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    Surprised that this wasn't already up on here, but Day9 posted a link to his twitter earlier today:


    Looks like Blizzard All-Stars got a name change! Not much up yet, but what do you guys think? Any thoughts on why they'd go ahead and change the name after all this time?

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    I think I figured out how to modify the cooldown on Blink. It seems to be easier to figure out if you're in the list view. Go under the Abilities tab in the Data window, and search for 'Stalker - Blink'. Then look for a field called 'Cost - Cooldown - Time Use', and change this value from 10 to whatever you need...and hopefully that works. I'm just going off of what the tooltips are saying, but it makes sense.

    As for picking up the ball, it might be easiest to do what ThisIsSpoofed suggested with the flying unit, or even attaching a ball to the stalker through triggers and attachment points. The stalker carrying the ball could have a hero glow underneath it as well to make it more obvious where the ball is.

    I think there's a lot of really cool things that you can do with this map though. Keep it up!

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