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    Bump... anyone?

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    Hey, so some of you may have heard of this, I released it originally over a month ago but never made a topic on mapster, anyway, I'm really just looking for some more feedback.


    • 5-map campaign remake of blizzard's official canonical campaign that takes place one month before SC1 and chronicles the Battle of Chau Sara
    • Full voice acting exported from the game
    • Custom alpha squadron decal
    • Unlock system; finding secrets in maps will unlock permanent upgrades throughout the campaign. (Uses banks)
    • Some new upgrades from SC1
    • Soundtracks from SC1

    How to play:

    Screenshots: (From the first map only, was in a hurry so I didn't really have time to go through all of them) Tech Schematics ^Tech Schematics - 1 - Dialogue ^Dialogue - all voiced. - 2 -

    To-do: (Just so you don't suggest stuff I already know of)


    • Medics aren't affected by armor upgrades in some maps, I know how to fix this


    • The Mission 2 & 4 tech schematics are way too easy to find..
    • I want to make it more difficult but I'm going to wait and see if Blizz gives us custom campaign support with difficulty selection

    What I'd love to get here is general feedback such as bug reports, design suggestions, anything like that.

    Oh and it was featured by blizzard on the first week of featured maps on the EU servers although I've released a billion patches since then.

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    I'll keep it short;

    I made a mod, but if I try to upload it with the "Just another Starcraft II mod" title I can't because "Starcraft II" is a forbidden word; (probably to avoid a flurry of "Just another Starcraft II map")

    Anyway, how can I change the title of the mod? Doesn't work like regular maps apparently.

    EDIT; Argh, I spent 15mins looking for it then as soon as I post the thread I find it, you have to go to the "Text" editor and edit it there, feel free to lock/delete admin.

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    Oh yay I loved Battletanks/ships, I'll check this out soon.

    Haven't played it, but judging by the video I see you don't have a level system, would be pretty cool to add that :P

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    Pretty simple question; as of now, is it even possible to have custom decals and has anyone figured out how?

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    Don't remember where specifically, but you've got to re-edit the timing of the morph anim since it doesn't get copied

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    Can't find anything about it, so, does anyone know if it's possible to use the "Set Next Map" action for custom maps or is that just for campaigns? And what should I put in there, I've tried putting in the map file name and the name of the map.

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    Quote from BuuGhost: Go

    Done the mission now in 4:31. I noticed a few things

    The scene gets cut off. still :P 2: The special ops dropship has dissapeared.

    I noticed a slight difficulity increasement. but my team of 4 marines + special ops dropship people managed to do it with heavy losses.

    Fixed that about 10 mins ago, and I still see the dropship in the current version, I must have just messed up the triggers somehow then fixed them in a later version. :)

    This mission is and always has been more of an "introduction" to the campaign, it's mostly for introducing the player and the characters to the Zerg and the Cerberus Team, there are three other parts btw, just go to Create Custom game and search for "Precursor"

    Just an FYI, I just completed the first SC2 campaign with Raynor in 3.55 on Brutal with all side objectives complete ;)

    The difficulty of this mission is probably in Casual bordering on normal, I plan on adding a full difficulty selection and campaign unlocks like the Terran campaign has in the future once/if Blizz supports custom campaigns.

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    Quote from BuuGhost: Go

    Cant do this map, since its "featured" and it has two spots, and being a singleplayer map. Its always filled, And creating a game and searching for it somehow doesnt work

    Original map creator here, since Blizz put it in the Join Game section it happened, it's not supposed to be a multiplayer map, it's fixed now.

    Also, I added some more units so you can't beat it with just the Recon Squad guys anymore, sorry ;P

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