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    i have the same problem. I literally have nothing else in my map, its empty. i put a changeling marine in the center of the map for all of the players (including computers) and when i kill a changeling all i want to do is respawn a new one for the player a copule seconds later. it looks like this:

    (actually i should say my problem is once i kill a changeling, another one isnt respawned for theplayer. an error pops up saying there was an error starting starcraft 2

    A Civ Dies
            Unit - Any Unit dies
        Local Variables
            (Unit type of (Triggering unit)) == Changeling (Marine with shield)
            UI - Display cinematic text for (All players) with text ("killer killed player #" + (Text((Triggering player)))), sound Ghost_NukeLaunch, and allow 0.1 seconds between characters (max duration 5.0 seconds)
            Variable - Set Player Lives[(Triggering player)] = (Player Lives[(Triggering player)] - 1)
            General - Wait 2.0 Game Time seconds
            Unit - Create 3 Corruptor for player (Triggering player) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing (Random angle) degrees (No Options)
            Variable - Set Player Civs[(Triggering player)] = (Last created unit)
            Leaderboard - Set Player Lives Leaderboard item text at column 2 and row (Triggering player) to (Text(Player Lives[(Triggering player)]))
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