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    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forums to ask this, but hopefully someone can help me.

    I've exported a M3 model using WoWMV and imported them into my map. The problem I am encountering is that on a gnome (female) the shoulders and weapons seems to rescale themselves and then a second later go back to their attributed scale in the editor. I have no idea how this is happening so I was wondering if this problem could be associated with the model itself (can a model send orders to attached models to rescale them ??).

    Here are the map and models,

    Map: http://www.2shared.com/file/BzXBD5dx/problem.html

    M3 model: http://www.2shared.com/file/IECToqyd/gnomefemale.html

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)
    Quote from Bronxsy: Go

    @Koronis: Go

    Yeah my join date was in November, and yet I have more posts than you and have actually helped people on these forums.

    I've just rapidly breezed through your most recent posts and your *help* is absolutely laughable at as you haven't done shit but participate (with constant cheesy stuff) to weekly exercises or helped with utterly easy stuff.

    Makes me wonder if you've ever even tried to make a map.

    So N please

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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)
    Quote from Bronxsy: Go

    Thanks for the cheap shot. You know what? Most of what I said is my opinion and a few facts. I do know what I am talking about. I've played games and bought games, for a very very long time. Doesn't make me an expert though but I never claimed to be one. Good job attacking my opinions instead of actually making any decent points though.

    And just because a company plans to do something doesn't mean they have to. They could scrap the marketplace. They have absolutely no LEGAL oblication to do anything. Once you buy the game, you agree to THEIR terms. You know, that button you click when you agree to their terms in order to install the game. You bought the game AS IS.

    And if you bought SC2 only for the marketplace, then maybe you should make your own game from scratch instead of using a FREE editor to make a profit.

    Why, yes I did know that it was planned. But please, refer to the commercial or press release where this was announced as an official part of the game, I would love to be corrected but I am pretty sure there was no advertising of the map marketplace and it just referenced to as PLANNED.

    This subject has been discussed over and over since the release of the game. I've made my points and I'm not putting out any more of my energy explaining to an imbecile who joined in november and has no idea wtf hes talking about.

    • Also about the
    • press release,
    • can't tell if :
      1. srs
      2. trolling
      3. simply retarded
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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)
    Quote from Bronxsy: Go

    @s3rius: Go

    I don't recall seeing any commercials where they advertise, specifically, the Editor. Yes I am sure in interviews they make various statements about it and the features, etc. But I would definitely say it was not a huge selling point. I mean, come on, it's Starcraft, and it's Blizzard. Sold right there.

    Cool dude writing in italic rofl

    Do you even know that there will be a marketplace for modders to sell their maps once the expansion is released? At one point, when they were advertising SC2, it was almost clear they were releasing it with wings of liberty. Custom maps have definitely always been considered, it's the sole and only reason why blizzard's RTS are so far in front of others.

    What do you do when you have no idea of what you're talking about? You shut the f up.

    PS: The only reason why the custom maps are such a let down is because of how their popularity system cater once again to imbecile *casuals*.

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    posted a message on jedi model

    I agree with other comments.

    Create your map and once you're almost ready to release it, ask for help again.

    Nobody is gonna want to waste 50hours of his life, esp if no money is offered.

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    Quote from Eiviyn: Go

    Force effects. I don't know how much detail you need, but just create a behaviour that does a periodic search. Make sure you assign some attribute to positively charged units (ie flag them all as radars, biological, psionic or something) and have the search effect filter for those units. Then have the search filter apply a force effect. This will cause the pylon to constantly push any unit with your custom positive charge tag away.

    If you want attraction instead, then use a negative value in the force effect.

    Very interesting, thank you for this Eiviyn.

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    posted a message on Theory Scripting FPS Engine[Open Source]
    Quote from avogatro: Go

    How do u know, he don't have programming experience?

    He already apologized.

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    posted a message on [POOL][Graph] Map's Quality vs. Popularity
    =========================== Quote from grenegg: Vexel's TD is on eof the best TDs Tha said, I don't care for thoose. =========================== Well you know, SC TDs, bounds and *marine arenas* were fun when we were 12 and had gameboys and N64 but with today's technology/standards they just don't cut it. Why would I play SOTIS when I can go play LoL/HoW? Why would I play any "3v3 arena" when I can play bloodline champions? Why would I play any generic boring map(TD, waves, etc) when I can open steam store and buy an indie game for under 5 bucks? That's excluding the fact that there are plenty of those on the apple store. etc etc I'm sure you get my point here The only reason why those map are somewhat popular is because you can play those gameplay in a starcraft environment. It's like... why would I play a laggy FPS like Vector when you can go play a full blown FPS like battlefield:BC2? The only reason would be because of the starcraft environment. (Ever since Malu released his first vid, during beta, a SC FPS/TPS is honestly the only thing I'm looking foward from this game - and blizzard isn't doing shit with ASWD movements) The same reasons also applies to modders. Plus, it's not very encouraging to develop something that's gonna take you hundreds, thousands of hours when there's something better on the market and it will probably ended not even being played - see: shitty popularity system. When we played SC/WC3 maps, it was fun because there was a "community" behind it. Now you log in SC2 and it's amazingly boring. Those "chat channels" simply don't cut it. The profile page allows little to 0 customization. There are no clans support. The list goes on and on.
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    posted a message on [POOL][Graph] Map's Quality vs. Popularity
    At first I thought like "This Vexal guy might actually have a point". But after checking his workspace with one map being a boring wave/spawn dickshaped map and the second ressembling a vagina (woot another TD rofl) I realized that the guy was just trolling. 10/10 srs ps: loled@graphs pps: Rodrigo man, what crazy map have you been working on lately ?
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    Quote from fuzzbuket: Go

    when you say dark zealot do you mean a zealot that has the dark ability
    (its in triggers and makes the zealot dark as in tyhre campaign or the
    zealot prisinor?

    if you want a regular zealot model use

    triggers >apply ability to player 1> dark protoss or simmilar the actual
    stuff is somewhere here in the triggers

    In the model files, there are 3 "types" of zealot:
    -Normal one, which you have when playing RTS
    -Zealot prisoner
    -Dark zealot (black/greenish version of the normal one)

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    posted a message on Math fail.


    Since I was really ashamed of myself I thought at little bit more :D

    By guessing that it is a second degree polynomial equation [ y = ax^2 + bx + c  ]...  
    We have (by sending our y at the right of the equation) .....[ 0 = ax^2 + bx + c - y ]

    These 3 equations!
    [1]: 0 = a + b + c - 16          ( 0 = a(1)^2 + b(1) + c )
    [2]: 0 = 4a + 2b + c - 13       ( 0 = a(2)^2 + b(2) + c )
    [3]: 0 = 9a + 3b + c -12        ( 0 = a(3)^2 + b(3) + c )

    - Step 1 : Solving a by reduction -
    1) [2] - [1] = (4a - a) + (2b - b) + (c - c) + (-13 - (-16)) = 3a + b + 3 ----------> b = -3a - 3
    2) [3] - [2] = (9a - 4a) + (3b - 2b) + (c - c) + (-12 - (-13))  = 5a + b + 1 ------> b = -5a - 1

    1 = 2 ----------> -3a - 3 = -5a - 1 ---------> a = 1

    - Step 2 : Solving b -
    (by putting our solved a in either of b equations)
    b = -3a - 3 = -3(1) - 3 = -6 --------------> b = -6
    b = -5a - 1 = -5(1) -1 = -6 ---------------> b = -6

    - Step 3 : ??? -
    (by using one of the 3 beginning equations with a = 1 and b = -6)

    0 = a + b + c - 16 ----------> 0 = 1 + (-6)  + c - 16 --------> c = -21
    0 = 4a + 2b + c - 13 -------> 0 = 4(1) + 2(-2) + c - 13 ------> c = -21
    0 = 9a + 3b + c - 12 -------> 0 = 9(1) + 3(-2) + c - 12 ------> c = -21

    - Step 4: Profit!! -
    (by putting our determined letters in the [ ax^2 + bx + c ] equation)
    a = 1
    b = -6
    c = -21

    we've found: x^2 - 6x - 21!!!!!!!!!!!


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    posted a message on Math fail.

    While we wait for a math guru to explain us how (completly forgot how...how sad is this lol high school stuff :( ),

    this is easily done with excel : x^2 - 6x + 21

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    posted a message on Math fail.

    Are you talking about something like a function where you would input 1 as the x and it would give you 16 as y?

    (1,16) (2,13) (3,12)


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    posted a message on Eternal Shadows ORPG

    Riot should be contacting you in a few hours


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    posted a message on World of Starcraft Cyberspace Poopstorm
    Quote from StatusQ3: Go

    @Gorandor: Go

    I feel jealous. My dream was to always create something that would amaze someone. :( I feel depressed! Good job Ryan!

    Don't you know it's the new trend to copy softwares/games and slap a different interface to it for max dollarz

    Why innovate when you can copy and make as much $$ ? derp

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