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    Quote from TyaStarcraft: Go

    I'd assume "technical achievement" means successfully doing something unusual with the editor. An Angry Birds mod would be (again, assumptions) a technical achievement. A TD would not.

    I think a TD COULD be, if you did something like a TD with multiple levels of pathing. or with a lot of re-models, or other "stuff" :P

    I think they mean, they dont wan't a melee map... pretty much. it needs to be something that is it's own game.

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    I checked over the rules 3 times and didn't see anything that said you couldn't.

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    I threw evo-frenzy into it :)

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    @SoulFilcher: Go

    After 2 days of playing I opened over 12 packs and became near unstoppable. the game is stupidly easy, but fun to kill some time.

    The pay 2 win is for morons, i mean only a complete idiot would put money into it, as its not a TCG, now if they doubled the number of cards and added in a trading/ auction house(money/gold) than it would be fine to put money in as you could take money out.

    Also they need more effects there are only like 5.


    Boring: only if you play it for long periods of time

    Complete loss: no, its decent enough.

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    Quote from Triceron: Go

    Well tbh, you could probably delete the whole subforum, make a new one and nothing would be missed :P

    Considering it is no longer a part of starcraft 2, and is completely unrelated it should be removed entirely.

    It has about as much purpose as a Diablo 3, Warcraft 3, Warcraft 2, WoW, Diablo 2, Diablo 1, or starcraft 1 subforum here.

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    posted a message on How to make your interface prettier and easier to understand

    How to have a pretty interface in a few easy steps:

    1. Throw away all books.

    2. Experiment

    3. Find one you are happy with

    4. Learn how crappy it is from other players

    5. Make one that you like and they like

    6. Decide its still crappy and improve it

    7. Improve it some more.

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    posted a message on Arcade Beta: Post the funniest reviews
    Quote from SoulTaker916: Go

    NA: -4 stars, -common complaints about lags from too many units -that players have no idea whats going on.

    EU: -5 Stars, -Lack of teamwork and content.

    Conclusion: -Americans are poor and dumb

    or your map has lag issues, a confusing Ui, and is terrible... just terrible

    you get 1/2 a star.... I literally had to go back look at your 1 star and think "this is too much for him" and broke it in half.

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    posted a message on Evo-Frenzy files!

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93971126/Evo-Frenzy.rar (Not available until 10:20pm 1/3/14 (shity slow upload))

    That rar contains all the files for Evo-Frenzy and the MOD, everyone is free to grab anything they want, contained is 12, maybe 13? fully completed heroes, The main version is for the most part bug free

    Contains some complex trigger stuff :P, and pretty much everything you would need to make a hero arena or a Frenzy, or an evolves... etc etc haha

    Loads of custom textures, buttons, models, etc.

    just some really great stuff :)

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    Quote from JademusSreg: Go

    I can assure you, the "galaxy platform" is not speculation on my part. The Herostorm developer interview betrayed a brief glimpse of the map editor, and it's the SC2 editor right down to the icons. One of the BlizzCon panels covered a pre-recorded demonstration of Herostorm terraining, and is again identical to SC2's terrain tools. In separate interviews with BlizzCon hosts and Maurice "ShitAudio" Lange, Chris Sigaty discussed the "galaxy platform", SC2 and Herostorm in its present, and its possible future.

    The available evidence indicates Herostorm is a fork of the SC2 source, diverging at least to the extent it must to support a different backend.

    EDIT: Formatting fix.

    Yeah, I could tell that hearthstone was built on SC2 the second I started playing it., And just from gameplay I can tell you 100% that Heroes of the Storm is built on an updated engine, I expect SC2 LOTV to run on this upgraded engine.

    And for the arcade as a whole to move to Heroes of the Storm. it's just how its set up. if they didn't do it, they are officially foolish.

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    posted a message on What's in Zelda ?

    Everyone here completely missed the point of zelda, if you want to play actual zelda, go play the NES version.

    It could probably be created in starcraft 2 but would be a pain. and honestly if you want to play it the emulated version isn't hard to find.

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    posted a message on What's your current project?

    Well Evo-Frenzy is in indefinite Hiatus, until I can purchase a new computer and blizzard gets their shit together on this arcade buisness(at this point it will take a new game such as warcraft 4 or attaching it to Heroes of the storm) this engine makes maps ugly :( There are no edge textures for the terrain so everything is just like a painting a puddle of mush makes all terrains bland and ugly in my opinion.

    Soooo until a new game comes out with the arcade on it, or it gets its own complete platform and engine. I am not working on anything, I think my Data was up to 6.5 MBs(15 heroes,85 units, about 30 structures, and a few other things hahaha.) My triggers are pretty decent as well.

    sooo until a new game engine is born, or this one is massively upgraded I am not working on anything. Though I am currently re-learning C# so thats something :))

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    posted a message on Custom Heroes - How to Add Abilities

    @michaeldrotar: Go

    Its far more work than its worth, but if you would like to try, I believe it was... Kueken who actually built a Custom hero framework, so he might be able to help you, I haven't been there in a few months but he frequents the IRC. so check that(link to IRC on front page)

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    posted a message on SCII legacy of the void

    What will happen:

    1. Tassadar will return

    2. Boring and predictable story.

    3. you will know the ending by watching the trailer

    4. Gimmick add-on expansion adds very little to the game still charges full price.

    5. release 2015 or 2016.

    6. Zeratul will be boring, Kerrigan will be whiny, and raynor will be a coward

    7. the story will be a direct ripoff of another popular game, imma go with... asscreed.

    8. Narud isnt duran, I know what blizzard said at blizzcon but MONEY

    9. The arcade will be dead due to too little too late.


    Raynor will be a badass

    Kerrigan will keep her trap shut.

    The UED will be the Evil Terrans

    Brutal will be difficult to beat

    the game will be better optimized

    They will learn how to balance the damn game from bottom to top, instead of just at the top (this is why there are few zergs at masters league)

    The arcade will be removed 100% and moved to Heroes of the Storm, or Warcraft IV RTS will be announced shortly after. the sc2 engine is too crappy to work with a decent arcade it just wasnt made for it

    They will place WoL Melee Free2play without any micro-transactions and lower the price of WoL to Campaign only price(15$)

    New challenges(they abandoned these in Hots)

    New things to unlock for playing such as: UI backgrounds, CommandConsoles, Music, Skins, Alert Voices. etc

    An intriguing campaign ending that will leave you thinking, instead of dumbfounded due to how predictable it was.

    Zeratul will become a hybrid with kerrigan and in turn become a new creature all together to defeat amon. OR zeratul will merge with artanis. and become a Twilight Archon.

    Kerrigans Zerg WONT be taken back by amon. because they specifically said that her new zerg is primal zerg and can not be controlled by amon.

    So there, Pessimistic and Optimistic

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    posted a message on Blackthorne PC edition FREE

    @Ahli634: Go

    Or just click the link thats now in the firs tpost of this thread :). no longer ,matters whether your logged in or not.

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    posted a message on Blackthorne PC edition FREE

    @Exaken: Go

    Fixed, just click the download link in the first post now. :) if blizz asks Ill remove it if they wish. but its free anyways.

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