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    Quote from Forge_User_04585675: Go



    Because it is pretty obvious? Just look at the native declarations and it all makes perfect sense.

    Well, I eventually found it and then some guy answered my question after I found the answer XD. Maybe my instructions were too long though and he thought his answer would be better, which makes sense. I wouldn't say it's very obvious to have one small blue parenthesis though. At least not obvious for a new guy like me.

    Also, I thought replacing the existing orders did overwrite the existing orders? Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to look into this overwrite existing orders thing instead if I find some bugs in my current implementation.

    Disabling attack is also a clever suggestion. I might use that some situations. Right now, it's just working by issuing my unit a move every second. Feels kind of messy without a behavior to do it, but it seems to be working in the little testing I've done so far.

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    Why not just use this:


    Process is probably the same for Arthas.

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    Quote from FunkyUserName: Go

    in triggers use the issue order, then click on the little bracket and change the order type to target

    This is close, but my unit attacks any hostile in range. What if I only want him to attack anything I attack?

    Edit: Never mind, I got it. I just have it turn on a periodic trigger that constantly issues the move command every second or so.

    I feel as though this would be cleaner with a behavior though...I have no idea how to do that though.

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    Anyone know a quick way to do this? I'm pretty new to this stuff in the Starcraft 2 editor.

    I know I can have a region continuously follow a preset unit like the good ol' days of Starcraft 1 and maybe a little of Starcraft 2.

    I can't find the issue order command that allows targets though (I do see the one that does not allow targets though). It would be nice if there was a method that functions similarly to right clicking a friendly unit with another friendly unit in game. Sets some kind of follow order on the unit.

    Edit: Wow, so there's a parenthesis ONE PARENTHESIS on the "issue order" action that allows you to change it so you can issue an order to a unit targeting something. I don't believe this.


    For those of you who want to replicate this, here's how you do it:

    1. Open the trigger editor

    2. Create a new trigger

    3. Set the event to whatever you want to trigger the unit to follow you

    4. Set the action to "Issue Order"

    5. Click the blue parenthesis and set it to order targeting unit or point or whatever you want

    6. Set the ability command to "Move"

    7. Set the target whether that's another point or another unit

    8. Leave replace existing orders alone

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    @fishy77: Go

    Hmm...well, I'm not particularly fond of making it so every unit that spawns has this animation. Kind of want this to only originate from units spawned with this ability.

    I'm pretty new to this stuff, so I assume by launch you mean where it uses an actor to send a projectile to the target. Nah, this is more like a raise dead ability. Targets a small area and then a unit pops out!

    Looks like I might be able to add a behavior and then have the effect activate when that behavior turns on...was hoping for a more streamlined way though.

    Edit: Works perfectly, just feels messy. If anyone knows of a better way than creating a buff on a unit that triggers an actor to create an animation when the buff is turned on, please let me know. I feel as though there's a simpler solution that doesn't involve using a blank behavior just as a means of applying the animation that I'm not thinking of...maybe creating a persistent...hmmmm

    Here's what I did though for anyone who also wants to do this (this will at least work and get the job done without too much time):

    1. Create your caster, unit, ability, and connect everything together

    2. Create a dummy buff behavior and then an apply behavior effect that applies the dummy behavior (make sure to set "(Basic) Stats: Flags:" to hidden so you don't see the buff in game on the unit...you know...unless you want to see the buff on your unit's stat card.

    3. Add that apply behavior effect to your spawn unit effect under "(Basic) Effect: - Spawn^"

    4. Create an actor of "Actor Type:" Model.

    For "Parent:," use ModelAnimationStyleOneShot

    5. Open the "(Basic) Event: Events+"

    6. Create an event of "Msg Type: Behavior, "Source Name:" YourAbility, and "Sub Name" on

    7. Change the action to "Msg Type:" Create

    8. Create an event of "Msg Type:" Actor Creation with "Source Name:" and "Sub Name:" set to any

    9. Change the action to "Msg Type:" Set Cast Shadows

    10: Change "(Basic) Art: Model" to a model that plays a cool animation

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    Hi all you originators of the Starcraft community.

    I'm pretty new to this map making stuff, and I'm wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on how to go about creating an animation for a spawn unit effect. I have this hero that creates a unit at a location, but I can't seem to get the actor to play the animation where the unit is spawned. Instead, the animation only seems to play at the caster.

    Here's the steps I take (they're in instruction format to make it easier for me in the future):

    1. Create an actor of type model. For one shot animations, use "ModelAnimationStyleOneShot" for the parent.

    2. Open the "(Basic) Event: Events+" row and add an event of "Msg Type:" effect

    "Source Name:" my spawn unit effect

    "Sub Name:" start

    3. Right click and add a term of "Term Type:" At and "Scope Target" for "At."

    4. Change the action under this event to "Msg Type:" Create

    5. Create another event below as "Msg Type:" Actor Creation, leave "Source Name:" and "Sub Name:" as any

    6. Change the action type (thing with action symbol) to "Msg Type: Set Cast Shadows"

    7.Change the "(Basic) Art: Model" row to whichever model you wanted to use for your ability. Create a model if you don't want to use an existing one and pick a cool animation

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    posted a message on [Data] Introduction to Ability Creation
    Quote from FunkyUserName: Go

    because the ppl on curse do not know what rewrite rules are

    They should have used Imgur. Image shack must be crap.

    And I know what you're thinking: what do I base this claim off of?

    Well, this tutorial that uses imgur instead of crappy image shack still has its images: http://starcraft-2-galaxy-editor-tutorials.thehelper.net/tutorials.php?view=169303

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    posted a message on Using Heroes Models in Starcraft 2

    Edit: Answer below!


    Original: Hi,

    I'm pretty new to this stuff. I noticed that some of Blizzard's rock the cabinet maps had Heroes of The Storm models in them, which I assume means Blizzard allows the community to access their models.

    How do I go about doing this though. Is there a mod available with all these assets? I saw some thread about some people personally importing/exporting a model here and there. Is it a difficult process?

    Is there a tutorial available for learning this import/export skill if a mod is not available?


    Edit: Okay, figured this out by looking at that new Super Sonya Bros map. You need a specific file structure though, which I will get to at the end. For this example, I'm going to use Uther.

    1. Download CASC. This program is needed to view Blizzard's compressed files. It's an easy to use program though and simple to download. Here's the link: http://www.zezula.net/en/casc/main.html Make sure to be thankful for the awesome guy that made this cool tool!

    2. Extract CASC (No install needed, YAAAAY!)

    3. Open CASC and click the "Game Storage" button at the top left

    4. Select Heroes of The Storm (Yes, you need to have downloaded Heroes of The Storm)

    5. Extract the following files. I'm going to list most of the file path for the first one in each folder to make it easier. If I don't list a full path, it's in the same folder. Just find the file and click the extract button located at the top mid of CASC (it's under the operations tab if you aren't already there for some reason). Uther Files:

    -\mods\heroes.stormmod\base.stormassets\Assets\Effects\Storm_Effect_DeathRagdollDissipate \Storm_Effect_DeathRagdollDissipate.m3a (THIS IS USED FOR HERO DEATH I GUESS. I GRABBED IT)

    -\mods\heroes.stormmod\base.stormassets\Assets\Textures\(FILES BELOW)





    ..storm_hero_uther_ghost_diff.dds (Not sure if the ghost files are needed, but I grabbed them anyway)


    -\mods\heroes.stormmod\base.stormassets\Assets\Units\Heroes\(FOLDERS/files below):

    ..Storm_Hero_Uther_Base (extract only file in this folder)

    ..Storm_Hero_Uther_Base_DeathRagdoll (extract only file in this folder)

    ..Storm_Hero_Uther_RequiredAnims (extract only file in this folder)

    6. Okay, now the important part. For some reason, you have to use a certain file structure to connect the files together and get everything textured correctly. Correct file structure shown below:

    Create a folder on your desktop called "base.sc2assets"

    Cut and paste the extracted "Assets" folder from the CASC program into your "base.sc2assets" folder. You should find your "Assets" folder where you extracted your CASC program to. That folder contains all of the files we extracted in step 5.

    7. Import time! Open your editor, click the import manager (near the top middle, has a picture of a file and arrow).

    8. Right click in the "Document Files" window that opened up and click "Import Files..."

    9. Navigate to your desktop and put a check mark next to your "base.sc2assets" folder. That'll import everything we put in that folder, which is perfect!

    10. Click the save button. After you save, the errors should go away when attempting to view the files. CONGRATS! Uther is now in your map! As for attaching him to a model and then attaching that model to an actor and then attaching that actor to a unit, I'm still figuring that out. Also, I didn't pull any sound files or anything. You'll have to do that yourself if you want those. Should be pretty easy, just grab the sounds you want from in CASC.

    Edit: You might have to close after saving and then open the editor again for everything to link up.

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    posted a message on 2D Game Lib

    This is really cool. Would it be possible for me to change the model to like, Uther or something?

    Edit: Never mind, figured it out. Your map is great for teaching how to import Heroes of The Storm models.

    When building a level though, I found it a little tricky to find all the blocks. Had to type "Game" and "Coin" and "Health" into the search bar on the unit tree to find some things. Had to find the enemy "Rover" as well. I think it might be nicer if all the units/blocks had the same prefix. That way you only need to search one term for every place-able block/unit.

    Building levels is pretty nice if you use number pad 5 to snap things to the grid until you get to the pipes. Pipes with hidden areas aren't able to be covered nicely with the blocks while being meshed to the grid it seems. This makes it difficult to make clean, straight lines when it comes to pipes with hidden areas. Would it be possible to fix this for future editions?

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    posted a message on [Data] Introduction to Ability Creation

    Why have all these tutorials lost their pictures? It makes them MUCH less useful for people.

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    Quote from Renee2islga: Go

    It's actually include in the FAQ. http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/player-zone/warcraft-modding/77255-map-making-quick-faq-war3-mod-ga/#p2

    There is a User Type data with I used to define the Unit's att.

    Thanks Renee!

    For those of you wondering how to find your unit's ID after the unit is already made:

    1. Open the data editor window

    2. Right click your unit and select modify (unit ID should be shown as the second field)

    This also allows you to look up the unit ID of other heroes if you wanted to copy their stats from Renee's table.

    To add your unit to Renee's table,

    1. Click the plus tab on the data editor and go to "Edit Advanced Game Data" -> "User Types"

    3. Click the new "User Types" tab that should have appeared in your data editor

    4. Look for the User Type "Hero Balance"

    5. If you are in table view, double click "(Basic) Instances +" and then the "Add" button or if you are in detail view, click add under the "(Basic) Instances" window

    6. Rest should be self explanatory, BUT make sure you select "Main Attribute (YourChoiceHere)" in the values window under "Primary" (below "INTplus").

    Oh, and the values like "INTplus" define how much of each attribute (str, agi, int) you gain per level. You know what those do I'm sure War3 fans, but you can also look in the data editor's "Behaviors" tab for "Intelligence," "Agility," and "Strength" if you don't remember (they're the ones that are attributes under the "Behavior Type" column).

    Another way to find those behaviors mentioned above is just to click on your unit in the data editor and look what's listed under its "Behaviors" section (window near lower left in data editor once you select a unit).

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    posted a message on How to duplicate a hero correctly using war3 mod

    Hi, would anyone be able to assist me with the duplication process of the war3 heroes?

    I wanted to duplicate a paladin, and I figured it would be easy peasy like any other unit, but I ran into some issues. Here are the steps I took:

    1. Opened editor, data editor, unit tab

    1. Right clicked and clicked add new unit

    2. Named the new unit, clicked suggest right below it (Called it "Paladin2")

    4. Selected "Paladin" as the unit I wanted to copy (bottom of the new opened window, "copy from" row)

    6. Pressed okay

    7. Clicked the plus sign on the object editor tabs, went to edit actor data, actors

    8. Clicked the new actors tab

    9. Right clicked and clicked add new actor

    10. Named it "Paladin2Actor" and clicked suggest like before

    11. Changed the "Actor Type:" row to unit

    12. Selected "Paladin" to copy (bottom of the new opened window again)

    13. Pressed okay

    14. Clicked on the new actor

    15. At the bottom right of the window where it says "Token" and then "Unit Name," changed the unit name to "Paladin2"

    First problem I ran into was that duplicating the paladin this way changed the name of the original from "Paladin" to "Paladin2." No big deal, I was able to distinguish between the two by using suffixes.

    Second problem I ran into was that my duplicated actor, "Paladin2Actor" still seemed to be connected to both the original paladin and my new one. No big deal again, ran into no errors in game from that.

    The third problem I have run into is causing me issues though. I noticed Renee made her paladin a hero by using the veterancy behavior defined as "Hero." Nothing out of the ordinary there. Strength, Agility, and Intelligence are all attribute behaviors as well, nothing out of the ordinary there. The problem now though is that under the "Hero" veterancy behavior, there is no attribute gain per level. Nothing in defined in "Hero" except the levels.

    This means my new duplicate paladin has 0 str, 0 agi, and 0 int at level 1. No big deal, I could define them myself, BUT I'm wondering what gives Renee's paladin all of its str, agi, and int. It certainly isn't the "Hero" behavior as there is no str, agi, or int gain per level defined there. Also what gave the Paladin str as a primary attribute? The only thing missing from my own duplicated paladin is the upgrade node, but I have no idea how that thing works as it seems to use some kind of custom script.

    Any advice on how to make my paladin work like Renee's? Do I need to define my own veterancy behavior that increases dmg per point of str and then copy how much str, agi, and int is gained per level manually to emulate a paladin from war3 or is there something missing that I can simply link up to do all that automatically like Renee's paladin somehow has?

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    posted a message on Create Your Wizard Wish List - War3 Mod

    This sounds wonderful. When you create a new unit/hero, would everything be duplicated so modifying a component of a different unit wouldn't modify the new unit as well?

    I miss the easy copy/paste system of War3. And the easy ability to modify units/abilities.

    This kind of wizard sounds like an awful lot of work though to make...

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    posted a message on The proper way to use War3 Mod (GA) in you map
    Quote from DOOMEDEARTH: Go

    Do I download this mod from mapster

    I had some trouble with this as well, so I followed these steps for windows 10:

    1. Open the editor

    2. Click the open folder icon near the top left to open a map/mod

    3. Click the battle.net tab on the window that pops up and log in using your credentials

    4. For source, select Map/Mod Name

    5. Type War3

    6. Download War3 (GA), War3AI (GA), War3 Data (GA), War3 Extra (GA), and War3 Terrain (GA). NOTE: TO SAVE THESE, YOU WILL HAVE TO OPEN THEM AND THEN CLICK SAVE AS AND YOU WILL NEED TO USE SPECIFIC FILE NAMES. File names are given below for convenience as well as in Renee's initial post:

    War3 (GA) -> WarCraft.SC2Mod

    War3AI -> WarCraftMeleeAI.SC2Mod

    War3 Data (GA) -> WarCraftData.SC2Mod

    War3 Extra (GA) -> WarCraftDataAbil.SC2Mod

    War3 Terrain (GA) -> WarCraftTerrainArt.SC2Mod

    7. You will likely get an error message after you open up "War3 Data (GA)" (maybe War3AI (GA) as well) telling you it can't find the dependencies. THAT'S OKAY, continue saving them, ignore the errors that pop up. The default location to save them is probably Documents\Starcraft II\Mods. We will be moving these files to a different location later because the editor is stupid and needs them somewhere else. I will get to that in the next step.

    8. Go to Program Files (x86)\Starcraft II

    9. Create a folder called "Mods" there. Why doesn't this folder already exist you may ask? Because Blizzard sucks and likes to watch you suffer using their crappy editor. Deal with it.

    10. Create a folder called "WarCraft" inside the folder called "Mods"

    11. Copy and paste all your saved mods from before into that "WarCraft" folder.

    12: Create a map by pressing the new map button at the top left of the War3 editor window

    13: Select arcade map

    14: Select custom on choose dependencies, then modify

    15: Select add other

    16: Select local files tab

    17. Select the War3 mods you saved earlier. You don't need all of them as shown in Renee's initial post depending on what you want to do, but you can add all of them just in case if you want.

    Congrats! Have fun

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    posted a message on You can submit bug/suggestion for my War3 Mod here

    Can confirm that others can't build a hero if I do. Is Renee still working on this? This is such a cool mod

    Please fix :(

    Also in Lost Temple, if someone leaves, the game gets laggy like it's loading a lot of code or something. Not sure why

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