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    Quote from Ahli634: Go

    60.0/90.0 is 0.6665 for me ingame.
    So your simple example is flawed. :(

    Angles use (-180, 180]. Maybe that explains something in your "simple" example.

    Text won't work as texts can't be reverted to strings. So you can't recover values from it. So strings or arrays of integers might work best.

    You know, I feel sad and ashamed now.

    I decided to take a break and walk away from the computer for a bit, so I shut down the editor and whatnot.

    Things are working just fine after the reboot.

    Sorry for wasting your time, I guess.

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    Hey, guys.

    I've been working on a map that uses a unique variant of the WASD movement system. To keep a long story short, it's based on a unit's facing angle and computing the related horizontal and vertical directional components to control x- and y-velocity.

    Unfortunately, I've run into a seemingly insurmountable roadblock: fixed point (real) rounding.

    For whatever reason, I can't seem to specify to what precision I want arithmetic operations to be performed, so everything keeps defaulting to essentially integer multiplication/division. A simple example would the division of two angles, specifically 60° and 90°. While this should obviously give me 2/3 as a result (or 0.66667), I get 1 instead -- rendering such calculations entirely useless.

    The only method capable of performing less clunky arithmetic I've found thus far is the use of fixed variables (reals) in strings/text -- because I can specify a precision value (even if fixed point rounding sucks). This doesn't really seem to be a workable solution as far as I can tell, though, because all precision is lost when these strings/text variables are converted back to reals.

    So, now that I'm pretty much out of ideas, I figured I'd turn here and see if you folks could point me in the right direction.

    What do you all think?


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    Yeah, I've had this bug before too. Quitting the editor typically works for me, but things also work if you name the file(s) to what you want it/them to be *before* you import it.

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    I managed to fix the Hostile attack bug by setting some awkward alliance states.

    @Flinkelinks: Go

    You know, I'd really rather not have to do that, especially considering how everything (including the game itself) works.

    @Bilxor: Go

    Yes, the selection circle is on the ground. Note that the "Ignore Placement Requirements" flag is also set, but the bug still happens even if it isn't. I'll try it on a different computer later tonight.

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    @Juxtapozition: Go

    You know, that's interesting. I didn't see that there before, but my cap is currently set to 30 in the terrain editor and 40 in the previewer, but in the top right-hand corner, it still says my FPS is a couple hundred.

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    Hey, guys.

    I wasn't really sure where to post this, so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong section.

    While I know that you can limit Starcraft II's framerate through some custom settings in its configuration files, I was wondering if there was a way to do this for the Galaxy Editor as well.

    I ask because I noticed my framerate is pushing 400-500 on max settings, and there's really no point in running my cards so hard. I'd love to be able to cap the framerate around 60-70ish.

    Thanks for your time!

    Edit: Looks like my thread got moved to Triggers.

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    Hey, guys.

    I recently got back into mapmaking after a very long break, but I've been able to pick things back up pretty quickly for the most-part.

    Unfortunately, I'm running into two issues that I can't seem to resolve on my own, no matter what I try.

    The first issue is related to hidden units; for whatever reason, units I create with the "initially hidden" flag float in space when shown through a trigger. They play their Stand animation as normal, but they're elevated a few feet off the ground. If the unit fidgets while floating, they'll land on the ground for the duration of the fidget animation, and then resume standing in midair. If the unit moves or attacks, however, they'll immediately stop floating and forever thereafter be normal.

    My second issue is related to units on the Hostile team; for some reason, they only attack players' units under certain conditions. My units will always attack hostile units sans issue, but won't be attacked in return unless I manually set a two-way alliance to "Enemy with Shared Vision". An alliance type of simply "Enemy" won't make hostile units attack me. Moreover, hostile units won't attack me if I set a one-way alliance for them to be "Enemy with Shared Vision" toward me, but will attack me if I set a one-way alliance for my units to be "Enemy with Shared Vision" toward them. Note that I don't want players to have vision of hostile units, so that isn't really a valid solution.

    I've tried a bunch of different things for both issues, but I've just about run out of ideas.

    What do you guys think is going on here?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I am getting the same error with the drop-down box after adding a lot of objects - I can no longer edit any objects except the two most recent, since it now scrolls up as opposed to down.

    This also makes it impossible for me to be able to export the MACRO code for the dialogs, since I can't select them.

    Also, whenever I load my dialog's SC2Bank in the Designer, some objects are out-of-place, though I'm not sure why - it may have something to do with relative positions.

    Other than that, however, I love the tool.

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    @s3rius: Go

    Why did you bring up Bleach and then compare it to Gintama?

    Gintama doesn't please the masses. In fact, nobody has heard of it, and its ratings aren't very high (they even highlight this in the show itself). I even spent a few paragraphs extolling the fact that Gintama is anything but a mainstream anime - everything it does is completely unique.

    The two have absolutely nothing in common.

    And, yes, Bleach was amazing for the Soul Society arc, but it didn't drop the cake immediately afterwards as all of the raging fanboys seem to always complain. The arrival of the espada, in addition to Ichigo's vizard training arcs were both very well done. Yes, the story became a little straightforward, and all of the intrigue vanished from the series, but, regardless, it was still a very solid anime.

    Finally, that portion of Bleach about the immortal sand hollow - that was filler, plain and simple. It never happened in the manga.

    I would recommend you not put down an anime you have never seen, but I won't push the letter. ^_~

    Thanks for the posts, guys.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

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    Quote from Forge_User_59026135: Go

    /push watching animes in japanese


    Added another anime.

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    @Mienk: Go

    It was unbelievable. You have to go read it. :>

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    @Mienk: Go

    Absolutely. High School of the Dead is amazing - I was planning on posting it pretty soon. I haven't, yet, though, because of the Ecchi/Fanservice in it - the nudity gets pretty extreme later on. Regardless, I love it to death.

    Bleach has been an all-time favorite of mine, but it's been pretty bad recently (although I also read the manga, which has been pretty good... #417 was INSANE!!!).

    Glad to see another anime fan around.

    Keep tuned, I'll have a lot more high-quality recommendations up soon.

    P.S. I hope more people start watching them in Japanese - it's a bit of a leap of faith, but it's so worth it.

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    Added a new anime to the list to add variety, and added some viewing recommendations.

    More on the way when I have some more time.

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    201 episodes can be intimidating, but doesn't that mean that they've done something right?

    The beautiful thing about Gintama is that you can pick it up, watch a few episodes, and drop it before picking it up again a little later due to its encapsulated nature. The story is revealed through a number of story arcs that are sparsely located throughout the 201 episodes, so you don't have to worry about focusing in on that - rather, you're able to just sit back and have fun.

    Don't worry, though - I have a bunch of shorter anime on my list.

    I may cheat these first few days and add a few more anime to the list to offer more variety to readers.

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    Hey, guys. I figured that, since there are bound to be a few anime fans out there, I'd start up my recommendation list. Since I know how much it sucks to wait for one episode per anime each week, I'll post some of my favorite anime shows here so that you don't have to wait to enjoy anime.

    I'm going to try to stay away from mainstream anime and try to bring to light some of the smaller anime that are absolutely amazing. If I do make mention of a mainstream anime, it won't count as my weekly recommendation - it'll be a freebie addition to my list.

    If you don't like anime, please don't create a post saying so. I would like to keep this topic as clean as possible. In addition, I would be happy to respond to any questions or comments. I'm pretty busy, so I may not see it in this thread, but if you shoot me a PM, I'll be sure to get back to you.

    In addition, if you liked an anime I recommended or want to request an anime of a certain genre, feel free to send me a PM about that (or post if you want, I suppose) - I love hearing how I'm doing.

    Now, without further ado, recommendation #1:


    I bet a fair amount of you have not seen this anime. Honestly, it's my favorite anime of all time - and, since I've seen over a hundred anime series, that's saying quite a bit.

    Now, you have to understand something about Gintama - it is, first and foremost, a comedy. It has its fighting scenes (and they're incredibly well drawn and are of as high quality as any mainstream anime), but not every episode deals with some super villain that needs killing. Rather, it focuses on the ridiculous day-to-day life of its many unique and well-thought out characters.

    Once again - it's a comedy. Gintama is the absolute most funny show I have ever seen. Ever. Without any doubt, whatsoever. Most episodes are a complete blast to watch, and, by the end of the series, you will have laughed more than you ever will laugh again at any other show. Guaranteed.

    Did you notice that I said that you'll enjoy most of the episodes? There are two reasons why I didn't say you would enjoy all of the episodes:

    • Not everybody likes everything - you're naturally bound to dislike one or two episodes.
    • Gintama has a slow start. It really does. In the first few episodes, you're going to be wondering whether I'm just some dirty, dirty liar, as you may not be laughing as much as I made it seem. You'll wonder whether the events that unfolded during the course of the episode you just watched were supposed to be funny, and are what you should expect from future episodes. You may let out a disappointed sigh, thinking that my standards of humor are horrible.

    All that I can ask is that you give Gintama a chance. Really. Watch more than two or three episodes - let it breathe and flesh itself out.

    The show has two hundred episodes - they must have done something right at some point, eh?

    Now, yes, it does have two-hundred episodes, which can be very intimidating. However, consider that, unlike the grand majority of anime out there, each episode is typically an encapsulated event, in that its contents have little to no relation to any other episode. This means that you can pick up and drop Gintama as needed, without having to worry about forgetting important story details or anything of the sort.

    Now, don't take that to mean that the show doesn't have a story, because that's completely wrong - Gintama is definitely driven by a story, which surfaces in the show's story arcs. These 'story acrs' are often related to one another, each contains numerous back-to-back episodes. In these arcs, the hidden sides and backstories of many of Gintama's characters are revealed. In addition, each story arc has its share of violence - the fights in these arcs rival any found in mainstream anime. These arcs each affect the Gintama universe, changing the way each of the independent, encapsulated episodes play out.

    Many of the topics brought up this anime are deep. During many episodes, you'll laugh until your stomach hurts and your eyes are filled with tears, but you'll later think back on the profoundness of the subjects.

    I laughed with and at this anime. At times, I felt exhilarated and had a rush of adrenaline. At other times, a manly tear formed at the corner of my eyes, and I was profoundly moved.

    In addition, the voice talent and soundtracks in Gintama are fantastic. In fact, I loved the music so much that I downloaded all of it - and I've only done that with one other anime. The music is absolutely comical when needed, serious when battles become epic, and melancholic when the going gets rough. Believe me, this music is rapturous.

    The creators of this anime are masters.

    I cannot recommend any anime more than Gintama.

    Give it a shot. You'll thank yourself later.

    You can find Gintama on: www.crunchyroll.com

    Soul Eater

    Soul Eater is a relatively typical anime in that there is some comedy, it has a story that is fleshed out in each and every episode, and there is a whole lot of fighting.

    However, Soul Eater has a very talented voice cast, lending each character a unique and believable outlook. In addition, the animation style is distinctive, separating its world from that of other anime.

    This anime runs a respectable fifty-one episodes, with very few fillers (a filler is a divergance from the story - an episode whose sole purpose is to entertain and to give the animators more time to work on non-filler content) throughout. Most episodes have a pleasant, sprightly atmosphere, and are very enjoyable to watch.

    Soul Eater's protaganists are a number of students that pair together to fight the series' antagonists. Each pair has both a Weapon and a Wielder, with the weapons being living, breathing swords, scythes, guns, and so on, and are used by their respective wielders. These pairs find themselves fighting to prevent the revival of a dead god, whilst simultaneously trying to upgrade their Weapon into its perfect form by collecting evil souls.

    Soul Eater's first three episodes are introductory episodes, in which the primary three pairs of characters are introduced. The remaining forty-eight episodes are split into two main arcs, both with an entirely different set of objectives.

    Now, unlike many anime renditions of manga, Soul Eater noticeably deviates from the original plot at episode 35, leading to a radically different and slightly rushed ending.

    Regardless, Soul Eater has many impressive fights and develops each character thoroughly, making for a unique and thoroughly entertaining show.

    You can find Soul Eater on: www.animecrazy.net

    Death Note

    This is another one of my favorites.

    Unlike the other anime I've already posted, Death Note takes on a far more serious tone.

    Death Note is an incredible anime. It deals with humans and their everyday lives, with one noticeable difference: one of the main characters finds a 'Death Note,' a mysterious book that has the power to kill anybody when their name is written on its pages.

    Think about it. What would you do if you found a book that could kill anybody, just by writing their name on its many sheets - and nobody would know it was you? It's a dangerous question.

    The person that finds this book is a student in high school with an enormously high IQ - a genius. His father is a cop, and he has perfect grades. How does he handle the power?

    This anime is absolutely brilliant - it keeps you on your toes with a sprawling story of lies, intrigue, and death - there are no dull moments to be found.

    I cannot explain the presentation style or flow due to their unique natures - in Death Note, you always seem to think that you have all the facts, and that you've figured everything out, but then they'll suddenly pull the rug out from under you and leave you in the dark. It's ingenious, and you'll want to keep watching until the sun peaks up over the horizon.

    Death Note's art style is very pristine, to say the least, but the animators always throw a bit of grit and darkness into the mix, hinting at the anime's subtle and very dark nature.

    Throughout this anime, the main character's thoughts and motives are as often revealed to you as hidden from you. It has an amazing plot, full of twists and turns and dead ends - I cannot imagine how long it must have taken to write.

    In addition, Death Note is incredibly fast-paced, and, as I have previously mentioned, is very dark.

    This anime totals 37 episodes, with two very distinct arcs. The second arc tends to fall through the cracks and loses a good portion of its unique feel, but is still worth watching.

    If you are doubtful that you will enjoy this type of anime, I would recommend giving it a shot - you'll be hooked in the first five episodes.

    You cannot imagine the depth of story and exploration of the human psyche that occurs throughout this anime.

    Death Note can be found on www.animecrazy.net

    Samurai Champloo

    This anime is also up on my favorites list.

    Before talking about the anime itself, I have to talk about the soundtrack - it's the absolute best soundtrack I have heard in any anime.

    Samurai Champloo has a large collection of tear-jerking and haunting melodies combined with the most chill jazz beats to grace any anime. That's right, folks - jazz. I cannot express how incredible these Jazz beats are, but know that they have been brought to you in large part by jazz master Nujabes.

    They're incredible to listen to, and always fit the events occurring in the anime.

    Next up is Samurai Champloo's story, or lack thereof. Story? What story?

    This anime has no real story to it, other than that the main protagonists are looking for a samurai that smells like sunflowers.


    That's it.

    Oh, and did I mention there are samurai in this anime?

    Regardless, story isn't where this anime shines. Samurai Champloo has some of the most fast-paced, action-packed combat that is all about flow. Characters in Samurai Champloo aren't like toy figures or dolls - each and every part of their body is in constant motion in combat. It's an incredible spectacle to watch.

    Samurai Champloo brings to life one of the most realistic Edo-era Japans ever seen in an anime - many details are spot on with history.

    All in all, I absolutely loved watching Samurai Champloo from start to finish - it's a fun and unique ride all the way through.

    Viewing Recommendations

    I have a few recommendations for watching anime. Naturally, you could just ignore everything I say here and skip directly to the anime, but I would at least read these and make your decision thereafter.

    1) Watch anime in Japanese.

    What? Wait, what? That can't be right.

    Yes, I just recommended watching anime in a different language (with a few exceptions - I'll make not of these as I post more anime) (oh, unless you're Japanese, in which case you have a leg up on everyone else)!

    The reasoning behind this seemingly ludicrous recommendation is twofold:

    • First, you should consider that anime is, 95% of the time, created in Japan. You know, by the Japanese. This means that, should you not get used to reading English subtitles, you may stumble upon an anime that has not been dubbed in English (some anime are partly dubbed in English, but most never will be).
    • Since anime is created by the Japanese, their voice acting is absolutely superb. I have tried watching some anime in English, but English voice actors are absolutely horrible. For whatever reason, many of the English VAs (voice actors) have squeaky, seemingly prepubescent voices that annoy to no end.
    • In severe contrast to the English VAs, however, Japanese VAs fill their lines with more considerably more emotion due to their understanding of the culture. The small intonations that they make and the manner through which they place emphasis on certain words makes for an incredibly more persuasive atmosphere, and allows viewers to connect with characters on a much deeper level.

    Now, you may be wondering whether I speak Japanese (or be thinking that I talk way too much) or not, and the fact is that I do not speak it. However, after having watched so many anime series, I have learned hundreds of words, and am now able to understand the nuances behind the manner in which the Japanese speak.

    I fully recommend watching anime in Japanese. Watching anime in Japanese will lead to a few very awkward experiences during which you will feel as if you are watching adult-rated movies with your parents around, but I would ask that you go out on a limb (and it's probably a very, very long, thin limb - dangerous, I know) and trust me.

    I can guarantee that, after watching some anime in Japanese, you will not only be completely used to reading subtitles and watching the action simultaneously, but you will quickly pick up both the denotations behind words in addition to the connotations behind the manner in which emphasis is placed upon words.

    2) Viewing Format

    When I recommend an anime, I will often post a website for viewing. However, whenever possible (and especially with some of the shorter anime), you should download the episodes to maximize your viewing experience. When you download an episode, you can bypass the horrible quality of web streaming shows and watch it in amazing quality (typically 720p, but occasionally you'll find 1080p episodes).

    As such, I fully recommend grabbing episodes either from subtitle groups directly, or downloading them from the following website (this website will often post multiple links to episodes, and not all of them are of the same quality - you should read the comments to find out which subbing group is the most clear, and which links provide the highest viewing quality): www.animetake.com


    - Beast

    P.S. I apologize for the enormous wall of text. A lot of you will probably say "tl;dr!", and ignore it, and, hey - that's fine.

    My goal is to simply share my absolute love and respect for anime with others around the world. It brought me out of a deep depression after some disturbing events shook the foundation of my world, and I want to help bring the laughter borne of it to others.

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