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    posted a message on *Paid Position* SCII American Football Map

    Any news on this project? Looks like a fun mini-game with hours of re-playability.

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    posted a message on Would like to hire a terrainer

    Realistically $10 should cover the costs of the terrain for that size, no problem. With a map that small why can't you do it yourself? Terrain editor is actually really easy to learn, it's just making things look right the hard part which I am bad at.

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    posted a message on How may I help?

    Welcome to the community, the community is niche and its also a good healthy size though.

    Modellers are always in need,take a peak at the artist tavern to see some of the current works. Since your limited in the amazing int of work you do you might want to take a peak at Team Recruitment otherwise you can always learn to trigger and use the new data module.

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    posted a message on [Triggers] How to make your banks as secure as possible

    I find this whole situation funny because map makers want to protect their precious banks. I'm not trolling here, be honest do you think the mapping community has a problem with people cracking banks? I say not, I say less 2% would use the program to generate a signature. Thats a lot of effort alone, if you encrypt it how many people would go out of their way to crack the encryption? Probably less than .1%, if that.

    Honestly the take away from this is that if your just tracking gameplay stats that has no impact on gameplay then use the blizzard signature. If you have gameplay impacting data in banks that you want to sacrely protect then I would go beyond with the options above. The take away from this is that there is a few slim chance people want to crack your bank, and even then its not worth going through the effort just to add some digits to your stats, if I detected someone modifying their banks than I would just ID ban them if I felt like it, which probablybwouodnt happen anyways.

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    posted a message on (solved) Revive Hero

    @VisionElf: Go

    Here's a simple system that uses no globals and does everything you ask for, it's easily modifiable too!

    In the data editor make sure you set your hero unit Death time to "-1" (This will make it so your hero never clears from game memory.)

    Unit - Any Unit dies
    Global Variables
    Respawn Timer = (New timer) <Timer>
    Local Variables
    Dead Hero Revival = (Triggering unit) <Unit>
    ((Unit type of (Triggering unit)) is Hero) == true
    Timer - Start Respawn Timer as a One Shot timer that will expire in 10.0 Real Time seconds
    Timer - Create a timer window for (Last started timer), with the title (Name of player (Triggering player)), using Remaining time (initially Visible)
    General - Wait 10.0 Real Time seconds
    Timer - Destroy (Last created timer window)
    General - Custom Script: UnitRevive(lv_deadHeroRevival);
    Unit - Set Dead Hero Revival Life (Percent) to 100.0
    Unit - Set Dead Hero Revival Energy (Percent) to 20.0
    Unit - Set Dead Hero Revival Shields (Percent) to 100.0
    Unit - Move Dead Hero Revival instantly to (Center of Hero Revival)(No Blend)
    Camera - Pan the camera for player (Triggering player) to (Center of Hero Revival) over 2.0 seconds with Existing Velocity% initial velocity, 10.0% deceleration and Do use Smart Panning
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    posted a message on Paid terrain artist questions.
    Quote from Imperfect1987: Go

    It will be hard for you to find work as a terrainer. One reason is because not many projects pay people for work since there is no money in map making at this point. Another reason is because there are a ton of people that enjoy terraining. Many people will join a project to do terrain work for free. Of course if you can make yourself stand out from the rest with exceptional work then you can get some paid terrain work when the openings are available. At this point full time income isn't possible. Part time is a possibility.

    I have money and I have paid people before to create map assets for me. You know, I'm good with all other aspects of editor except terrain. I have an eye for artistic ability however I can not do art to save my life. My terrain that I try my damnest to make turns out to be barf and I scrap it leaving dissatisfied.

    As for you Gorezug, make a post looking for work and offer examples of your previous work so people can get a feel for your terraining techniques. Also offer pay scale based on map sizes as an example, you know more more about it than I do and an estimated time for a finished product. You just have to market yourself out there and if the price is right, you may get some sales.

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    posted a message on Coolest Attachment Unit?

    @Taintedwisp: Go

    Rofl did you get banned taintedwisp you racist. Reply, oh wait.. :P however that is impressive evilyn.

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    posted a message on somersault

    I'm not going to lie that was impressive Kueken. :P

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    posted a message on Countdown Status Buff Bar on Hunter Seeker Missile

    @HavingFunMakingMaps: Go

    Its possible. I'm not at the editor right now so I can't look it up. However, go to your behavior and go to 'Display Countdown' make sure its enabled. If that doesn't show the countdown correctly, make a dummy behavior to apply whenever the seeker uses its behavior and make the duration that long then add the display countdown.

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    posted a message on Dialog or Leaderboard?

    Go with dialogs for sure, learn how to do them and you definitely can make impressive looking leaderboards with them. Also learning dialogs will give you great experience later on.

    Dialog Leaderboard

    • You take control of how it works - 100%. You make your own 'system'.
    • You can make it look slick and stylize, the way you want it to look.
    • You can add additional features that a normal leaderboard wouldn't have (IE: Lifetime stats panel for each player, portraits)
    • You control how it's brought up, like for example you can have a tab that pulls the leaderboard out.
    • Add as many values as you want
    • Great experience on learning how to use dialogs which can help you further down the road.

    Blizzard's default leaderboard

    • It looks big and clunky, an eyesore really
    • limited functionality
    • Everyone with poorly made maps uses it
    • You have to figure out Blizzard system of using it
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    posted a message on Banning *Permanently*

    @FunkyUserName: Go

    That's what others pointed out, I don't think they really enforce it as much as they say they do. As far as I can remember I believe the mafia has a map-side ban system in place with a long list of handles and Blizzard has not taken action yet.

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    posted a message on Banning *Permanently*

    <<quote 1441304>> @Alnatair: Go Your own battle.net will be flagged and possibly banned if it catches their attention.

    Wrong, highly doubt that they'll BAN you from battle.net. They'll probably warn or remove your map.

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    posted a message on Banning *Permanently*

    Not to mention restrict players to play your map is against Blizzard ToS. Let kids, kicks. Learn and implement systems to prevent griefing and/or trolling in your map.

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    posted a message on Hardcore Veteran Looking For Paid Position


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    posted a message on Remake of WC3 map

    Tree Tag

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