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    /OK wth, I have searched all the internet to find this Exporter/Importer. [seriously, i was searching all this and previous day] I found dozens of nonsence, like .mdx -> .3ds with no f'ing animation and skin.

    Now I hook up with this one. It says "it works with f'ing greater 3ds max versions", will it doesn't for 3ds max 9. Why? Or maybe i'm dumb enough that i don't see where it is located?

    Ok, I run the script [not that dumb enough to not know how to do that] and then happens.. well guess what? ... nothing! ... Ok, I check import in 3ds max - still nothing. Ok I check utility tab - noting regarding mdx importing. Then I started to cry, cus I really want to get this to work!

    so, is it possibe it to work for 3DS MAX 9? / ---

    Nevermind, i figured everything out, it was in MAXScript Utilites lol I really was dumb.

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