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    posted a message on Damage depending on casters vitals

    that would be easy with a trigger but here is data only:

    set, validator: target hp >=1 and caster shields >=1
    effect1: damage target 1
    effect2: modify unit caster shields -=1
    effect3: this set

    if the numbers are bigger this might lag then you could use
    validator1 target hp>=100,caster shields >=100
    effect1 set (with numbers changed to 100) and instead of calling itself in effect3: call this switch again
    validator2 target hp>=10,caster shields>=10
    effect2: set (with numbers changed to 10) ...
    etc inflate numbers as necessary.

    ps: what kueken said

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    posted a message on d3-like "Massacre" counter


    Stetman's self heal uses a "damage taken time" validator but I want to validate "damage dealt time" so skilled players that avoid taking damage arent punished for being awesome.
    I want to keep counting the kills as long as the "hero" is constantly attacking (at least 1 attack per second)

    btw Ive switched to a 1/16s delayed refresh and it seems to be ok now.

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    posted a message on d3-like "Massacre" counter


    So how should I find out whether the combat has ended or not?
    I could not find a validator for "damage dealt in time" so I cant remove the buff via validator and I dont want to add a trigger with the event "any unit takes damage" because thats usually a bad idea.

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    posted a message on d3-like "Massacre" counter


    default max stack 1 :/
    Ill try the delayed reapply anyways because I got no idea at all

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    posted a message on d3-like "Massacre" counter

    I think my version causes "YOU WERE DROPPED" and I have no idea why - please help :)

    unit killed ->
    killer is hero ->
    killer has no behavior "massacrehelper" -> give killer 1 "massacrehelper"
    save current kills of killer to variable

    behavior: massacrehelper
    duration 1 second
    combat response: location -> attacker
    combat response handled: effect apply 1 "massacrehelper" to caster (self) (refresh buff)
    effect final -> masscrerunoutdummy (empty set effect)

    effect massacrerunoutdummy is used for player 1-4
    print msg: current kills and variable from the start of the massacre

    when this is active players get dropped from multiplayer matches but it doesnt drop all players at once and they get dropped at random times.
    I only guess that this causes it because its the only new code that I could think of and after deactivating it the "you were dropped" mails stopped (at least I havent gotten any since then...)

    so any idea what causes the drops or just a different idea how to implement this?

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    posted a message on how to create a unit through actor events?


    unit grp: pick every unit of type x in entire map for all players and do
    create 1 unit z at position of picked unit (ignore placement)

    now you got 1 z on top of every x .

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    posted a message on Fixed player drops at start (Patch 1.4.3)


    wasnt that just units with shields getting attacked without their model having the shield squib attachment point set?

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    posted a message on Moonlords [ui+]

    Region EU
    Timezone: Well Im the only person currently working on the project and I dont really have a fixed timetable.
    Contact: mail,icq (and other ims), bnet, ts/skype - en/de preferred, fr/ita/esp possible rest google translate only :P
    What do I do?: everything up to now :)
    Time/week: maybe 5h a week for me but for several months now.

    The map usually hovers between 100 and 300 hours of "popularity" which isnt too glorious but it is enough to attract random new players and keep rank 1 in the category and with an improved ui it could get quite a bit more probably.

    What the map is all about:
    4 players pick from 8 different heroes
    Each hero has 4 active and 1 passive skill and 15+ talents (with up to 3 levels each) for the skills.
    The map has 11 stages each stage contains 1 main quest and several optional quests. Most quests are "destroy the spawning building". The locations are the same each match only the building type and spawned unit type change. Other quests are escort/rescue quests and even a little "boss" fight.
    To advance to the next stage you have to complete the main quest without losing the current base to the zerg attackers.
    5 difficulty levels & rewards for playing.

    The project could really use a skilled ui designer because apparently I'm really bad at it and so far Ive done everything as a 1 person team.

    Current UI: I added some screen buttons to the default UI which open dialogs with default buttons. This works for me but others tell me it's ugly and not intuitive enough to work without a tutorial.

    What you could do:
    Update the talent, reward, teleport & upgrade ui. (currently screen button -> dialog with buttons)
    Add other stuff to the ui which is currently only available via chat commands like the stats dialog.
    Add new stuff like achievements or an intro
    Change the default ui to something else
    Update the "xp bar"

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    posted a message on [Solved] Math problem II


    the detailed way:
    <=> x^2 + x = 2y
    <=> x^2 + x + 1/4 = 2y + 1/4
    <=> (x+1/2)^2 = 1/4(8y+1)
    <=> |x+1/2| = 1/2 * sqrt(8y + 1)
    <=> x + 1/2 = -1/2 * sqrt(8y + 1)  v  x + 1/2 = 1/2 * sqrt(8y + 1)

    <=> x = 1/2 * (1 - sqrt(8y+1))   v   x = -1/2 * (1 + sqrt(8y+1))

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    posted a message on [Data] Core: generic object creation error

    well I can only tell you that one of my maps recently crashed sc2 for all players with the same error text.
    It happend after several hours without problems and didnt even create a crash log so you seem to be a bit closer to figuring out the source. If you ever figure out what happend please let me know.

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    posted a message on (Solved) Missiles That keep going


    I used this tutorial http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/resources/tutorials/17154-data-colliding-projectiles/#posts for some of the skills I used on my Moonlords map.

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    posted a message on Fun or Not ratings

    : Moonlords
    I guess I have to add more intro stuff for new players because you seem to have missed even the big flashing buttons not just the tips.
    You probably failed pretty badly quite early in the game - sorry for the bad experience but I never thought players would miss that :/

    I take that from "rewards:0" because one of the buttons is "rewards".

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    posted a message on Bnet 0.2 Owned By Husky!!!

    Who has ever really used the default chat in bnet1? It's like a random irc channel without a log option, 40 players limit and 99% afk.
    Auto tournaments & clans are cool but probably added soon to bnet2 to convince ppl to buy sc2x1 / x2

    In the video he actually uses the default clicky interface to switch channels and doesnt comment on the #1 thing missing in bnet 2: Chat commands.
    /j channelname is the way to instantly switch channels in bnet1, chat moderation commands, users to see how players are online, who channelname to check who is in some other channel, f m to whisper to all your friends at once and the /o igw /o igpub options.

    Custom message filters: I would love to filter all msgs containing the usual post-laddermatch-hate while not blocking all whispers with the /o igw equivalent (some option you get to click).
    Bnet2 instead offers a preset filter which doesnt actually filter the complete message but just replaces the filtered word with 6%ยง$% so you still get hate or no whispers at all as the only alternative.

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    posted a message on Variable date in tooltip

    @YLM: what my little file says:

    sc2 tooltip reference linked to ability effect <d ref="Effect,KaboomDamage,Amount"/>
    -> change kaboomdamage to whatever dummy-effect you like.
    -> Just set the catalog field value of Effect,KaboomDamage,Amount to be whatever the variable is you would like to display - done.

    copy pasted the ref from another post in the forum so if you need more info do a forum search.

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    posted a message on bug ghost missiles


    What I want:
    Target a point "a" -> launch missile towards "a" for up to x seconds then "impact" or if the missile gets close enough to a valid target on it's way "impact" there instead.
    This happens most of the time 95%+

    Sometimes however this happens:
    Target a point "a" -> launch missile towards "a" for up to 30 seconds(or whatever the default max is) then despawn.(-> valid target are ignored)

    Example ability:
    effect target ability -> create persistent (source point) offset -17 -> launch missile - launch effect (persistent) - impact effect (impact) (target location: target point) (source location: caster unit)

    persistent launch effect: loaction(source unit), periodic effect(impact detection), expire effect(impact) , 48 periods at 0.125s

    impact detection: area search range&filter-> impact

    impact set: damage , add debuff, damage (suicide source unit(missile)), destroy persistent launch-persistent at source unit

    -> somehow the launch effect doesnt work in rare cases.

    There is as alternate launch mechanism: behavior damage response -> init -> same as above : this seems to fail more often

    unrelated: editor has some weird red-shift over the terrain maybe some kind of filter? I guess I pressed some weird hotkey combo but Id like to reverse it ...

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