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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go


    That is all.

    Played your shitty map offline noobass. Laggy as fuck even now. Fix it. Send me more cupcakes I'll probably give you 1/10

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    Well 0/10. looks like I am very spot on. 0 seconds played as for right now. I only tell truth in my review. You might think I am trolling but I am not. Ask DuckytheDuck on my review for his Bomberman maps. That map has potential so I give constructive criticism. Mini Chop Farms? No matter how many cupcakes you send me, this map is shit...

    0 seconds. 0/10. Coincidence? No This map is the real shit...

    Plus this piece of junk is created by a kid who basically told us that our maps in Battle.net sucks, easy to make, and should be free whatsover. Yep... that;s his first post as SC2Mapster member. Instead of asking how to make Uberlisk, he basically told us that we couldn't make maps, that we should go find a job and quit mapping...

    I cannot fathom how any of you guys still responding to this guy. Unfuckingbelieveable. For me, the only way for TaintedWisp is for him to exit SC2Mapster. I will not stop as long as I shall live. Ban me? Maknyuzz 2 will come, and Maknyuzz 3, up until Maknyuzz inifnity.

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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    Edited: no need to feed trolls,

    Either way, personally, I dont care what you think, I made this map to learn with the editor, its Serving my purpose, Sorry its not up to your standerds oh wise swammy....

    Because your IQ is lower then 80 ill tell you.... calling you wise was Sarcasm.

    Lulz. what do you know about my IQ? Please dont give more bullshit to this community, esp about something you do not know.

    Unlike you, I only state fact. Fact is: Mini Chop Farm is shite. That's a hard fact. Your creation is shit. So stop acting as if making map is easy, stop saying that we will steal your map.

    Oh, and stop telling people that they post in wrong categories. You also post in wrong category. There is a sub-forum called shite. Post your Mini Chop Farm to that category please. Actually, most of your posts.

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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    Map is fixed, Play it on the NA server. also Uploading new File on SC2Mapster.

    If someone acts like a douche and steals my map, atleast give me some credit lol.

    Wait what??? Anyone willing to steal shite? Not to mention giving you credit for shit...

    Maybe I should eat fiber and shit more, then sell it for credit... trolololol.

    Where is your WC3 campaign remake that you said was easy to make and should be free? Stop making shit pls.

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    Played couple of games yesterday.

    Not sure what the lobby is for. Like there are 4 lobbies. Let all 12 people do battle royale. the more the merrier lulz. But not really 12 players in 1 lobby will be hectic... IMO, I'd rather limit the max player size to say 8, and let there only be 1 lobby.

    Hmm... Let's say you want to keep the lobby. 12 players in.

    - With 2 lobbies: 6 each. 3v3 This is pretty good already

    - With 3 lobbies: 4 each. 2v2 or FFA. This is good only for FFA. 2v2 still ok.

    - With 4 lobbies: 3 each. FFA only. Only good for FFA. 3 guys in a lobby kinda dry..

    If you want to keep lobbies do max 3. but imo destroy lobbies, only 1, limit max player size to 6 or 8.

    Otherwise, the best bomberman spinoff in SC2 Arcade yet. Keep updating. hopefully more bomber, not just automaton/tastosis bot. SC2 Music kinda lame too, especially protoss music, just doesnt fit the scenario. AI is actually very smart, they know how to block your path. Teal and Blue color, pick one, too similar... confusing. Camera toggle follow doesnt seem to work last time I tried.

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    Review by Maknyuzz:

    Played the original in WC2, was fun. The remake of this good-ole classic by TaintedWisp has made me lost faith in the mapmaking scene. The remake of Chop Chop Forest is nothing but defiling the original with terrible arts, horrid, uninventive gameplay, and kindergarden level design. First few seconds playing the map, I'll rep you if you don't puke seeing all those golden (shit colored) high yield minerals surrounding your base. The terrain is very bland, green all the way. Plus it's laggy as hell.

    Original Chop Chop, despite its 2D, the game is looking great Despite its 2D graphic, Chop Chop in WC2 is great looking, clean, easy for the eye.

    The Remake by TaintedWisp. Using high yield as trees hurts my eyes. The SC2 remake by Tainted Wisp, using high yield as trees hurts my eyes...

    If you think that the brown thing that comes out of you ass is called shit, think again. Because you ain't seen nothing yet. This... is... True... Piece... of... SHIT...

    What's funny is that this remake of the classic custom melee is coming from TaintedWisp, the infamous kid who, in his very 1st post as sc2mapster member, shouted out loud that all custom maps in Bnet are horrible, uninventive, doesn't have original arts, and should be free whatsoever.

    My piece of advice: recommend changing the caption of his map to: "this is for people who are bored loves shit"

    Gameplay: 0/10; Design: 0/10; Presentation: 0/10

    Final Verdict: 0/10

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    Quote from ProzaicMuze: Go

    Maknyuzz. . . if you force me to lock this thread and jeopardize my chance to steal one of progammer's beta passes. . .





    Now GTFO outta dis thread and learn you some mannuhs!

    Seriously. . .

    Right now. . .

    Unfucking believable you sided with that guy... That guy said that StarCraft Universe should be free. doesnt deserve to be paid map because of bad quality, non original art. I try to destroy this guy for saying that. I guess you already give up on your SCU huh? wow... unreal...

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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    Dota 2 is a game from the makers of the popular Warcraft 3 map Dota... who thunk it. Lawl.

    FALSE. Man ur such a bs. no contribution to this community at all. Get your fact straight. IceFrog didnt think about Dota in WC3. Eul did. Hence Eul of Divinity, then he passed it on to Guinsoo, hence Guinsoo Sceptre, then Guinsoo quit Dota cos he didnt make money because the players are cheap poor bastard like you who didnt want to pay for custom maps, so he quit and passed it on to IceFrog. Then he made League of Legends along with his friends and Blizzard developers. Now RiotGames' asset is worth $1B+

    From Wiki: The first version of Defense of the Ancients was released in 2003 by a mapmaker under the alias of Eul[14] who based the map on a previous StarCraft scenario known as "Aeon of Strife".[12] After the release of Warcraft's expansion The Frozen Throne, which added new features to the World Editor, Eul did not update the scenario.[15] Other mapmakers produced spinoffs that added new heroes, items, and features.[14]

    Among the DotA variants created in the wake of Eul's map, there was DotA Allstars, developed by modder Steve Feak (under the alias Guinsoo); this version would become today's dominant version of the map, simply known as Defense of the Ancients.[16] Feak said when he began developing DotA Allstars, he had no idea how popular the game would eventually become; the emerging success of the gametype inspired him to design a new title around what he considered an emerging game genre.[17] Feak added a recipe system for items so that player's equipment would scale as they grew more powerful, as well as a powerful boss character called Roshan (named after his bowling ball) who required an entire team to defeat.[14]

    Feak used a battle.net chat channel as a place for DotA players to congregate,[14] but DotA Allstars had no official site for discussions and hosting. The leaders of the DotA Allstars clan, TDA, proposed that a dedicated web site be created to replace the various online alternatives that were infrequently updated or improperly maintained. TDA member Steve "Pendragon" Mescon created the former official community site, dota-allstars.com, on October 14, 2004.[18]

    Towards the end of his association with the map, Feak primarily worked on optimizing the map before handing over control to another developer Ice Frog after version 6.01.

    IceFrog started very late maybe when you just know how to masturbate. Man learn to read. Oh i know you're to cheap and poor for a book? or maybe internet monthly fee? ic...

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    Quote from LongLivetheTalDarim: Go

    I am trying to work on an RPG, and I thought I could do it myself, but I was wrong. I haven't even started on it, except for the maps, and this is why.

    I need converted models from Warcraft III to Starcraft II. "They look like crap" Well, I just need what I need.

    Details here. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV


    Also need a Diablo UI (I saw it here but I can't find it, and I also wouldn't know how to install it.), as well as a character selection menu for around 20+ custom classes I can put in myself, and some way to choose between female and male genders, as well as attributes (Like in Diablo when you level up you get 5 points to distribute). A simplified Inventory screen and NPC vendors/quest givers/trainers. I also put the person's name that made the original WCIII model because I felt that they deserved the credit, and I wouldn't feel right using their model without giving credit. *sigh* I would also like to know the location of a snowy/tundra tileset, as one of the locations is Harrogath (from Diablo II). I'm trying to mix it with Starcraft's RTS mode. (Like, fight for.... or defend Darnassus from invaders)

    My rate is $100/hr OBO. Let me know.

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    I played this for couple of hours, don't think this is my type of game. I mean free-roaming, free-will kind of game. I spend the whole day slaughtering Harlvard (the first guy we met at the execution point), but he just couldn't die, he revived everytime, then I got killed. Once I got bored, I go to town slaughtering everyone...

    I like it in general. I think the graphic is good, the customization level is various. I don't like the UI though... But this game is not guided, seems so huge, scattered. I tried to play Oblivion, Morrowind as well... just couldn't stay out of slaughtering citizens... Same with GTA, Red Dead Redemption... Not my type... Just mind boggling how everyone can stand it... I wish I could...

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    Quote from Ability1: Go

    The team behind NOTD has just released our 1st App Store game - Night Runner. Find 'Night Runner' on any App Store globally and give feedback at www.playblueberry.com. Thank you

    What's with that robot as the enemy? Where is the werewolf? What about Bella? The name of the vamp should be Edward!

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    Quote from OneTwoSC: Go

    The funny thing is that this applies to every facet of the internet.

    Old facebook or google+ accounts just instantly get more views.

    Old app-store apps appear at the top of lists over new ones, even if old ones are bleh.

    And then youtube and sc2 popularity...

    Disagree with regards to app-store. I am not sure how but Apple AppStore seems to be able to show new games... Everyday I skim through the Top 25-Top 50 it always flactuates...

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    Quote from dra6o0n: Go

    Anything with simply 'triggers' and edited 'data' files and a few custom sound files wouldn't suffice for a 'sell-able' map/mod... If you want to sell one, you have to at least have 75% of the content to be custom made, and that includes galaxy codes (meaning real programming) instead of triggers and imported content from 3d model editors and such.

    Meaning if you truly want to sell your game, learn game design to make a 'actual game', not a mod, not a map, but the idea that it 80% feels like a 'actual indie game'.

    And 'real efforts' isn't spending 1000 hours on a map, where you simply adjust, balance, and tweak stuff, no. Real effort is in creating custom sfx, music, custom tilesets, custom models and animations, and custom codes that changes how SC2 plays entirely (like 95% not like a RTS or a 'faked' game type).

    Most of the Third person shooters, side scrollers, and the likes are 'faked' into the RTS game hence it ends up having awfully bad optimization for key latency and the likes.

    Once someone actually put a 'true effort' into making a mod or content that turns SC2 into a actual FPS with HUD, GUI, v_models, and first person animations etc. Then you would have a 'game'.

    ^That, is my expectation, because modders in the mod industry can do it, quite easily sometimes, why are mappers for SC2 slacking off?

    When you force yourself to learn and adapt to the level of a 'standard map editing' software, you essentially dumb down the quality of the possible output of the map since you hold and limit yourself to the limitations of the software itself.

    Flippin burger for 1 hours gets you $10. Some hooker only shakes her arm jerking of clients for 1hr $100. Senior Level Designer at Blizzard prolly got paid 6 digits for creating 1 campaign level, do they do anything with the game engine? Hell No! All those campaign levels are created using map editor period.

    So why can't we, using the same exact tools against those Senior Level Designer get paid couple hundreds or couple thousands for spending 1000 hours? Thats $1/hour... Boy my PC electricity and heater costs more that that per hour...

    That's your criteria, from someone very cheap. I can understand that.

    Boy, I don't even have maps in mind to sell tbh. But I believe money makes world goes around. We need money as incentives so maps can be great.

    If everyone is as punishing as you then no map will worth anything.

    Smashcraft you think that one is not good enough? Project Vektor? AC-130 not good enough? Corruption RPG doesnt deserve to be sold even for 99c? Project TOFU? No?

    I do not know why you keep bitching about putting price tags on the map. Boy playing Diablo 3 you could make money with the new auction house, and anyone can do that. I don't see why modding/mapmaking which requires some creativity, programming, art creation doesn't deserve any reward...

    Btw, any of you here still thinking of donation. That's so 2000 and late. No such thing as donation anymore these days. Even charities, they no longer ask for donation, they sell products in which the amount generated will be donated. They no longer beg you fro $1. THey sell bag with breast cancer logo for $1.

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    Quote from Operation51: Go

    what engine does starcraft program use?

    is the sdk actually mpq files?

    Havok for the physics. That I know for sure. Many other video games such as Halo, Bioshock, Uncharted used Havok for its physics engine, along with its own modified propretiary engine


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    Could use some more polish to make it look even better. i.e. health globe color, etc. etc.. But fantastic so far.

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