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    Okay after reading, and slightly participating through the http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/general/general-chat/54563-has-the-arcade-gained-momentum/ thread, I have come to realize that this is wasted brain power crying over the past. What we should be doing is looking to the future.

    So lets figure out how to FIX this from this point on. Lets look at the past mistakes and figure out how to fix it all. if there is any chance for these 2 communities to succeed, then something will have to be thought of by the communities best, worst, and middle.

    To post in this thread put : "Melee" or "Arcade" above the text so that we can keep track which side your talking about or "both"

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    Quote from missile17: Go

    What is this points in sc2 mapster/.....

    i cant seem to get any lol

    you earn points like to get free money but how do oyu get the points ??

    It doesnt really work on mapster


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    Quote from EternalWraith: Go

    I really dislike that they killed off Deckard Cain. He is too iconic and a central part of the game to just be removed. That I think was a huge mistake on their part.

    @Eimtr: Go

    Respect for playing Druid Elementalist to hell difficulty. Was definitely one of the harder paths. Bonus points if it was hardcore mode.

    Ill admit, Deckard Cains death irritated me badly, but maybe since the next game is ABOUT death, just maybe, he will come back. The story might even be about bringing him back. :), thats all I can hope, I loved the first act of D3, the 2nd act was... decent(albeit just a replay for act 2 from d2) I think my biggest problem was all 4 acts felt like stuff you already did in Diablo 2. the 3rd and fourth act LOOK different but they were the same as well. Heaven and hell had nearly identical layouts :P

    I was never a huge fan of Diablo 2( Diablo 1 was much better in my opinion), But at-least it was original feeling(dont get me wrong I LOVED ACT 1 in D3, I thought it was AMAZING, the other 3 fell short though).

    Though what REALLY irritated me was 2 things. 1. Deckard Cain, and 2. Tyreal becoming/staying human -_-

    As for end game, I enjoyed it until Inferno, While I like difficult, I hate 1 hit TKO unless you have the items that go for max price on the AH. -_-.

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    @Banocles: Go

    Either you can drop the cliff level all the way down, or you can remove the texture itself both in the terrain editor.

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    Quote from houndofbaskerville: Go

    How many players are required for a mod (game) to be "alive"...?

    Let's say i play pc and the lobby is like what you would expect for an

    awesome bike mod

    15 to 50 people play regularly .. and there are beginners all the time .. 10 to 50 a week ...

    is that necrophilia .. or is that a biker mod?

    Really everyone -_- how do you not understand... all hes asking is how many people are required for the map to gain popularity.

    Necro the number relys on several factors such as game speed, total game time, game type, For a map say like an RPG, then you want 12 people, since the games will be long people can start without a full house, if a full lobby is required then I suggest a number as high as possible for the map but lower then 9.

    Game popularity relies on the total time played, so thats what your trying to maximize.

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    Okay I am really having trouble. creating the picture in the attachments.

    Its an Equilateral triangle(its supposed to be anyways), with 2 equal paths going around it, And then 3 equal paths connecting the 3 outter paths to the middle

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to build this in a TEST MAP for me. Just the cliff levels, I need it to be BIG, like if the map is around 108 x 108, the bottom side should touch both sides of the bounds. or however big you think an arena like, say, Marine arena should be.

    The problem I am having is making it precise as possible and perfectly Symmetrical. Please do this in a WoL Dependency, if anyone does this it will be MUCH appreciated, all the black should be lowest cliff level. and the rest should be level 1.

    Though if you feel REALLY nice, it would be great to also have a cliff level 3 wall all the way around the exterior of the triangle shaped arena.


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    Hi everyone, I have been tinkering with the editor a bit and am trying to find a team to work with so that I can learn more. I really enjoy games like Zealot Frenzy, Squad TD, Gem TD, Elemental RPG(Wc3), and Dragonball Rampage(Wc3) so I would like to try to hop onto a dedicated project of that kind, though any kind would be nice :).

    I have made a few test maps but nothing published though I would be more then happy to show them to you if I am interested in your project.

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