numerous psi storms to travel around in the spiral. One spirals from the boss outwards, while another spirals from the outside and in towards the boss. A unit can dodge the psi storms by standing on ground that has no marker on it.

    Kamehameha - "Your existence ends this day." The boss charges up a giant energy blast and launches it towards a unit. If it hits, then it will stun all players on the field and also cause the screen to go blinding white for two seconds. However, this energy blast CAN be blocked. All heroes have a "Shield" ability which grants them a shield and makes them invulnerable for 2 seconds. If timed right, the energy blast can be deflected by use of this shield and harmlessly sent away. The other result of deflecting the blast is that the player who deflected becomes super charged with increased attack and movement speed for 30 seconds.

    Soul Pylons - "Come my slaves. The time has come to give me your strength" At certain points in the battle, the boss will summon 4 soul pylons and become invulnerable. During this time, the soul pylons will transfer health to the boss, healing him (and damaging themselves in the process). You must destroy the 4 pylons before the boss gains too much health back. After the 4 pylons are destroyed, he will become vulnerable again. Another thing the boss does is summon many dark zealots to come charging at you and buy him some time. More dark zealots are summoned whenever a pylon is destroyed. Destroying all 4 pylons also causes the boss to release an energy nova that kills any remaining dark zealots.

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