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    Hello everyone, im currently working on a td map and have found a strange bug wich i dont know how to fix.

    ive got 9 Tower witch ech 3 Techs (tower 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1....) basicly its a long chain of towers. after working on an upgrade ability the bug showed up.

    i cant upgrade 6 of my tower after they have shot at least one time. its realy strange..... newly build there is no problem, but if a creep is near, and i click on upgrade the button turns grey and it stops fireing. i also have to pay the minerals, but it wont upgrade. if i cancle the upgrade it starts shooting again, but still cant upgrade. the strange thing is that this occures only with 2 tower typs where i use a spawning pool and a pylon as base. all other tower work and have another "real" tower as base, so i thing there is any effect missing or too much bun since this is my first map, i dont understand the events.

    ALL tower have this set of abilitys:

    Build in progress ("Gebäude wird gebaut" - dont know the exact translation from german to english :( attack stop buildlist (1) Upgrade Tower (where this is different in each tower)

    and the behaviors are: is build (im Bau.... german again)

    up until now the map is not bad and works fine, just that the 2 towers are completly.... broken.

    i hope someone knows whats going on :/

    cu, Syl3r

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    heythere, thanks for the work, its great =) but i think for the REAL warcraft feeling there are missing some things as buildings.

    some basic horde and/or alliance buildings to put my units around would be just awesome

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    Heythere, first of all, im a total noob when it comes to galaxyeditor, so my questions might be rather simple ;) im currently working on a towerdefense game (remake of stronghold in wc3 if anyone knows it) and have acomplished many things already. atm i'm trieing to correct the teams. about the map:

    it is planed as 3vs3vs3vs3. the lobby is already set up like this but ingame its not like i want it.

    i want that every team has its own zone and ONLY that team starts/builds in this zone. the problem now is that it doesnt work if there are like 2-4 ppl in the game (for testing) example: team1: 1 player, 2 free slots team2: 2 player, 1 free slot everything else empty.

    if i now start the game, the free slots are ignored and all 3 player start in the startingzone for team1 wich is obviously wrong.

    thats all i want to solve (for now, got many other probs, but one thing after another =))

    perfect would be to know how to read wich team a plyer was in the lobby so i can use that value in the triggers.

    help would be REALY nice if anyone could help me (or link a tutorial where this is mentioned.

    another small thing, is there any way to change localization from german to english without buying a english version? hate to work in german (... and im from germany myself cO....)

    thats it, so bye, see u soon, syl3r

    ps: awesome page/forum, helped A LOT in developing =)

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