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    By the way by "assets" they don't just mean art assets, because those are available already.

    What they mean is all the good stuff inside the Data Editor like Abilities for example

    Also has everyone seen these? https://assets.vg247.com/current//2016/11/NovaIII_Nova09Map_TF_08.jpg https://assets.vg247.com/current//2016/11/NovaIII_Nova09Map_TF_03.jpg

    For me thats the most interesting terrain so far, i wonder if it's part of the background model or separate models set at a low altittude

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    posted a message on Nova Mission Pack 3

    So far they talked specifically about the Assets so we might not get access to the maps, but who knows we're just 6 days away from pack 3

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    posted a message on Monetizing comes to Starcraft II

    I don't think that blizzard will ever try to sell maps made by the community, sorry to say it but most dont have blizz-like quality standards, or any standards.

    If Blizzard happened to ever try it it would be the same that happened with Valve and the skyrim mod on the marketplace, on the other hand Valve added micro-transactions to the community content by the way of selling community skins or sets, on the side of the mapmakers a feature was added to buy a "subscription" to said map. The way things are done currently on Dota is that you can still play the map but you get extra features if you subscribe.

    And while yes currently graphic designers might be the only ones to get a chance to sell something, we have to be understand first that if blizzard was to add some sort of marketplace or a way to submit stuff for the collection tab, they would need a team to just go trough the stuff and check that it's up to their standards before putting up anything.

    This is just my opinion and it's based mostly on what i've seen and done on the Steam workshop for Dota on the past 3 years.

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 coop Upcoming commanders

    Looking trough the same files that CybrosX found, there are files for the following commanders:

    • Fenix
    • Selendis
    • Matt Horner
    • Izsha
    • Mengsk O.o
    • Hanson
    • Stetman
    • Tassadar
    • Tosh
    • Warfield
    • Zeratul
    • Rohana

    All of those files are responses to either player choosing another commander, some have specific responses to another commander and some are generic.

    These could just be placeholders to not waste the voice actors time but they could also be a thing that's happening.

    I would say that the next commander will be a Zerg one like Stukov and after that Fenix might be the next one, i think the "dead ones" wont be coming to the game anytime soon.

    When nova comes i believe she should have responses for Horner, Valerian and Raynor we should check back later.

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #255: Forest

    I finished it after a few hours, 3 to be precise.

    I made a small compound on the forest being raided by raynor (simple idea)

    So what i did was i made a small piece of terrain, added only the doodads that show on camera then i edited the rest on the cutscene editor, changed the world light, added some basic spotlights, characters, anims for the characters and then rendered it ingame once the cutscene was done.

    I originally intended to add some marines attacking the front of the base but the animations looked weird and it didnt achieve the look i desired.

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    posted a message on Animated Dialog Items

    @ArcaneDurandel: Go

    It must be an sc2 layout so i might get into trying that

    @greythepirate: Go

    I will try this as soon as i figure out sc2layouts, currently the launcher i made works entirely using triggers, buttons and image changes, but if i figure out sc2layouts i will most likely move the entire project to that.

    https://i.gyazo.com/ef174842f809d2d8ba54db0bced0756b.jpg also i want to use some techniques and easthetics from sc2 to improve on the launcher i made

    http://imgur.com/a/gj38k <-this album contains images from my other project.

    And this is the menu that i want to use the animations for https://i.gyazo.com/0121aebf80062c35656524d3a59ec506.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/620f92ed50d0abf482ce83814404ac5e.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/ef151cfc4a93d50085b30957eddd0559.jpg

    I intend to add animations to the portrait frame and some transition animations when changing menus

    This project is for an open library but i want to release it as polished as possible.

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    posted a message on Animated Dialog Items

    Hi i've been doing some testing in order to learn how to make something work.

    So the base of the idea is to make something like in the campaign menu on sc2. https://i.gyazo.com/c61bd3830654d9a641c37f7d9f7dea62.gif <-like this

    I need some help to make this work im still testing different things but nothing seems to work

    As far as i know there are 3 images in play here: first there's the background this layer isnt all that important, then there's the hexagon pattern this image is just as long as the background but remains hidden and finally, there's the shimmer mask this one is on top of the last image and seems to move in order to show parts of the hexagon pattern.

    My tests have involved using the same images and different combinations of blend modes (not sure if this is the thing i need) i havent gotten far and i can't get the effect right but here are some of the things i tried

    Blend Mode Substract: https://i.gyazo.com/65e349e6f8e9800a9c53bbf88212ccbe.png

    Blend Mode Multiply: https://i.gyazo.com/fe9967ff49458246bf4a55f2027606d0.png

    Blend Mode Lighten: https://i.gyazo.com/e28a43cc8e127beec8398e0dd171bf19.png

    Blend Mode Darken: https://i.gyazo.com/8a894cc110a70654abb6a79c716a0e82.png

    Blend Mode Alpha: https://i.gyazo.com/b4b61526fa9eed55cd8eacbe47c41ed0.png

    Blend Mode Add: https://i.gyazo.com/2e6de82baaefd944cee99dab6d7b594c.png

    I will keep testing different things as there are some other things that i want to check, the post will be updated as i go

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    posted a message on Change data on page scroll

    I'm working with a menu that displays achievements like blizzard's but in order to keep things simple and not get into more trouble trying to make a scroll bar i have static dialogs and the data inside them changes.

    The way i do things with these now works but it's not efficient, i have a variable that tracks the "scroll" the button on the right adds or substracts a number and another trigger changes the data inside them

    These are the triggers that i use but i need to do that for each achievement box plus once for every numeric value on the "pages"

    I need a way to make it simpler but i don't know exactly how given i use values on a bank to first check if the player has certain achievement.

    This is a really old screenshot from when it had some achievements earned, i had to delete the bank to test some new things.

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    posted a message on Time Tracking Across Multiple Maps

    I'm working on a piece of UI for a menu and i have some stat tracking systems but i was wondering if i could track the time from multiple maps, add it up and display in the hh:mm:ss format.

    I'm using banks to save the data and display it on a launcher.

    This is kind of the area where i want to display the stats but i might split it in two.


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    posted a message on Random Loading Screens

    I wanted to know if you can have multiple loading screens and have it choose one at random when launching a map.

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    posted a message on Cutscene Testing Showcase

    @deltronLive: Go

    If you create a scene under the previewer it will get deleted after you close the document, even if you save it.

    To create an actual Cutscene file inside your document you need to click the blank page button in here

    If you want your scene to be played in a document you need a Director node then add an active camera to the director.

    I made a new screen based on the old sc1 victory screens and polished the terran one USX_Victory_Terran USX_Victory_Protoss

    Also it seems I cant post from google chrome

    Edit: im working on some more

    USX_Test1 (Preview from the editor not final) USX_Test2 Nearly final

    Edit2: Testing a new thing (using the Mass Recall Briefing as a base to test if i could add some actions) USX1_ReadyRoom_Zerg Also another Preview from an early screen USX_SCD_Load

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    posted a message on Cutscene Testing Showcase

    So i've still been playing around with the editor and i made this a few days ago, i think this is the best i've made by far.

    Zerg Victory

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    posted a message on [Request] Starcraft and Brood War logo

    Hello i'm working on a little project and i wanted to know if any of you guys can help me with an image of the starcraft logo and then one for broodwar in dds format as im using it inside a map.

    I am working on my side on one but i'd still like to see if you guys can make anything.

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    posted a message on Finding associated textures of a model

    Thanks guys, both ways worked for me and i was able to move the models and textures to a mod file.

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    posted a message on Finding associated textures of a model

    So i've been exporting models to blender just to find out wich are the textures so i can place them in a mod file but i've run into a problem.

    Im trying to get the devourer portrait but blender doesnt show me where are the textures for that model and i can't seem to find them when i was browsing the CASC files.

    Is there any way to find the textures for those models?

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