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    lol… Me and my friends use to play these games for hours as kids!
    I would love to see one in sc2!!
    Good luck!!!
    any SS?

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    posted a message on Team Fortress

    This looks like a very promising map!!!
    Great terrain, and good concept!!
    I want to check this out!!

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    posted a message on [Contest] Unit Spells

    That was pretty cool!! You gotta help me on how to do that! This is something I really want to learn!! :)

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    posted a message on Someone has my Tag.

    me too :(

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    posted a message on WC3 Hero/Unit Library

    This is awesome dude! Please keep this up!!
    Good luck!
    I also agree this will be one of the most useful things for map creators!

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    posted a message on First SC2 Map Production!! GolemZ Advanced Macro

    When I played SC. I think Golems was the only MASS game I played. The reason I played it was because I like how you “kinda” had to be strategic to win and not just mass. strategic . So I took that concept and made it a lot better… I focused the map on Strategy instead of massing!
    This being said ( HEROES are going to be a big part of the game ) I am going to have AURA heros ( For attack,speed,health,armor )
    Heros that will tank units / immobilize units / cloak units ( I think I am going to make a cloak field spell that is not like the mother ship but you actually have to cast it on one specific unit ) I am going to try and make it so each hero is important in their own way.. So you will need a combo of them to actually win the game.

    Map: Golems Advanced Macro.
    Players: 6
    Map Discription: You build an army of golems, You can spawn different types, and upgrade them.
    Heros: Hero Golems are units that can take multiple units. The Heros spawn by minerals, the more you have the better combination you can use.
    15 Mineral will = much weaker units, then 45-60 minerals. ( its going to work just like the civs did in the orignal, but with just clicking on the beacons and then hitting “shift” to execute your code.”
    EXP: You have 45 Minerals ( So you have 3 clicks, = 3 civs ) You now go to the selection area hit beacon 1 twice, and 3 once. This will spawn a hero combo, Say if you do an invalid combo, all it does it say its not valid please try again.
    You also have a depot that you are protecting, if this is destroyed then you lose.
    The depot can get upgrades as well, health,damage, etc. ( I am going to try to incorporate a lot of things for your depot.
    Depot: Attack Mode, Defense Mode
    Attack Mode: Photon Cannon Attack, 5000 Health, No health Regen, ( very weak to damage, dies about 10x faster then in defense mode ) ( Alot more spells/upgrades to come )
    Defense Mode: ( No attack ) A lot of armor, Health Regen ( Spells to come ) I actually think I balanced the depot very good, Its very helpful to keep it in attack mode, but I made it so if you are really being massed then its hard to stay in attack mode.
    Macro: I am trying to make this map as user friendly as I can, I have added very simple mass control macro into the map.
    Space = Select all non hero units.
    H = Select All of your “hero” units.
    1-6 = Mass rush normal units at the corresponding players. EXP: 1 = Player 1, 2 = Player 2, etc
    W = Walk, This sets all of your normal units to attack to the center of your camera, no matter where they are. ( You can use your arrow keys to move
    Arrow Keys = Walk as well but its just move / instead of attack.
    the camera just like a normal game, but if you are holding W all of your units will walk with the camera ) ( They are set to attack as well, so when they see any enemies they will jump right on them )
    Normal Units: Zergling > Marine, Marine > Zealot, > Zealot > Zergling
    Zergling = Fast Golem. Max level 3
    Marine = Rapid Golem. Max Level 3
    Zealot = Blade Golem. Max level 3
    Heros: Blade Golem 3, Fast Golem 3, Rapid Golem 3 , Gravity Golem.

    I am going to have screenshots soon, but I am really waiting until I can actually test this map with someone and show nice screen shots of actual game play.
    But I still will show you the map!! I just have to do them all separate because I do not see a SS folder for sc2 :( Unless someone knows how to do this?

    • NOTE * I am looking for 2-3 testers… I would love it if some of my old friends could be it! So if you know me sign up!

    • What I need * I want to make this as user friendly as I can, If you have any ideas to make the macro even easier please let me know!!

    Hero Ideas, and spell ideas! ( You can suggest weaker heros, or really strong heros… They will be balanced by cost )

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    posted a message on Unit Selection
    That should be pretty easy!
                   Unit Selection - Unit 1 (W/E it is) [0.0, 0.0] is Selected by player 2
           Unit Selection - Select Untitled Variable 002 2 for player 2
           Unit Group - Pick each unit in group Variable  and do (Actions)
    ( Just make sure you add them to a group when they are created/ at the begin of the map! )
                   Unit Group - Add (Last created unit) to Group Variable ( Make one ) 
    Do this for both units! and you should be good to go!
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    posted a message on help with a custom ability

    I would love some help on this too!! I think right now abilities is what I am on next for my learning curve! I have already learned how to attach any ability/gun/attack to units, and change the basics of the ability. I do not know how to make my own little twist in it, I am guessing it has to do with Behaviors and Effects... But I am not sure!

    Data editor = Hell :( I took me like 2 days to duplicate a zergling lol.

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    posted a message on Hi!!!

    Thx :) I am looking for 2-3 Good testers. If anyone wants to do it!!! ( I am coming from starcraft map making! So I am still looking a ton.

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    posted a message on Hi!!!

    Hey I am Ashamed... Someone already took my user name. I know I had it first! I have been map making since 99. I was leader of multiple map making clans I am joining this site so I can further my map carieer! Get help, become better, and have some fun! So hello to everyone I don't know! Hello, to everyone that I do know!

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