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    @Keyeszx: Go

    Afternoon mate! Sounds like quite an interesting map you've got going here. I've terrained a number of maps and would like to possibly give this a shot for you. Could do with a tad more information regarding general story, what sort of scenery you're going for - Urban? Forest? Etc etc.

    If you want to see examples of my work, head into Battlenet and search for "Cortex" The maps I have created using the Cortex Roleplaying Engine are: Korhal Outskirts, Depths of the Abyss(EU) / Abyssal Depths(US), Obsidian Valley, Crusades, New Horizons

    Drop me a PM if you can, I also have MSN messenger and Skype should you have either of those which I'll give upon request. Cheers mate,


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    @TDS1985: Go

    If you can't get this far... Model editing and creating is not for you - Sorry.

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    -Resolved- Forgot to click Copy to Locale button.

    Hello folks, I'm having abit of a problem publishing my map for testing. I am getting an error stating:

    "The published name 'Just Another StarCraft II Map" is not available [English (enGB)]"

    Now, I have obviously renamed the map to something different upon it's initial creation, I have edited it within the Text Editor and double checked it with the Overview Manager. Nowhere can I find a link to my map being called "Just Another StarCraft II Map".

    If anybody has come across this before, or knows a resolution for it I would greatly appreciate the help.


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    +1 For the use of VNV Nation there mate! Awesome stuff.

    I also would like to see this on EU servers, looks like a blast.


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    Hey folks, I'm currently building something a tad similar to Molotovsoda but with afew major differences. Similar to the old "Night of the Living Dead" maps in WC3, you are in control of one unit which you choose to defend against the zerg infested inhabitants of Hive City 617. A multi-layered city hit with the hyperevolutionary virus of the Zerg, all lower levels have been infested taking the lives of it's several-million population with it. You are the remnants of the security forces who have evaded infestation and managed to gain access to the top level of the city. It is here you await evacuation, fighting off the horrors that rise from the depths of the Hive City and possibly, should you have balls of steel - Rescue any survivors that may pull themselves out.

    So, the gameplay is pretty much survival, with random inteval quests thrown in such as: Rescue civilians, blow up structures, you get the idea.

    The classes are Marine, Medic, Engineer, Operative, Pyrotechnician or Sniper. Each class obviously having its pro's and con's to deal with the job. It will be a 10-player map, 9(or 10 if they want) of the players on the ground as their chosen troops and the last player taking control of "Overwatch Command".

    Marine game-play is played through a WASD control, Top down camera. Each class requiring ammunition for their weapons which must either be picked up from areas or manufactured on-the-fly by an Engineer class using scrap metal, which in a cesspit of a hive city there is quite an abundance of.

    Though as with all survival maps, the players are thrust into solitude for the first part of the game and must find their teammates and a suitable place to defend. Which is where "Overwatch Command" comes into play. 'OC' as I'll refer it to here because I don't want to be typing it out every few lines, will play more as a typical RTS, as if somebody looking through a satellite or security cameras. They will be able to provide on-the-move support to players in the form of ammo drops, gunship call-ins, ground support, hidden turrets, and pretty much anything that goes bang, boom, and more. It'll be more of a supporting player than a direct "In the action" sort... Though the OC player will be able to call in weaker ground troops, be it civilians armed with batons and molotovs or local security with pistols but obviously these are prone to infestation. Either way, the terrain is around 60% done, and triggers are about 25%. Progress is being made daily at least.

    Welcome to Hive City 617 or the top level of it at least. Hive City 617 Hive City 617 Hive City 617 Hive City 617

    In-Game In-Game In-Game In-Game

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