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    The ending in LotV could be handled a lot better, and does not feel very well thought out (in addition to retcons), but I'm a sap for it anyway. Even though Gradius has a point that it feels undeserved.

    But to me an undeserved bad ending is FAR worse. One of the most crushing ones I've ever seen is the ending of the Continuum series. A lot of people seem to like it, because maybe "we learn that's not how the world works" as you said, but to me it feels as though a world that uses up a person and throws them away like they mean nothing does not deserve to be saved.

    I'd avoid getting involved in works like that, as well as "shoot the shaggy dog" stories that are both crushingly depressing and ultimately pointless, but unfortunately it's impossible unless you wait for them to finish first and subject yourself to spoilers. Needless to say, hardly ideal.

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    What the heck?! All my old posts somehow got deleted. I think it was when I posted a thread in General Chat asking about an error symbol. That may have been a mistake, but did I suddenly get the bot treatment for that?

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    Look at the Annihilator's Shadow Cannon ability, it gives an example of how to make a turret turn for an ability. Turret options were added to the Modify Unit effect to change the turret's target. I haven't tried it with a point target instead of a unit however. You may need to delay the launch missile effect so that the turret has time to face the point, because I doubt this will wait for it automatically.

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    The "edit data space" entry in the pull down menu is always grayed out, and the data space pulldown near the search bar is grayed out too. You can bring up a "move unit/effect/whatever" dialog to change the data space it's in, but you can't really do anything with it because the only available data space is the default one.

    I was hoping to make a data space for my unit to make it easier to export/import. Am I missing something, or does it just not work?

    Edit: Blizzard apparently didn't include the ability to add new data spaces in the editor. What a pain. You need to put a Base.SC2Data\GameData.xml file in the map (best done by saving the map as a sc2components folder) saying:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?> <Includes> <Catalog path="GameData/????.xml"/> </Includes>

    Replace "????" with anything. Then add a file with that name containing at least:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?> <Catalog> </Catalog>

    Unfortunately since it's such a pain to do this, there's little point of doing it at all at this point especially because it can't include localized text.

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