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    I bet you want it to work for anyone playing your map, so what Feithless suggested might only work for you... Anyone downloading your map won't have these settings. :(

    Anyway, I think what you want should work exactly the same way as using WASD for a unit, as Feithless also said. Create a camera on your map, and create triggers that will pan the camera to: actual position of the camera + small offset in the direction bound. Make some variables that will check if a key is still pressed (the more often you check, the more precise it is... unfortunately it is also more laggy, especially on Bnet), and repeat the camera movement process if so.

    EDIT: I searched the link to the tutorial I used for WASD movement on my own custom map, but it seems to have been removed/updated with another method (obviously better, since the old one was laggy). Anyway, there are at least 3 ways to do a WASD movement, and each are explained on SC2Mapster... The method using Data editing might not work to move a camera, but you're free to try (who knows... it's an Actor like everything else, I guess!).

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    My bad, I didn't check the date. It was on the first page though... But nevermind.

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    Looks fun indeed. But why the limitation to 4 players? Is it for potential lag issues on Bnet? I guess it would be even funnier if the arenas were a bit larger so that you can put more players, more constructs, more action... and implicitely more fun.

    Anyway if you're interested in adding more maps, I'd love to make one or two. I like BorgDragon's idea too, about dividing the map in various parts so that you have up to 4 arenas in a single file. Smaller maps are better for fast action, obviously, but with bigger maps you can have funnier combos, as Ultima suggested.

    In addition to speed boost, it could be fun to have some sort of shunting/switching. When a baneling passes over it, it is redirected to its left or right alternatively. It could be useful when chased by multiple enemies, to be sure only half of them can follow you. (I'm not even sure what I'm saying is understandable...)

    I also assume you already though of a lot of items and powerups. The more there is in your map, the more tools you give for the players to have fun and create tricks and combos. Just avoid adding similar powers, and consider adding "reversed" powerups (remember the thunder in Mario Kart? it affects everyone BUT the owner...). Sometimes, bad/cursed powerups could be fun too (random example in mind: making your baneling bigger temporarily, unable to use jump pads or boosts, but its explosion is massive).

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    - Rise up and blossom
    - Thorns of crystal
    - The shiny garden
    - The gunpowder storm
    - Short(ing the) fuse
    - Lethal allegiance(/betrayal)
    - Hijack(ing) the steamroller
    - Two wrongs make a right
    - Blind, deaf, and dumb
    - The spirits of battle
    - Tomb raider
    - (Time for) payback
    - Against all odds

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