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    posted a message on Blizzard DOTA

    im curious about dota too.
    but not for the champions, skills ect
    im more interested in seeing how the map will look (if the terrain is the same as wc3) and how they do the shopsystem.
    what i hate with 90% of dotamaps is the map itself.
    i mean, the 3 lanes+jungle looks nice, but its ALWAYS the same. why not make 2 lanes for 4/3 player? 4 lanes for 6 player? or alter the lane itself.
    why not start with 3 lanes, then they connect to 2, then split up to 3/4 or something, its just booring to have the same maplayout in every dotagame (in sc2, lol, wc3, dont know about hon)

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    posted a message on CRC - The Sorcerer's Defense

    played just a game..... crashed again (eugb client) saw the small "next wave" first time xD
    what about make it into a own hidable frme with the next few waves (3-5)
    at the beginig you have to plan ahead at least to the second next wave.

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    posted a message on CRC - The Sorcerer's Defense

    @RileyStarcraft: Go

    first of all,
    thanks for or one of the best and most challanging td's ive played so far.
    i usually die very early cause of too few time in the buildtime.
    havent played it often so i have to look up the next creeptype and towerdescription to find the right toer i wanna build.

    it would be awesome to have a small frame where the element of the next wave and the counterelement is visible.
    maybe just for lower difficulties to lern the game better.

    also, often when i trie to build on the bottom i get a error (something about circle path), but the crepps are not blocked

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    posted a message on Critical Error while Playing

    anyone else having the problem of critical errors? i get them all the time, especialy on one map (the sorcerors defense).
    its just a pain in the.... you know what i mean :/
    didnt had the problems before 1.1.2 (is it this the last patch? not sure, but i mean the last one).
    althrough im using my current starcraftclient not long. switched 2 weeks ago to win7 64bit and downloaded the eenGB version, used the deDe befor, but had sometimes the same issues.

    can someone help? is it a bug in starcraft itself, in a map or in my system?

    hope to hear from you :/

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    posted a message on [Release] Catalyst

    heythere. haven't played a long time and just tested the version and have to say, its awesome (had a break befor aircrafts were introduced).
    but there are some bugs, but hey, doesnt matter, you're working on a new version already. hope it works and i'm especially interested in a new terrain.

    hope the new version will fix the 0 played bug :/

    so, i hope you have the same fun creating it that we have playing the map =)

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    posted a message on Spawning Units , stackable. possible?

    i'm not that good in the editor, but i can help you with some possibilitys:

    1 way: via trigger:
    just increase a variable each time a unit should be created (but dont create it yet). then check every time when the variable is increased if the amount is high enough to let them run out of the building. when you then use a ability (has't to do anything, just able to click it for the trigger) or press a costum button create the amount of units stored in the variable at the location of the building.
    the only thing i wouldn't know without trying it myself is how to disable the ability until the number is reached.

    second way:
    give your house the ability to hold units (like bunker or medivacs) and give the unloadbutton a validator thar checks the amount of units in the building (if thats possible).
    dont know if you can create units inside such a building, but you could also let them spawn exactly at the same position of the building and give it a order to go inside. dont know if the unit just pops into the map for a millisec.

    hmm yeah, dont got more idears, hope i could help

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    posted a message on Attack Cost?

    weapons do have a costfield. should be something like cost-cost: (0|0|0|0):(Deactivated....
    i use the german version so cant say for sure.
    if you double click on that field and just scroll down in the new window, there are vital stats that you can edit. when you set the cost for energy to something likee 5, it should remove 5 energy from the fireing unit.
    haven't used it myself, but it should work like that, just test it

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    posted a message on Attacking friendly Units

    im currently working on a healer. i tried to use a weapon wich does -x dmg (so it heals). when i attack manually it works good. now i want that unit to automaticly "attack" freindly units, like the medivac does.
    i dont want to use a ability cause i want to use the flexibility of the weaponsystem. also, im relative new to the dataeditor, and thatfor haven't understood the healability completly.

    is there any way to automaticly attack damaged friendly units?

    ok, thats it,

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    posted a message on [Planing][Longterm]Kael'thas Sunstrider Bossfight

    soooo, after long 8 hours of work on the map, i can proudly say that the 4 minibosses and 3 of 4 unit typs are created. just the units/weapons, no visual effects/modells till now.
    it feels awesome for now =)

    on working of the healer, ive faced some problems, have to dig in it deeper befor i can create it (will do that tomorrow/next week) after that a small work of UI so the player can his units. with that i'll do a first step of balancing.

    also one thing that will be awesome: it will be druids only :> so u basicly will play with bears, cats, moonkins and trees (still, just graphical, no real classskills for now)

    so, till next time.

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    posted a message on [Planing][Longterm]Kael'thas Sunstrider Bossfight

    Here i am, as promised =)
    havent finished many things today :/ still working on the offset on the feareffect.
    first about Thaladred.
    his mechanics were rather simple. i created a buff that just shows up on the targeted unit so the player sees wich unit is the current target, sounds obvious right?.
    ok, now, how to set the new target? first i thought i should create a ability for thaladred, but its much easier to do that by triggers.
    i have a trigger that runs every 12 seconds and randomly picks any of my units. then that unit is given the behavior(buff) and gives sanguinar the order to attack that target. there was the first problem. there are many ways to give orders, at first i used Unit - Order unit with targetitem (or something like that, sry got the german client and dont know the exact english name) but all that happend were errormessages. by digging around the forum i found that there also was a order action that required units, wich i just didnt saw. with that, it worked exactly like i want to. thaladred follows the target and chooses a new target every 12 seconds. if the target dies he just chooses the next close target. perfect! =)

    now to sanguinar
    first i created just a stun that got applied after he casted his ability. the first problem i got, i didnt knew how to acomplish that all creeps in the range get targeted. first thing i did was adding a trigger that added the stunbehavior to all units within a range of sanguinar. that worked perfect. today i wanted to change the stun, to a actual fear. i read http://forums.sc2mapster.com/development/map-development/3884-issue-order-move-offset/#p8 wich explained that pritty good, so i tried to copy that. but when i was finished and used that spell ingame.... the creeps got the debuff but didnt do anything else.
    after playing around i found out that the walkorder wasnt properly created (in the thread, did exactly what was told there). what i did so the creeps start walking stand in that thread. but it wasnt right. the creeps JUST walk to the bottom left :/
    i figured out that whenever i add the offset to the target, the units walk to the bottom left. without the offset, they move properly to the specified target. but i didnt want them to walk TO the boss, i wanted them to walk AWAY from them. no matter what i do in the offset effect, they just walk to the bottom left the moment i add that offset to the target :/

    so... thats it for now, still working on the fear, i hope i figure out how to do that.

    hope u enjoy reading,

    cu tomorrow.

    Forgot to meantion where i got good help:
    http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/tutorials/8990-data-multi-phase-spells-advanced-difficulty/#p10 just awesome, but hard for beginners, but it isnt meant for them. but i got help with creating the fear spell.
    http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/tutorials/8361-data-creating-units-weapons-and-more/#p15 realy nice to understand how a unit with a weapon is build together. better then just editing a unit.
    http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/tutorials/11851-data-introduction-to-ability-creation/#p10 very good to understand how behaviors work and got applied to the target

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    posted a message on Issue Order / move / offset ?

    i've tried to use your way to build a fearability, but its not working :/

    here are my problems:

    Fear Issue Order:
    Target-Target+: Target Unit and
    unit unit+: Fear Target offset order ;outer

    this doesnt work. the units do nothing if i leave it like that (btw, you meant fear target offset, witout order or did i miss any effect?)
    if i edit this sothat its like that:

    unit unit+: source

    they move with that, but just to the bottom left corner, regardless where the caster stands :/ everything else is the exact same as yours. even if i add anything to the target target+ thing, like source unit, they still move to the bottom left corner so i think the bug is in the offset effect, but its exactly liek the one you did :/ is there maybe a typo or something? im not expirienced enough with offsets and such things to find that bug, so i would love to get help

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    posted a message on [Planing][Longterm]Kael'thas Sunstrider Bossfight

    thanks for the reply, but im not doing this fot the contest, forgot to mention that. the contest just gave me the idea =)

    my current goal isnt that high as it sounds. the units the player control are not meant to be real heroes. i dont plan to add many abilitys to the own units (for now), just a stun, a castinterrupt and maybe a manarecharger. the focus is more on the bossside. ive picked this fight cause the fight seems pritty large, but the actual mechanics aren't that hard.

    And... all i do is to lern the editor and have fun with that. I have to say, yeah, its pritty funny working with abilitys and behaviors, and i have a good progress.

    added the first 2 bosses, actually, just the raw mechanics, no fancy graphics/effects.

    what they do till now:

    Thaladred the Darkener - picks every 12 seconds a new target. that target gets a debuff with a small timerbar. i plan to increase the size of the unit sothat u instantly see wich unit it is. - on attack the target get dmg and a debufff that add 25dmg every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.

    Lord Sanguinar - every 20-40 seconds casts his fearability. every enemy unit in the range (7 for now) gets stuned. will rework that to a real fear so the units walk in random directions

    thats it for now. done all that with a combination of trigger/data. will explain some things tomorrow, my bed calls XD.

    so, good night to all the maper and mapplayer and see you soon, Syl3r

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    posted a message on [Planing][Longterm]Kael'thas Sunstrider Bossfight

    Hey everyone,
    after my first maping expirience with a Towerdefence game i've long thought about my next Project. I wanted to do something that involved Heroes or something similar. I am fairly new to mapping, so i didnt wanted to do something too big like dota with many spells. but nothing came to my mind.
    Then the Bossfight-contest started, and that was exactly what i wanted to do. but which boss? The most epic Battle ive ever fought: Kael'Thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep from WoW. This will be my second Project EVER, so i hope it will work and that i will be able to do that.

    Why this thred?
    http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/tutorials/8841-map-making-tips-tutorials/#p16 inspired me.
    I want to share the knowledge i gain in this Project with everyone who is interested. Maybe it will help some of the beginners to lern things from the perspective of a newbe (that would be me....).

    I've put this in the Project Workplace and not the Tutorial, cause, well, i don't want to just give a overview of what to do in which way, i just want to share my impressions, problems and ways to solve them with you, and i dont think that will be a tutorial. If im wrong and this should go into the Tutorial section... ok, move it there, my misstake XD.

    For everyone who doesn't know the fight, here is a good video, from the perspective of a caster:

    Things to do

    Basicly the map will contain the following Units:
    5 unique Boss Units (Kael'thas and his 4 officers), each with his own set of abilitys
    some basic Units (the fightable Weapons and the Phoenix)
    5 typs of Units which you control (tank, meleedps, rangedps, caster and healer)
    maybe ill add more units to control at the end, like a better healer that uses more mana, and one that heals worse but can restore mana. but its just a idea


    various Fireballs
    various stuns/fears
    dieing phoenixes spawn eggs which will hatch into a new phoenix
    killed weapons will drop themselfs and each hero can pickup one weapon of choice
    - each weapon will give a unique buff/ability
    one Boss that chases random target.
    throwing units into the air and removing the gravity (will see how to do that)

    that should cover the basics.
    Now, The Planing stage has started. Every map should be planed BEFOR starting it. It makes many things easier if you know what you want to create, rather then just creating a random game. But Planing not just covers the overall gameplay, you also should plan how many units you'll need, which spells and such things.
    Also i think its important to think about when doing what. for an example, you shouldnt have hundrets of spells done before u create the actual hero/unit. its easier (for me) to create one unit after another with the basic mechanics and get them working like you want and then add more complex things to them.
    so here is my plan:

    Datamining - the first thing i have to do (well, i actually did that alread) is find out what you need. in my case its rather simple. i read a guide to the bossencounter and just saved all important infos. i wrote all abilitys/mechanics into one .docx. so now ihave a nice overview of what i have to do

    Priority - you should have set your prioritys in orde of what you want to achive first/whats most important. i've given the 4 Generals the highest Priority. Why not Kael'thas himself? Well, i thought, kael has so many abilitys, and im too new to do that all,

    - so i start with the small bosses. they all have different mechanics/spells, so by slowly working my way through these bosses i hope to know enough to have not too much problems with Kael'thas.
    - After i've dont the 4 Minibosses, ill do the basics of kael, like the fireballs and his absorbing shield.
    - The next logically step is to implement the own Units. with them i can already test my bosses.
    - With that in place, i'll add the Weapons that attack. that should be rather simple.
    - Now the first round of balancing starts. All units shouldnt do too much dmg (or too less), and shouldn't die too fast.
    - when that is done the hardest part will start, the mechanics of the weapons when equiped.
    - the next sep will be, putting all the bosses into a own phase, so one ofter another comes to live. at that point the battle itself should feel not too far away from the wow fight.
    - as a last point comes polishing. ill redo the terrain, models will be edited and balancing has to be done again.

    ok. that was MUCH text, i know, but for the rough planing is now done. now i'll start with the actual work.
    I will probably update that thread every day (at least once a week, sometimes im realy busy :/ ) with the work ive done so far.

    Thats it for now, thanks for reading =)

    cu, Syl3r

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    posted a message on Patch 1.1 Notes

    am i the only one to have fetal errors many times while playing costom maps?

    ive played about an hour and had 3 of thos annoying errors (sc2 shuts down and u can send a failreport). hope this gets fixed :/

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    posted a message on [Release] Catalyst

    @rulerofiron: Go

    i like the idea to not be able to push all the time cause of buying. it gives the opponents a opportunitie to push back. the most boring thing is to sit in front of the enemy base and just wait/farm creeps to get the weapons powerfull enough to destroy the base (especially if the whole enemy team quited and is played by bots). if u then bought the weapons and come back, most of the time the enemys dont sit behind their turrets so you can actually fight them and not stay out of turret range (wich is very strong early, but is good).

    about the winning when both lookout tower are down. i think its kind of confusing, especially for beginners, it just lacks the feeling of "oh wow, we destroyed the enemy base". currently it more feels like "oh... the turret is down.... but i wanted to fight that big huge headquater while trying not to die to the defender".

    i know the game is over when the lookout tower are down, but that few 1-5 minutes it takes to kill the headquater makes the game feel better

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