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    Hi, I've checked the community 4 race mod. It's great, I guess we could do a collaboration. 2 new races, that wouldn't go unnoticed... Contact me if you are interested.

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    Hi jaxter,

    I've never heard of your project before. It's clearly my fault as I'm not a very active member of this board. Could you link me a thread with the concept of this race? My research point me to 2 pages threads. I would love to contribute to it !

    By 2d artist do you mean concept art? If that so, I would love to see your design!


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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for hard working peoples who wishes to push the limit of the Starcraft 2 modding community and create a unique 4th race. I've been working on this alone since February 2010, but at this rate it's gonna be out after Legacy of the Void.

    My first goal is to create a "custom game" alternative to the SC2 ladder for those who would like to play or face a 4th race. The art and the code for the race is advanced and nearing an alpha, with the equivalent of a third of a full beta content.

    Also, I'd like to tweak the existing races to give an incentive to those not interested in more races to try it out and, maybe, like it as an alternative. To distinguish the mod from the ladder, StarRise would provide great updated custom 1on1 maps, for exemple the GSL maps, as the main appeal. Also, the mod would also provide new custom maps for team games.

    My second goal would be to create a 10 missions campaign for those who enjoy single player, in homage to great custom made SC1 campaigns like LotC, War of the Tribes and the Antioch Chronicles, which I feel SC2 seems to lack.

    As I would like to keep things under wrap for a bit more, please contact me with your interests and screenshot/proof of your talents in your area of expertise. I'll keep in touch, and if I'd like to work with you, I'll send you the info you need about the mod, so you can make an inform decision about joining or not.

    So, if you think you have in you the talent to work on this, please reply. I'll be looking for those positions, as of now the single player campaign is not worked on : - Data Editors, - 3ds max modelers/animators - Texturers - Sound editors - Multiplayer map makers

    You don't need to have a lot of time on your hands if you're interested. If you are already dedicated to other projects, we can talk about it.

    Edit : New screenshots and concept art, as people don't seem interested as of now. I hope they will prove this is a serious project.

    My race is evil, and I want the art to reflect that. Most of the units are cyborgs. They are based on Warhammer 40k Necron and Warcraft 3 Undead.

    Screenshot in High Definition are in attachment bellow.



    Some untextured models, most of the buildings will be completely remodeled.


    This is a Shade, the basic unit. It can be found in the upper screenshots. Gonna be changed to look more sinister before beta.


    A building.


    One of the many concept art of the melee unit in the upper screenshots. I fused 3 designs into the final model, which I think looks better than any. This was the 2nd design.


    A capital ship, or a cruiser, maybe a dropship.



    An heavy infantry mech.


    There is way more underwrap. If you're interested, PM me.

    Thank you !

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    Hey everyone,

    Anyone knows if it's possible to import a custom .m3 portrait model WITH a camera attached ? I made the portrait in 3ds max, but the editor does not recognize 3ds max camera, so the portrait is showing in the wrong angle. This has been bugging me for a time and slowing the release of my map ( I don't want to add a new unit without its custom portrait).

    Thank you

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