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    @wOlfLisK: Go

    I'm sorry, I really should have said that.

    Attack Power is just like +damage, but will also affect spells/abilities for my melee classes.

    I want to create a shield system, where the shield will damage like armor did in WC3, aside from the regular armor system I will use for non-shield users.

    Armor Penetration will be ignore a % of armor

    Spell Armor will mitigate an amount of spell damage

    Spell Power will affect the damage/heal of spells/abilities that require mana

    Exp + will increase the amount of experience earned for every kill my a %

    BTW, tyvm for responding so fast, I really want to contribute to the modding community.

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    Im trying to create 6 stats for my hero's and I'm having trouble getting there. Ive created 6 behaviors and listed as "Strength, Stamina, Agility, Luck, Intelligence, and Wisdom". Every level will reward 5 stat points to distribute as you wish. What I'm hoping for is this

    Strength - Attack power 3 - Armor Penetration - HP 10

    Stamina - HP 25 - HP Regen .1 - Armor .2

    Intelligence - Spell power 10 - MP 25 - MP Regen .2

    Wisdom - Spell Armor .2 - Block .3 - MP 50

    Agility - Attack power 5 - Dodge .1 - Haste .005

    Luck - Crit .1 - Spell Crit .1 - Exp+ .5

    Stamina is easy, Luck and pretty much everything else I'm lost on. I'm having trouble with tying Crit to luck as a behavior that will increase as it levels, And I have no idea how to make Spell Crit or Exp+. Any help with these subjects would be much appreciated.

    Obviously I'm bad at this but I've wanted to make my own rpg for year's now. This seems like a really helpfull forum so I asked here. Please assist this humble noob oh mighty Galaxy gods.

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    Adding other attributes.

    Ive searched and haven't been able to find a tutorial for adding more attributes such as Stamina, Wisdom, and Luck to the existing Strength, Agility, Intelligence. Ive seen others do it so I know its possible, I just cant figure it out for myself.

    Please help

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