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    Screenshot Comics - Votes

    The contest is over and there are many great entries. There are 12 of them so I have to divide them into 2 part, 6 entries each. You will have about 1 week to vote. Vote now for your favorite in both parts.

    >> Part 1 | Part 2 <<

    SC1 Greatest Hits by Alphadrant

    Our numerous contests are always inspiring sources for mapmakers. My entry "Battlenet 0.2" in the UI Contest gave Alphadrant the idea to fake the entire SC1 UI into a single SC2 map. (honestly the fake UI seems so convincing). Not only faking the SC1 UI, the map uses its own lobby system with the UI to choose 1 among 6 greatest hits of SC1, namely Big Game Hunters (3vs3 melee), BGH Phantom (backstab melee), Art of Defense (team base survival), SCV Football (3vs3 sport), Block the Gate (team control/micro) and Dodge the Rapierist (unit dodging). Find it now on US server for some SC1 nostalgia.

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    There are some news regarding the Marketplace. Until now we're not sure when it will be released or if it will be released at all. Discuss it here

    Screenshot Comics Contest

    We have had contest for all kind of things, but none have been specific for terraining so far. So here's a chance for you to draw your own StarCraft 2 comics with terrain editor. Submit your comics in this thread

    What to do?

    • Create a comics related to StarCraft 2 or related to mapmaking/custom maps
    • Characters, background has to be screenshot from a map. Feel free to use an image editor to edit/crop it into a comics
    • Comics can be about everything, tell a story, jokes, epic battle etc...

    What you have to give

    • You have to provide a final images of the comics. You can submit more than one submission as long as they're different
    • Maps used to take screenshot is optional


    • Here are a couple of examples of what it should looks like. (Source: Deathleech from SC2Armory). Notes: These are all single pane, feel free to make multi-pane comics. Let your creativity run wild.


    There hasn't been a contest lately so you will have 2 weeks for this contest.

    • End of the submissions: Monday, March 7th - Midnight PDT (Los Angeles) [Tuesday, March 8th - 9 AM GMT (Paris)]
    • A public vote will be held after the end of the submissions to decide who wins.


    The main goal of the contest is to further community development within GalaxyEdit. The rewards can be see as follows:

    • First: 1-year Curse Premium
    • Second: 6-month Curse Premium
    • Third: 3-month Curse Premium
    • Everyone else: 1-month Curse Premium

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    Deep Trouble by Chiquihuite

    Remember these amazing submission for the WTE# 12: Under da sea ? But those are all amazing screenshots with good underwater effects. Chiquihuite decided to make it happen and the campaign Deep Trouble is here.


    Full-fledged underwater mission in the third person perspective. Features detailed water effects including realistic camera distortion (think Vashj'ir in Wow).

    Play the part of Clod, a reckless mercenary who was shot down over the waterlogged planet of Permea. His ship has come to rest on the sea floor and it's up to you to help him find a way back into space.

    Wondering how the rippling effects looks like ? Watch the video below as he used part of the sentry Guardian Shield model to make the effect. Feel free to download the map in project page to test it yourself.

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    Zergling Burgers by zeldarules28

    Yeah you might have some ideas of the map when you first read the title. The project was being restarted with the simple idea of managing a fast food chain simulation of farms and restaurants. Just imagine Farmville + Starcraft 2 in one single map. The map is in its early stages but the farming mechanics sounds interesting already. Watch the video to be more specific.

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    Monthly Mapping Excercise by StrykDem

    StrykDem is attempting a new exercise. In this one, you're going to practice all your terraining, triggering and data-ing all at once. The first and experimental one is made simple to be a melee map so you have half a month for this one. Give it a try. I'm definitely looking forward to more themes and maps for upcoming excercise in this series.


    This will allow people to balance out between Terraining, Data Editing and Triggering. For the first map it will be basic. You will have half a month because this will require no Data Editing nor Triggering.

    Please note that a winner WILL be announced. If the map does not meet the minimum requirements below it is not eligible to win.

    This MME is going to be a Melee Map.

    Main Requirements:

    • 2 Expansions Per Player
    • 2 Rich Mineral Deposits
    • Choke point in the center of the map

    Expansion Requirements:

    • Rich Mineral Deposits must be near the central choke point

    Xel'Naga Tower Requirements:

    • Xel'Naga Towers placed around choke

    The Yellow Zergling by NarcoticNite

    While I know the editor is a powerful tools to make cinematic, some of them still amaze me sometimes. Let's follow this story of a small yellow zergling in the battle between zerg and terran. You might shed a tear :)

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    The Death Baneling 2.0 by Upcios

    You probably remember Sixen newsed The Death Baneling update with achivement system more than a week ago. Wait no more as the map has been released on both EU and US. Version 2.0 is incredibly fun with co-op mode as well as pvp mode. Just in my opinion, this is the most polished minigame maps I have ever seen released so far. If Bnet delay affect your performance, you can try it offline

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    Dixel's TD by Popobawa and Noio

    There are quite a few TD maps everywhere on Bnet, Dixel's TD is an interesting one. However, the goal is not just to survive, but to finish 26 waves as fast as possible. The monster will get weaker the further they went. So what's your choice? build at the front and confront the strong monster or builds at the back and end up getting low score ?

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    Patch 1.2 is live globally. As usual post your bugs/undocumented changes to the editor here and join us on the sc2mapster chat channel. (non case-sensitive)

    Oblivion Breed by elunder

    This is quite an impressive RPG map among the ones I have seen. The map is still in development but you can ask to be a tester. While 4 player co-op with each other in a quest/RPG fashion, the 5th player can play as the Hive Overlord (villain). I have sunk a considerable amount of time on RPG maps in wc3 and would certainly spend some more on maps like these.

    And the items showcase:

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    Project Vector by malu05

    I'm probably sure everyone should have seen malu05's amazing work with some of his FPS game. The last one we heard was project Vector - A TPS horror single player map. Disappoint no more because the project is still in development (not canceled). Here are latest update videos from malu05. The NPC character interactions as well as the conversation/quest menu is nothing short of amazing.

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    Room Wars by Fullachain

    Room Wars was a classic maps in SC1 where you fight for dominance over rooms like zone control map. However all the rooms are connected by doors that open and close in sequences. Managing where your army is staying is part of the strategy. Reinforce the week spot and capture more rooms. It is both available in US and EU.

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    City Of Tempest

    City Of Tempest, originally City Defense is among the most popular maps on Korea server. The map is now translated and available on Bnet US. Basically its an AOS - MOBA maps with 3 identically vertical lanes. Its pretty well done, watch the video for any more info.

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    Smashcraft by Mephs

    Anything with "Craft" in its title tends to be good, like StarCraft 2. Smashcraft is the 3v3 arena map where you smash your button and smash the enemy's face. Without having to go through last hit and grinding, you will go directly to the team fights aspect of MOBA instead. The map is still on beta but you can try it anytime on Bnet US

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    Coma Ground by norbak

    Coma Ground is a RTS/TPS hybrid games where you, as a commander control players from each team in both top down and third person view. The map is still in developlement, feedbacks are much needed but the gameplay does look amazing already.

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    Captain Falcon´s Pimps VS Zombies by Crainy

    I was confused by the confusing map title but after a while it all makes sense. Basically its a co-op defense map that you can only survive with good teamwork. The simple map's theme is based on Captain Falcon and it is available on Bnet EU if you want to try.

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    Rebirth of the Swarm Machinima by Crainy

    Rebirth of the Swarm is an ongoing machinima project by Crainy. You probably remember him from some of our cinematic contest. Here is the first theatrical trailer for the machinima to introduces the characters. I demand for a full movie soon :)

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