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    ModCraft Christmas Special by Xaragoth + Otixa

    It's the day kids. The day where we do magic! Get out of my sight you lousy old man in red cloths!

    Today, at 18 GMT, we'll have a ModCraft Christmas Special!

    To make you know if it's worth your time, I'll post a few of the topics we'll have:

    Sound Design
    Everything you need to know to get started with sounds and music! Do you feel the beat?

    Game Design - Keep 'em playing
    We'll be talking about Players, why you should have a good Tutorial, why Achievements have become important for Developers and how to spice up your game in general.

    Again, we'll be talking about Next-Gen here, but this time, we'll be a little bit in the "bigger scale" business. It'll also tell you about painting textures, nearly looking as good as Blizzards.

    Play & Learn
    To spice it up, we'll also have a little Play & Learn section. It's basically Custom Live, but not only limited to StarCraft 2 maps, but games in general. Because I couldn't decide what to play with you first (oh, so much good stuff came out!), we'll stick to StarCraft 2 this time and take a look at things there - again. For old times sake. Or lazyness. You name it.

    Christmas for Meanies
    We'll talk about Christmas and why it's awesome for bad people. Even those can have fun on Christmas! Also, some Christmas music, just to get you into the right spirits!

    If you missed any of the previous shows, check here for all the VODs (they're 2-3 hour each).

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