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    posted a message on Data editor not matching in game

    Check Map -> Map Options -> Publishing Options -> Melee/Custom Map -> Automatically Add Multiplayer Data.

    Also check Preferences -> Test Document -> Melee Expansion.

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    posted a message on [Actors] Animaton Problem With Transient Morph

    I've been trying to figure this out myself and just can't find a solution.

    I have a morph ability that is transient so that it can be used while the unit is moving without stopping the unit.

    The ability works fine if the unit is standing still, but if the unit is moving then the new unit it morphed into plays the "Stand" animation. It will not play the walk animation until the unit is ordered to stop and then move again.

    I've noticed this problem in some other arcade maps, most notably Hide & Kill (Assassins), where you can morph between "Assassin" (Ghost model) and Civilian while moving. If you're moving while you use this ability (often the case when you're trying to flee from an area) your unit won't play the run animation. It's a big problem in that map because you're supposed to be indistinguishable from other A.I. civilians and this glitch breaks your disguise.

    I also noticed that this can even happen when the morph is non-transient if you order the unit to move very shortly after the morph or during.

    So my question is how do you make the unit play the correct animation after a moving/transient morph?

    I've tried an ugly workaround using a bunch of timers and play animation messages, but it doesn't always work for some reason and it's too convoluted for me to debug at this point. Not being able to rearrange or group actor events or use keyboard shortcuts doesn't help.

    I feel like there must be a simpler way to do this but I can't find it.

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    posted a message on Event/Action by name Custom UIFrame ?

    Yes, if I understand you correctly.

    If you're using the action "Hookup Dialog Item" or "Hookup Standard Dialog Item", you can save it in a variable of type "Dialog Item" using the function "Last created dialog item". The function name is counterintuitive/misleading/wrong, but it works.


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    posted a message on Remove inventory icon hotkeys

    The option to show/hide hotkey labels was removed in patch 3.0.

    The frame path to the hotkey label looks like this for the first inventory button:


    But that doesn't hide the hotkey label background. Here's a simple trigger that hides all of the hotkey frames: http://peeeq.de/gui.php?id=3848

    I hope you carefully considered hiding something from the player that advertises a useful usability feature which cannot otherwise be discovered except by studying the hotkey profile editor.

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    posted a message on Red Font @ Actor Events

    Quote from TrenchaunT:
    To clarify a little:

    Gray = inherited from the parent actor in a Core dependency, e.g. Generic Unit Standard.
    Blue = inherited from the parent actor in a expansion dependency, such as "Marine" from LibertyCampaign.SC2Mod
    Red = a gray or blue value has been overridden within your own map, whether it has been replaced or simply modified.
    Green = inherited from a parent within your map, or belonging to the actor itself, or overridden from a parent within your map. Basically anything that belong to your map.

    I don't understand the distinction between red and green. How does the game decide what has been modified and what has been added? Does it simply compare the positions of the actor events? If so, that's stupid because if I delete some inherited events and make some new, completely different ones in their place, they should count as "added", not "modified".

    I also find the red coloring inconsistent with the rest of the source coloring in the editor. Everywhere else gray means "Core", blue means "from a Standard Dependency", orange means "from a user dependency", and green means "from this map/mod". There is no red. Red usually means "error/invalid/missing".

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    posted a message on Improved Arrays

    I wasn't able to write my own conversion function (there already is a function to convert a trigger to a string, called "Trigger Function Name", but when I try to write a function that reverses that process like you described, I get an "implicit cast not allowed" compile error), but I was able to copy 'n' paste existing functions and change them to use triggers. I did the same for dialogs & dialog items.

    Download: Link Removed: https://www.mediafire.com/?vwodfg1910ubhfx

    Added functions:

    • Set Array Value (Dialog)
    • Set Array Value (Dialog Item)
    • Set Array Value (Trigger)
    • Push Array Value (Dialog)
    • Push Array Value (Dialog Item)
    • Push Array Value (Trigger)
    • Get Array Value (Dialog)
    • Get Array Value (Dialog Item)
    • Get Array Value (Trigger)
    • Search Array Value (Dialog)
    • Search Array Value (Dialog Item)
    • Search Array Value (Trigger)

    Also, I removed the unnecessary Void & Swarm dependencies and cut down the time it takes to open the mod in the editor from 3 seconds to 1 second.

    Shouldn't someone (Chris97Ong) also publish this mod to Battle.net, so we can get automatic updates?

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    posted a message on Improved Arrays

    Why are there only 9 types supported? I need triggers, dialogs & dialog items.

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    posted a message on [Dialog] Creating a Scrollbar

    Hurray! Patch 3.3 fixed the scrollbar/mouse cursor movement discrepancy.

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    posted a message on [Data, Actor] [Events + Message] Texture Select By ID

    What I'd like to know is how do you know which texture slots are available and which texture belongs to which slot?

    I know there's a trigger function to get the texture slot name of a texture, but shouldn't there be an easier way to find this information in the cutscene editor?

    I even opened up a few models in Blender using m3addon and wasn't able to find any references to "main" or "hair".

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    posted a message on View user's forum posts?


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    posted a message on [Blender] m3addon FAQ (11 questions and answers so far)


    Hey, thanks for your reply.

    It seems I was having some caching problems before. I have to quit and restart the editor to see the changes take effect.

    However, I'm still really struggling to get my texture to show up. I've tried everything* and most of the time the same thing happens: the model is completely team-colored in the editor.

    • everything except the actual solution

    All I'm trying to do now is to stop the team-color from dominating the entire model, before I even try to change anything else.

    • The model I'm starting with is ShapeCube.m3 (used by the "Cube" unit). Here's the model data shown in the Cutscene Editor.
    • So the first thing I do is open the console and export the model and the two textures and change the file name capitalization to match what the model data window says. I put them in a folder structure like this.
    • Then I open Blender (with m3addon already enabled in the startup file), import ShapeCube.m3 and change the viewport shading to rendered to confirm that it shows up correctly.
    • Now I open XelNagaGlass.dds with a graphic converter, remove the alpha channel and add it again to get an opaque texture, and save it in the same folder as XelNagaGlass_Opaque.dds with DXT5 compression.
    • Next I go to the material textures panel in Blender and change the source to //Assets/Textures/XelNagaGlass_Opaque.dds. As a result the rendered cube changes color to green/teal. That's how I would expect it to appear in-game.
    • At this point I've tried many other things, such as changing the Emissive Blend Type under M3 Material Properties and changing the color/alpha options under M3 Material Layers.
    • So now I export the model as GoldBlock.m3 (after updating the Image Path of the Diffuse M3 Material Layer, of course), import it into the map, along with the new texture, and change the Shape Cube model file in the Data Module.
    • Restart the editor and the result is, as you saw, just a red (team-colored) cube. Looking at the model data, it confirms that it's using the right texture.

    I'm out of ideas.

    Can you help me? I attached everything to this post as a ZIP archive if you want to take a look at it.

    P.S. How did you reply so quickly? I don't get any email notifications for replies. Is there a way to enable that (I can't find it)?

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    posted a message on [Blender] m3addon FAQ (11 questions and answers so far)

    How do you replace a model's texture?

    I exported ShapeCube.m3 from the editor, imported it into Blender, changed the texture and all of the file names that I could find (including under "M3 Material Layers"), exported it and imported it into the editor and it always says "Diffuse = XelNagaGlass.dds" in the Cutscene Editor.

    The model is correct but it's still using the old texture. I've tried to fix it about a dozen times now, please help me.

    My custom texture does show up in Blender.

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    posted a message on [Dialog] Creating a Scrollbar

    Ahh! So scrollbar frames can be hooked up as "Sliders"! So confusing! How did you figure that out?

    Do you know how to fix the problem of the scrollbar moving slower than the mouse cursor? Someone made a library called getResolution to calculate the scale factor but the map is totally broken.

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    posted a message on Pathing Footprint Bugged? (Monorail Track)

    Bumping this in case someone would like to look into this for me and confirm the bug.

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    posted a message on Pathing Footprint Bugged? (Monorail Track)

    I'm working on a map and I'm using the doodad "Monorail Track straight vertical (U-B)" as part of a volume slider type of thing (there will be a train thing on it, which the player can "slide" up and down to adjust volume/lighting/etc).

    The problem is that this doodad has a non-pathable area the size of one square on the building placement grid (which prevents the "slider"/train from moving in the desired way) and I can't get rid of it. I consider myself a noobie with the data editor, but I have successfully edited footprints before, so I'm thinking that this might be a bug in my map (wouldn't be the first time that happened). In fact when I go to edit the footprint of this doodad, there don't seem to be any no-pathing areas; and when I paint Pathing->Ground all over it, close the data editor, and open it again, it's gone. I also checked the "Overlay" and "Persistent" types, they're empty, too.

    I have some screenshots. Please help me!

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