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    I'd like you to post it on my site. www.brokenalliances.com , back when you first put your map up I had you on front page and would love to show it off to my group as well.

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    I just rated this map with my team, it's well put together, especially for Alpha. I would describe it as a mix between DOTA and Fat Princess.

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    Quote from capnflummox: Go

    Random Towers Defence

    i don't know what to say about this one other than it didn't seem like i was damaging the units.

    4/10 - cool concept, but needs to be fixed.

    That's a skill thing. This is one of the most unique maps out there, you must have tried it once. Makes more sense to rate these things fairly and understand them before posting a review on them, just saying. Every time you kill a unit, it respawns. Damage is counted every round and the highest damage output gets bonus gold.

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    Gotta agree.

    I think it might be all the things we're mentioning... time will tell. I don't have any hope for a marketplace btw. I think it had more legal issues than they expected and now they don't know how to handle it...

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    5 – Easy to understand and displays useful/needed information

    4 - Good design but may be slightly confusing or has some unneeded information

    3 - The normal layout

    2 - The design takes some getting use to and may need help understanding

    1 - The design is terrible and makes the game painful to play


    5 - There is information for everything, and is easy to find and understand

    4 - There is information for everything, you just gotta dig a bit.

    3 - There is self explanatory information that leaves you to your own devices to figure it out.

    2 - There is no information

    1 - The information give is terrible and makes the game harder to play


    5 - There is no known glitches

    4 - The only glitches there are have next to no effect on game play

    3 - The are some glitches that effect game play or there are spots in the game were it is laggy. This also is the appropriate rating if the map suffers from the bnet drop bug.

    2 - The game has many glitches or is very laggy

    1 - The game is impossible to play


    Game Length

    LONG - Takes an hour or more to play a good game.

    AVG - Takes 30 Min to an Hour to play a typical game

    SHORT - Take up to 30 mins to play a whole game typically.

    Map Popularity

    Is one of the top 5 games

    – Is on the top 2 pages

    (needs names) – Is on the top 5 pages

    Up and Coming – Is lost in the pages

    Community Infrastructure

    ROBUST - The mapmaker has a team of support, players know each other, and there is a central place to gather.

    BUDDING - The mapmaker has a hosting site such as sc2mapster, teamliquid, etc. and has his on sc2 channel setup

    SEEDLING - The map has no community and no following.

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    This list always changes, if there is ever a challenge or request for a new review, we will do so. This living rating index is simply our best shot at rating custom maps, our formulas and methods will evolve with trial and error.

    The INDEX.

    The list is small now, request your map to be reviewed, we've just rebooted it. We hope to complete 2-3 a week and would love requests and help.

    Want to know how we get to the ratings? See below. A score that is in between a 2 and 3 is a two, you are either totally in line with the number or you are not. 3 rated reviews per map keeps it fair. What we do is measure subjective statements, based on those statements we have an objective score.

    Gameplay Appearance

    5- The game uses never before seen graphics, terrain, etc.

    4 - The game uses very unique camera controls, uses wow models, etc.

    3 - The game looks very good, pathing works, no eye sores.

    2 - The game looks like someone spent about an hour on terrain, the equivalent to nexus wars terrain, but is still playable.

    1 - The terrain looks and works horribly, pathing does not work, there are eye sores.


    5- The game has new never seen before mechanics, is balanced, and working

    4- The game is balanced and working and is different from other maps, or has a unseen game mechanic with only small problems

    3- The game works but has balanced problems

    2- The game is a pure clone of another game with nothing to offer

    1- The map is unbalanced to the point were it is not worth playing

    Fun Factor

    5 - When you were done reviewing this game, you wanted to play it again the next morning, you went to sleep thinking about it.

    4 - You bookmarked this game for personal use, you played it 2-3 times more during the week of your review.

    3 - You will be playing this on your own time, you still have things to do, but you will be playing it.

    2 - The map review seemed long, you don't think you'll be playing this anytime soon, maybe after you rest from it.

    1 - This map flat out sucked and you wont be playing it no more.

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    @Mephs: Go

    All of that is based on your perception of the world, just because you have philosophies on how you want to live your life, or how others should, doesn't make them anything more than just your opinion.

    The request was for a map maker to build a map, and to be paid for it. The fact that 75% of this thread is trying to dissuade the guy from doing what he wants is silly. The proposal method doesn't matter, it's a unique thing that he can spring on his girlfriend. Let the guy do in his life as he sees fit without questioning it.

    I'm officially sorry I suggested he come here for help, won't do so again. We were taking the OP seriously, not the troll.

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    @Mephs: Go

    Removed a rather unneeded post about Mephs, on topic:

    When I suggested this dude come here for this request, I expected the classy folks to appear, not the trash.

    Thanks for elevating the sc2mapster community as always. You're a tribute to the mapping community and your parents Mephs. Someone somewhere is proud of you i'm sure.

    Only your mother thinks you're a big deal, no one else could have given you such a hateful outlook on life.

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    posted a message on 12 Kingdoms to be publicly released: December 16


    War of the 12 Kingdoms, the wildly popular map by Mr. MoneyBags and Edited to it's final form by King_Leopold on Warcraft 3 is now entering development. The map is being terrained by Milpheus and Coding By Shock on NA Server.

    Some footage of the gameplay in alpha testing:

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/AZreNENHxsQ?fs=1

    A terrain overview:

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/vtBZLY6QOWY?fs=1

    The project will be officially hosted at www.12kingdoms.net, and is part of the projects @ BrokenAlliances.com, the official home of Broken Alliances, War of the Lost Kingdoms, Rise of Empires and War of the 12 Kingdoms - All planned Warcraft Conversions.

    The map shares the same circular format as it's predecessor with a few changes, there is now both and inner and outer circle, proving for more diverse base entries and army traveling. This was actually the biggest flaw in 12k on wc3, it was just circular in nature. I recorded a video clip to show the amount of activity we expect, this was with 10 people in game and without any creeps in place at the time, so activity will be very high in this map.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/EqiWH-TDSuY?fs=1


    12 Players, 12 Bases. Players fight for minerals, each kill grants a bounty. The goal of the game is to kill your enemies and make alliances to do so. When not fighting an opponents army, take part in multiple quests throughout the maps many areas of exploration.

    Each base allows for upgradable units spawned every one minute, armor, attack and ability upgrades will be featured as well.

    Other Details:

    - 12 Unique races, all World of Warcraft Models used in the unit creation in this map. - The same team who made this map on WC3 will be making it on SC2 - Quests, Quests, Quests! Fight and complete several brand new WC style quests while competing for the spoils from those quests. Equip your hero's with items that drop upon death and kill the crap outta each other for them! - Quests are base locations, the successful completion of a quest objective will create a vassal base where a 13th race can be spawned, the mighty Ents! - The warcraft feel to a starcraft map!

    Developers: Team Lead - Shock (Current Editor of Broken Alliances and War of the 12 Kingdoms on WC3) Terrainer - Milpheus

    Follow development at the official forums:


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    @Hookah604: Go

    He probably just got fed up like the rest of the folks who aren't around anymore.

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    @Lonami: Go

    Ironically today is his birthday.

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    Quote from Taintedwisp: Go

    Im sure Squadron TD will be Re-Added soon.

    I would suggest remake Legion TD and add your own twist to it.

    Yup, and which version of Legion TD was yours? I know lisk open sourced it after 1.6

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    @Malpheus: Go

    Wish someone from your team would have shown up, I contacted a few weeks in advance and confirmed last week and then again yesterday...

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    @Malpheus: Go

    Sorry for the dbl post! Don't forget about map night tonight!!!!!

    I'm in channel sc2mapster and sc2mapnight right now and very much looking forward to this.

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    The 12 Kingdoms team is very excited about the upcoming map night, we look forward to participating. For those of you who aren't aware of the project, it's a wow conversion of a wc3 custom map called "War of the 12 Kingdoms". The original group that put it together on wc3 has remade it on sc2. We're just at the end of alpha and pushing to public beta soon. I hope everyone enjoys it!

    Just a low quality glimpse of what the game will look like tonight, with alot of fixed issues.

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/AZreNENHxsQ?fs=1
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