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    posted a message on T-Mach Team Openings (video)

    Great work you did there. I already was stunned when you had shown me the animation of the water abilities in its early stage. Keep on this awesome stuff!!

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    Okay I found the solution. As you said, it is the model which is created at the front of the Void Ray because everytime he attacks a "Base" Beam" will be crated there. These are the 3 Actors with the ending: X01 X02 X03

    I changed the Model from X01 to the attack beam and suddendly it wasnt only a big and a small beam it were two big beams. So I deleted the Events in this 3 Actors who has a "Create" action. When I saw that there wont come a error i completely deleted the 3 Actors and its working fine now.

    So for everyone who gets the problem in the future: Delete the X01;X02;X03 You dont need them If you dont use the Void Ray

    Thanks for the help guys

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    Just like a normal Void Ray weapon. Everything is working but this second model is annoying. Changing something in the Impact Site Ops has no effect. It would be enough if i only knew how this second beam gets created. So I would be able to start playing around, but at the moment I have no idea where to search.

    Sorry if I interpret your sentece wrong

    How hard can it be to just duplicate a Weapon without bugs >.<

    Edit: Maybe this information is helpful: The second beam (picture in first post) only appears when the Beam strength is at level 1. If I abort it after it reaches the second stage and attack the target again, it wont appear. The same thing with the last (3.) stage. (It seems to be like that im not really sure)

    So something is wrong with the first level of the beam :O

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    Okay now I understand what u mean. I duplicated the VoidRaySOpForwardLaunch (Unnamed) and changed the Effect to the duplicated one. Then I replaced in Target: Impact Site Ops the old VoidRayForwardLaunch (Unnamed) to the new in the action Actor.

    Nothing changed.. Even when i started to play around with the Actor: Forward field. Example: X5;Y10;Z-4 same result?! Also i tried to add this to the Target: Impact Site Ops in the Beam actor.. same result

    Im doing something wrong I think

    Here in Screenshots:

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    posted a message on Void Ray actor problem

    First thanks for the answer!

    The used SOp's in the Action set are

    • SOpAttachHarness
    • SOpAttachVolumeNoVizEnhance
    • VoidRaySOpForwardLaunch (Unnamed)

    Even with them the second beam is still there. If i remove one of the two top, I get an error. Also I dont find -> SOp (Forward Vector) Maybe I dont really understand what you mean, im not that used with the Data-Editor.

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    Hey all,

    I duplicated the Void Ray actor and tried two hours long to fix all the issues. I fixed nearly everything but one issue is still remaining. When I attack a Unit a second beam appears from the other side, which normally should not appear.

    Sometimes it get destroyed when I stop attacking and sometimes it stays there for about 3 - 5 seconds untill it get destroyed.

    What I already did:

    • Changed every Effect in every actor event field to the duplicated Effects
    • Add the same Events to the "left Marine Actor" like it is in the "Void Ray Actor" (only the one who seem to be important for the Void Ray Attack)
    • Also Duplicated the Validators and used them everywhere needed (working)
    • Changed the Host - Site Operations to "Left Weapon" at the XCharges actors

    So my question: What causes the second beam Actor? Here is a screenshot

    Void Ray attack Issue

    Thanks in advance


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    posted a message on Pathing completely bugged [Completed]

    First thanks for every post!

    @Mozared : There are wide areasy of flat ground where Units should be able to spawn. But it seems that the whole Terrain is blocked. And as I said in the first post its only possible to spawn unit there when the "Ignore Placement" is checked. (excepted Air units)

    @TheHolyArk : Its not the editor, other maps are working fine. And i tested several units, standart units. Every Ground unit dont spawn.

    @Ahli634 : No thats not the problem The cliff levels are Okay

    Got it... There were dynamic pathfinding blockers on the corners and i removed the walls around them, so they filled the whole terrain with them..


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    posted a message on Pathing completely bugged [Completed]

    Ye it would be better If I could avoid "Ignore Placement" but theres no place where I can let the Units spawn. It is blocked everywhere :/ Is there maybe a possibility to reset the whole Terrain?

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    posted a message on Pathing completely bugged [Completed]

    Something really strange is going on here. When I want to place a Unit via Trigger-Editor it will not appear till I cross the flag "Ignore Placement". Then when I walk along with my Marine he walks into places where ne normally shouldn't be able to walk, for example cliffs or buildings. When he runs into these areas he isnt able to get out anymore.

    I think I crashed something with the Terrain/Pathing.

    I tried to fix the Trigger Problem with putting green Pathing everywhere but then he was able to walk upon cliffs and down. So I removed this Pathing. Can anyone tell me how I can fix this bug? Or at least how I caused it.

    Thanks in advance

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    posted a message on Risk Map - Request Terrainer

    Hey I'm working on a Risk Map which is actually like the classic board game. You place your soldiers, attack enemys and gain a card at the end of the round. The Basic systems are done and I now need a terrain I can work with. My problem: I'm just not able to create a good looking terrain :'(

    So I need someone who is able to do this and interested in helping me creating this Risk Map.

    Write/Pm me if you are interested.

    Greetings Savi

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    posted a message on Explosion Area

    Explosion Area

    My first map Explosion Area is ready to get tested. Uploaded on EU. This Map contains 3 different Modes which I will explain now:
    The First Mode:

    Wall Ball

    Here are 3 different Unit types available:

    Knowledge Seekers

    Movementspeed: 4
    Abilities: If this unit gets near a normal or special Artefact he will absorb this energy and will become a other unit. Which unit he will become depends on which Artefact type he absorbs. If its a normal Artefact he will become a "Magician", if its a special Artefact he will become "Tassadar"


    Movementspeed: 6
    Abilities: When you get a Magician you have to run in one of the sidefields to create a linear explosion from one to the other side. With this explosions you have to kill the opponents. Your unit loses the power and the artefact will spawn on the penultimate field again, ready to be picked up again.



    Movementspeed: 3,8
    Abilities: You have to again walk in one of the sidefields to create a Explosion. The difference is the type of the Explosion. Its much bigger and the chance to kill someone with it is higher. Also the first Explosion which will hit you will be absorbed by your shield. Only the second one will kill you.


    At the begining you can select how many rounds you want to play, each round everyone start with 4 live. A special feature in this Mode is the "Sudden Death" which will be activated when only 2 player are alive. There will 4 fields be randomly choosen and marked with the "Ghost Nuke" Actor. After a short time a Explosion will be created there. This will make it harder for the player to move in this arena.

    The Second Mode:


    In this Mode a Explosion with a random direction and random speed will start in the Middle of the Map. This Explosions wont stop and will bounce off the edges of the arena. The following explosions will spawn on a randomly choosen sidefield which will be marked again with the "Ghost Nuke" Actor. To make sure that the players dont will stay afk in a edge some Mineral shards will spawn randomly all over the area. If you pick up one of them you will gain +25 Points. You also gain one Point per second for just being alive.
    Also another power ups will spawn in the arena.


    This Mode will end when every player is dead. The winner is the one with the highest amount of points. With the mineral shards its possible to win even if you arent the last player alive, so keep on picking them up as long as possible.

    The third Mode:

    Random Explosions

    This is the latest Mode and it still can be buggy, thats why there is a alpha behind it at the Mode selection Dialog. Here are two different types of Explosions.
    One time the harmless blue who will mark where after a short time the dangerous red will spawn. The fields are randomly choosen. (again :P)



    At the moment the sidefields will be marked everytime, but I maybe will change it so they will be randomly too. The winner in this Mode is the last one alive.

    As you see many things in this Map are randomly generated. Don't try to find a order in the last two modes. Some other featuers are that you can reset the Match without leave and join again. Also theres a bank system which will save some stats. I want to make the Banksystem more detailled but thats not so important at the moment.

    I still need feedback and reports if you find bugs. If you play the Map make sure you have some friends come with you because its not a single player Map.
    More Player = More Fun :P

    This Map isnt finished yet, I want to add more Modes to it. Also I will add a Video to this Thread!

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    posted a message on [Revived!] Map Night

    I try to get my Map working well to the Map night :P
    So you have your new map ;)

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    posted a message on Attach text tag to unit

    I just tested it with the command you use to Attach it to the Unit and it seems that the function isnt working correctly.
    Text Tag - Attach tt_Chat to Marine [114.76, 117.27] at Status Bar point with offset (0, 0)

    You are using this one: "Attack Text Tag to Unit Attack Point"
    With this command its not following the Unit, but when I use this one: "Attack Taxt Tag to Unit" the Text Tag is working correctly and follows the Unit.

    To your new question: I changed the Attackment point to "Head" but it didnt follow the unit too. And im pretty sure that the unit has a head :P

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    posted a message on [Solved] Let a Trigger run only one time at a moment?

    First thanks for giving me hints.
    There aren't 4 same Events. I got 4 different Artefacts from the same type, thats why there are 4 Events. This trigger is difficult because i dont want to have the trigger ge started by the same Artefact multiple times but it should be able to start it with seperate Artefacts at the same time. So if I turn the trigger off at the beginning it isnt possible for the other players to get a Artefact. Thats no solution for this situation.
    The thing with the "trigger execution count" is a really nice hint. But this trigger can be executed the whole game. If someone gets the power he can unleash it and its again possible to get the artefact. So the number of times the trigger will be executed is more than 4 times.

    Also its no solution to turn the trigger on/off because other Artefacts can be "picked up" at the same moment.

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    posted a message on [Solved] Let a Trigger run only one time at a moment?

    Mhh i still dont got it..
    Maybe i didnt understand it right :/ Here is what i got now:
    I split them into 4 Triggers now

            Unit - Any Unit Enters a distance of 1.5 from Artifact Fragment - 5 [49.48, 46.62]
        Local Variables
            Artefakt = 0 <Integer>
            (Number of Living units in (Magician units in (Entire map) owned by player (Triggering player) matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden, with at most Any Amount)) == 0
            (Number of Living units in (Tassadar units in (Entire map) owned by player (Triggering player) matching Excluded: Missile, Dead, Hidden, with at most Any Amount)) == 0
            ((Triggering unit) has Explosion Active) == False
            (Unit type of (Triggering unit)) == Inquisitive
            General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
                    EnterArtefaktBoolean[1] == True
                    General - Skip remaining actions
                    Variable - Set EnterArtefaktBoolean[1] = True
            UI - Display (Text((Number of times (Current trigger) has been executed))) for (All players) to Chat area
            Variable - Set Artefakt = 1
            Unit - Move Artefakt[Artefakt] instantly to (Center of PunkteAway) (No Blend)
            Unit - Replace (Triggering unit) with a Magician using Old Unit's Relative vitals
            Actor - Attach ItemGravityBombsImpactDeath (Unnamed) to Head on (Last created unit)
            Unit Group - Add (Last replaced unit) to AlivePlayers
            Unit Selection - Select (Last replaced unit) for player (Triggering player)
            Variable - Set ArtefaktPlayer[(Triggering player)] = Artefakt[Artefakt]
            Variable - Set ArtefaktPosition[(Triggering player)] = (Position of Artefakt[Artefakt])
            Variable - Set EnterArtefaktBoolean[1] = False

    There are still up to 7 Units with the power..

    My last line was fail and i changed the "indexes" of the "EnterArtefaktBoolean" matching the right event. Now i have only 4 Units with the power. Thanks to all helping me

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