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    From what I understand Greg Canessa was most known for his work with popcap games and his influence was a bit evident with the incorporation of bejeweled in starjeweled. It made sense to bring him on considering they wanted a battle.net system that could sell lots of minigames, something popcap has had boatloads of success with.

    I don't need to tell you guys that things didn't work out for multiple reasons, and i don't think any 1 person should shoulder the blame for any of this, but their prior vision of battlenet obviously isn't a foreseeable goal any more and it's pretty obvious that things are changing, likely in us mod maker's favor (which is pretty cool). But the dream of possibly selling maps on a marketplace is all but dead.

    Edit: Now that things seem to be in a bit of an upswing i want to predict POSITIVE changes for once. Sorta feel bad for being negative ALL THE TIME for the past few months following the custom map competition. Just considering how much emphasis they put on esports and recently becoming hopelessly addicted to starcraft 2 commentated games myself, I'm guessing their going to try to unify starcraft 2 with casting and tournament matches so you can really build the starcraft 2 community from within the game. This serves multiple purposes. 1 it's just frickin' fun to watch commented maps, and secondly in promotes learning and community in the player base for a game that requires a lot of both being as advanced as it is. It gives blizzard an iron fist on the esports community, something they have been fighting for for a while now and it just makes plain common sense to get this in game. I'm all for securing your servers and intellectual property so long as it ADDS VALUE TO THE GAME! This is precisely what this would do.

    Oh and of course changes to make user made content playable and enjoyabe which i'm sure we'll all be happy with :)

    Another Edit: Just watched that 20 year video myself it was really touching and great to see where blizzard came from. Reminds me a lot of myself and lots of my buddies trying to make things work right now. I especially liked the part where Samwise rips on HR for ruining the company and thought it was awesome they left it in. There's obviously still really good people at blizzard, it's this new element that's driving me crazy.

    Mo' Money Mo' Problems.

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    posted a message on Blizzard Regrets not Launching SC2 with a Marketplace
    Quote from maverck: Go

    meh. take no notice of me.

    Don't worry maverck, blizzard hasn't and wont.

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    Depressing read for sure. It's scary to see even blizzard fears the worst with everyone expecting everything for free and the quality of the gaming landscape quickly deteriorating.

    We need a new business model. I think a lot can be learned from minecraft though, free release/ demo. Easy to access and progressively more expensive prices as the game becomes better.

    Also, not a big fan of blind optimism.

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    Little curious why when things make it big around here there's rarely a front page announcement.

    Total Biscuit commenting the Smashcraft mod.

    Now this SC1 mod making it huge and there's no front page action. What gives?

    Anyway stoked to try this out, should be fun and grats to Jones313 for making some waves!

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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)

    Sheen has probably lived more in a year than i will my entire life, and the dude is like twice my age. I also like to party.

    Stupid like a fox.

    edit: I probably shouldn't bump my own ramblings without actually saying something tangible. Little bit of drama coming from this write up, here and on reddit. A lot of good counter arguments have been made. My memory of early warcraft isn't the best and to be fair the mod tools weren't hot shyt then either. But I do believe things are different now, there was an expectation that blizzard didn't meet and a lot of free talent was lost because of it, and some lofty game developers a bit disappointed. Just trying to shed some light on the situation in these parts, i think we could all agree things could be better.

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    Hate to say this but the mod's dead. I was lead character artist and i'd love to try to kick start something back up but i'm simply too busy with a couple other mod teams.

    I ran into Rrowland randomly one night on bnet and he's busy putting together some kind of penny selling website and just over modding in general(I'm not making this up). I was told if he ever makes it big selling pennies i could possibly work for him again on games, stranger things have happened.

    You're welcome to use what little character art (very rough) i made in whatever you choose to do though, only got a sorceress done and very half finished.

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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)

    @tolfan This post was a big effort for me, it took several months of fruitless modding to get to this point.

    It's also fairly common knowledge that much of the SC2 team was brought on to work on WOW once it was determined to be a massive certified hit, hence the delays.

    I don't want to argue too much though, this thread wasn't meant to create infighting here as we have plenty of that between the die hards and the people fed up with everything, it really just doesn't go anywhere at this point or do anyone any good.

    P.S. I don't think i could make wow better with 5 minutes of development. I do think blizzard could have made SC2 and the editor better with years more of polish, which is what this thread is all about and what blizzard development used to be all about.

    @eternalwraith I explicitly stated in my replies everything you want me to "understand". And anyone who played custom games since early starcraft 2 will remember a very steady decline in quality of mapping. There WERE some very talented modders making innovative and fun maps who have since dropped ship. There was a time when modding on SC2 didn't seem so dismal, it's actually gotten WORSE, not better.

    @h34dl4g Glad i could make you cry out your d*ck. I will keep my gender and orientation a secret for your sake.

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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)

    Thanks onetwo, you've been really supportive of my whining over the past few months and i do appreciate it :)

    I want to admit though that this post is a little selfish. At the end of the day Blizzard doesn't really owe us anything when you think about it and they're under tremendous pressure on multiple titles. I feel like a charity case sometimes, but i know in the back of my head a strong mod community is good for everyone. That said i like to think trying to bring more attention to the dying mod community on PC gaming is a good for the soul of gaming. And if blizzard is on the ball, about to get all this sorted out in the future with more awesome patches, i will be a very, very happy modder.

    Edit: @voidpotatoe True, but the mod package wasn't a selling point of vanilla warcraft 3. Starcraft 2 on the other hand built it up to be this huge thing before beta even came out. The recent backpedalling on marketplace and custom games in general could spell disaster for potential growth of modding in the future. We just don't know their plans any more and if they even have the mod community as a priority, there is NO communication whatsoever and all past communication has been half truths and speculation about where SC2 COULD go.

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    posted a message on Can someone post this in the general forums for me? (I'm currently banned for excessive swearing)

    Had some free time today and figured i'd finally do one final last writeup summing up my anger with blizzard so i can sleep at night without any more pent up anger, but i don't just want other modders to see it I want others to so if you could post this in SC2 general, hell even WOW general chat, that'd be awesome. No need to credit anyone, i just want people to know what blizzard has done, and the ramifications of it. In fact if you want to touch this up, add to it whatever, feel free, make it your own. Thanks to anyone who can help! The post follows below with the title first.

    Title:How Blizzard Created a massive mod community with Warcraft III, Killed it with SC2, and why you should care

    Blizzard is big, VERY BIG. When they F*ck up, the entire gaming community suffers. They know this and have commented that as the carriers of the PC gaming torch, they should not abuse their dominant position for personal gain. When you're as big as blizzard it shouldn't always about the money, you have a responsibility to the medium for the “greater good”. I guess you could say they're “too big to fail”. But how does shoddily thrown together user made content relate to the broader scope of gaming or Blizzard in general?

    Let's think back to Warcraft III for context. The game itself never really took off like Starcraft had. But it wasn't really Blizzard's fault. Much of Starcraft's success was a fluke, the Korean hysteria was an outside variable no one could have predicted would catapult the title to greatness. Warcraft III struggled to find this niche, waited in vain for some country to adopt it as its national sport. The core gameplay of Warcraft 3, though it had potential, didn't hit the blizzard level of shine. It was good, great even, but not “blizzard” great. A different, just as unpredictable variable would bring “craft” back to blizzard's level of success. The mod community.

    Warcraft 3 was an experimental title and went through many revisions over years of development, the editor for the game became incredibly polished and powerful as a result, able to steer the gameplay in many directions and polished enough that most gamers could pick it up and do cool stuff with it without much hassle. The many years of fiddling with gameplay, failing to find the perfect combination of RPG systems and RTS mechanics bore the game's saving grace, the editor. Countless games and even entire game studios owe their existence to the fan made mods created in warcraft III. Plants vs. Zombies, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends to name a few. Even World of Warcraft drew inspiration from the twich based hero control centered on crowd controls and consolidated core damage abilities that defined classes.

    The fans had a blast making and playing maps, blizzard sold a ton of additional copies, and gaming as a whole blossomed. They were carrying the torch and things seemed good. In fact, the blizzard approach to game development centered around taking fresh gameplay concepts others couldn't fully polish and reinvisioning them. Though blizzard was quickly destroying all opposition in the RTS and RPG scene, they had created their own “spawning pool” of new game concepts, and for free! Certainly they would continue this support for user made content and encourage the fans to create new innovative gameplay with a robust editor and battle net... right?

    Go ahead and log into starcraft 2 right now, you'll have to find out how to join the custom games on your own because you wont automatically join a chat channel, it's the button in the lower right after you click multiplayer. You'll notice bnet seems sorta stale and cold in comparison to the warcraft 3 days, just a lot less human, mechanized, communication and community are stripped away. The games that are staring you in the face haven't changed much in the past several months, go ahead and play one, any one.

    The game you just played was a rehashed version of a tug of war map or some mass spawn map, or even more likely a dota clone, because that's a big reason you bought the game and you actually want to play that. Whatever you just played was a game rooted deeply in base RTS mechanics and simple economy. Very likely to be a “light” version of one of hundreds of far more robust Warcraft 3 maps. You probably didn't enjoy it too much and next time you load up SC2 will be for a round or two of the vanilla gameplay which is itself is wearing on you right now. There are a couple main reason for this.

    SC 2 was rushed to completion. The tools simply weren't up to the standard they had established in warcraft III. Indeed starcraft 2 didn't get the same treatment Warcraft III had during its infancy. A decade ago, blizzard was carefully trying to bring back its core IP in innovative fashion, it was their main endevor, the game HAD to do well or they weren't Blizzard any more. It had to raise the bar like starcraft did. Sequels from blizzard not long ago weren't sequals, they were all new gameplay experiences, genera transforming titles.

    They also needed money. It's easy to point fingers and decry how evil companies are for wanting money, but quite literally they needed it. Mid way through Starcraft's development WoW became the behemoth it is today and when one company makes that much money on one venture, things tend to change, it's the nature of the beast, there's no changing it and you can't really blame someone when that much money starts pouring in for trying to get more. As the “carrier of the torch” they sorta dropped the ball here. Monetizing Starcraft 2 to be a cash cow became a new priority during its already weakened development. They even taunted mapmakers with the idea, saying they would share profits made by very good user made mods. The community was incredibly excited for starcraft 2's editor at this point. Finally they might get something tangible back for their years of penniless toil.

    Well its almost been a year since feedback given during beta and the custom mod scene for blizzard is all but dead. Their own sup par custom mods have dropped off into oblivion without artificially stickying them to the front page. Interviews with the developers tend to lean towards the fact that they never will launch the marketplace, and likely never bring their editor to a state that can truly support innovative new games. It's also at this time that they are adding additional functionality to battlnet to help players find obscure custom maps that are actually fun and innovative. Only now that they have absolutely no interest in selling their own mods, are they willing to let the community try to bring their game some additional success. Their interest in the mod making community and their faith in them to bring value to their brands was a lie from the beginning. What gets me the most is the total and utter lack of communication from blizzard. They strung us along the whole time, all the while knowing Starcraft 2 was a hollow shell of a blizzard game.

    What happened here? I truly have no idea, maybe an anonymous reader could fill us in. I would love to know why the human capital responsible for making such strides in custom modding ranging from tower defenses to hero arenas never really found much of a home at blizzard. Why Valve is developing a DOTA 2. Why Starcraft 2 lacked innovation in its gameplay.

    What I do know is they feared both the pirate AND the consumer. They shut themselves in, removed the outside factors of piracy and competition, but at the same time cut off who often times made them so great to begin with. The ones who created the gaming leagues that catapulted starcraft, the ones who created the DOTA mod selling countless millions of copies for warcraft 3 and bringing positive changes to the gaming landscape in ways we can't even fathom. It's dumbfounding that blizzard had the gal to think they would be better in solidarity, dictating themselves what would be best for PC gaming, suffocating the driving force of PC development, and it's scary to think of their power and influence being swayed in such a direction.

    What Blizzard did to their community shows either a deliberate attack for outsider development and new ideas, or a reckless development cycle that is genera destroying and leading to excessive sequels and dumbed down FPS's.

    I know this may be a little out of place, but this catastrophe hasn't been voiced much in public channels. The anguish and defeat of the RTS modder lies tucked away in a single categorized blizzard forum and on few modding websites no one frequents any more. There are untold thousands of potential game makers who opened up the starcraft 2 editor, got confused and closed it, never to open it again.

    It infuriates me that blizzard can take something so amazing from gaming and just stomp it into the dirt, and no one really noticed. The death of this community is a terrible loss to modders, to gamers, to game developers, to everyone and i've been wanting to get this off my chest for some time in a place that isn't viewed purely by other soul crushed modders.

    If you made it through all this, I solute you and thank your for your time. Not too many people actually give a damn about the true heart of gaming and game development these days.

    And oh yeah, Happy Birthday Blizzard

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    posted a message on [US] How popular are Blizzard Maps now?

    Haha, revenge is a dish best served... well not in aiur chef, that game blows.

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    posted a message on I just got a letter from Blizzard :(

    You guys are small time.

    1 month suspension here, final warning.

    I'd echo what i posted to get me banned but this forum is my last voice in the custom map scene and frankly I can't risk that ;)

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    @Reaper872: Go

    hmmmm, definitely possible i think. I didn't work with UI much myself, but i would think you could do it as a UI function.

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    If you properly import the zergling, it will have all animations loaded with nintoxicated's tools, then it's simply a matter of adjusting the attack animation.

    You could either blow out the keyframes and make something new (you can adjust the timeframe as well) or modify it... whatever. Then simply export it.

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