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    I posted this originally here: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7415154504. A few people replied so I wanted to see if I could gauge the interest of mapmakers from my favorite place for SC2 mapmaking.

    Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has requested any form of analytics from Blizzard for mapmakers.

    Right now I feel like I have no connection to the people who play my mods outside of social media and forums. Also, because my mods are not played as much as the more popular ones, it is harder for me to get feedback and know about the types of people that play my games. Would it be possible for Blizzard to implement analytics that show data about people who are playing our games?

    Examples of what I would like to know... -How someone got to my game -Click-thru rates -Bounce rate on Arcade info page -Keywords used in the search of Arcade to find my game -Amount of time played -Time of day the map was played -Country of players -Language of players

    I feel like this will allow me to create optimized Arcade pages and make a better mod. Obviously, this is a way lower priority than creating an awesome game, but, if the data is already in place, I wanted to know if it could be released. Are any other mapmakers interested in seeing this type of data?

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    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    Yeah, I am really at a loss on how to do this one. The only way I can think of is just to give a flat increase to the MULEs return, but it would have an effect on all of the minerals it harvests which defeats the purpose. Thanks for having a look at it for me, Dr.

    If anyone else might have some hints, hit me up.

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    In patch 1.4.3. MULEs were changed so their gather ability always returns 30 minerals. I would like to revert it to what it was pre-patch 1.4.3.

    When I look at the MULE Gather ability, I see that there are Custom Resource, Minerals, Terrazine, and Vespene fields. I am not sure how I would go about changing how much they specifically mine from a gold patch (high yield). Thanks for any help.

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    posted a message on Need TESTERS - Advanced StarCraft 2 - Micro/Ability-Intensive Melee Mod

    Learn more about the mod at: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=388776 OR http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/player-zone/map-feedback/46449-advanced-sc2-micro-ability-intensive-melee-mod/

    Looking for testers. I have uploaded maps for 1's, 2's, and 3's. You can find the maps in Arcade by searching for "advanced sc2". Leave feedback in one of the above threads or in reviews on the Arcade.

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    @Vultorask: Go

    Yeah, the Queen energy is something that I am watching. I was hoping to give them some extra energy to use spawn broodlings to help with defense. If I get feedback that it is too much though, it will get lowered. And if there is a lot of abuse for Psi Storm and High Templars, I'll most likely increase the cost of the ability.

    Balance will never be 100% for this. I know that for sure. Too many crazy things that could happen. ;) I'd like to tune it as much as I possibly can so nothing is outrageously broken. I would to get any and all feedback from testers so let me have it once you've played. Thanks for dropping by the thread.

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    Published 11 maps earlier than anticipated! :D Looking for feedback here: http://www.sc2mapster.com/forums/player-zone/map-feedback/46449-advanced-sc2-micro-ability-intensive-melee-mod/

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    Greetings! Welcome to Advanced SC2 - The A-move stops here. This is a melee mod that tweaks unit stats, removes upgrades, adds upgrades, removes abilities, adds abilities, and transitions abilities that increase the utility of every unit in the game and present more opportunities to micro in a battle. Most of the changes will have the largest impact on the mid to late game. While all tier 1 and 1.5 units received boosts, tier 2 and 3 units should feel considerably stronger. This is a work in progress and is currently beta status.


    • To make units more interesting by giving them an ability that requires micro, rebalancing the unit, or increasing the utility of the unit when it cannot fill its primary role (e.g. the Corruptor cannot attack ground units)
    • Remove as many "boring" upgrades as possible and build them into the units (e.g. a +range upgrade and giving it to the unit by default)
    • Increase and reward micro


    • Make units more durable to justify the cost
    • Increase the amount of mobility options
    • Increase scouting potential


    • Reward good Creep spread
    • More speed units
    • More durable units


    • Create potential for a "turtle-version" or slow Biological army
    • Increase speed and utility of Mechanical army More harassment options



    • Antiga Shipyard
    • Cloud Kingdom
    • Daybreak
    • Entombed Valley
    • Ohana LE


    • Molten Crater
    • The Ruins of Tarsonis
    • The Boneyard


    • Ulaan Deeps
    • Temple of the Preservers
    • Cinder Fortress

    THE PATCH NOTES: Each race has an overview video followed with specific data changes made in the spoilers.

    PROTOSS Overview Video:

    Zealot Increased Zealot maximum health to 115.

    • NEW ABILITY- Penitence: While Penitence is active, the Zealot uses shields to inflict 5 damage per second to nearby ground enemy life and recovers the Zealot's health for 20% of the damage dealt. Drains 5 shields per second.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Fervor: Zealot's fervor boosts the surrounding shields of allies by 25%.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Accelerated Remissions: At the cost of movement acceleration, Stalkers can shoot twice as fast.
    • NEW ABILITY- Prowling Continuity: Stalkers can cloak while stationary and out of combat. While Prowling, Stalkers regenerate their shields at a faster rate and can use Blink.


    • NEW ABILITY- Shield Battery: Channels a regenerative aura that recharges allied unit shields for 10 seconds. Cannot move while channeling. Costs 75 energy.


    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Hallucination: Creates a hallucination of a Protoss unit at the caster's location. 60 second cooldown.
    • NEW ABILITY- Holographic Watchman: Creates a Holographic Watchman at target location. The Watchman has a large sight radius and is invulnerable but cannot move. 2 charges.

    Warp Prism

    • Increased Warp Prism (Transport) acceleration to 2.25.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Warp Recall: Recalls Protoss units at a target location. Requires Phasing Mode. 120 second cooldown.


    • NEW ABILITY- Last Stand: Sacrifice 65 life to 40 restore shields. 5 second cooldown.
    • NEW ABILITY- Sacrificial Cannons: Immortals sacrifice 30 shields for increased 100% attack speed and can attack air for 8 seconds.


    • Removed the Anion Crystals upgrade.
    • Increased weapon range by 2.
    • Phoenix units can now attack ground permanently.
    • NEW ABILITY- Stasis Field: Stasis Field freezes units in a target area for 3 seconds. Stasised units cannot move, attack, be attacked or be affected by spells for the duration of the stasis. Costs 50 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- Aversion Protocol: When Phoenix health drops below 30%, it can activate Aversion Protocol to become invulnerable for 3 seconds.

    Void Ray

    • NEW ABILITY- Monochrome Laser: Allows the Void Ray to switch between the Prismatic Beam and Monochrome Laser weapons. The Monochrome Laser heals allies and does no damage to enemies.

    High Templar

    • Increased starting energy to 75.
    • Removed research requirement for Psi Storm. Psi Storm is now baseline.
    • NEW ABILITY- Psionic Empowerment: Recharge 25 shield and 15 life points to allied units in a targeted area. Costs 100 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- Psionic Displacement: Creates a Vortex that temporarily removes units from battle. Costs 125 energy.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Communion of the Eternal: The Archon's attacks leech life from enemy units and restore its own shields for 25% of the damage dealt. Nearby allied units leech life for 10% of their damage dealt.
    • NEW ABILITY- Psi Shield: Creates a shield around the Archon that lasts for 10 seconds or absorbs 300 damage. Costs 3 life.

    Dark Templar

    • NEW ABILITY- Khaldari Teleportation: Teleports the Dark Templar to a nearby location. 30 second cooldown.
    • NEW ABILITY- Void Prison: Imprisons the enemy in psionic energy, stunning it and suppressing its ability to detect for 6 seconds. 120 second cooldown.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Fortified Manufacturing: Carrier armor is increased by 2 but movement speed reduced by 10%. Carriers can build all Robotics Facility and Stargate units except Carriers.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Ex Machina Production: Interceptors build 100% faster and the launch speed of the Interceptors is now increased. The first four interceptors are launched at a cooldown of .125, the last four at .25.


    • Removed Extended Thermal Lance upgrade.
    • Increased Colossus weapon range to 9.
    • NEW ABILITY- Emergency Defense Systems: Colossus can activate its Emergency Defense Systems, which doubles damage, for 6 seconds whenever targets get within 2 range. 45 second cooldown.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Thermal Overheating- Colossus attacks decrease enemy attack speed by 25% and have a chance to disable Mechanical units' attacks.


    • Removed Mothership from the game.

    Dark Shrine

    • Decreased cost to 150 minerals and 150 gas.

    ZERG Overview Video:


    • Decreased armor to 3.
    • Added passive buff that makes Larva nearly immune to splash damage.

    Zerg Egg

    • Decreased armor to 3.
    • Added passive buff that makes the Zerg Egg nearly immune to splash damage.


    • Increased Overlord movement speed to .667.
    • Changed Generate Creep to require Evolution Chamber instead of Lair.
    • NEW ABILITY- Septic Laxative: Overlords can generate Creep while moving.


    • NEW ABILITY- Neural Synapse: Allies receive their commands faster and gain a 10% movement speed boost when near an Overseer.


    • Increased Queen starting energy to 50.
    • Decreased creep speed bonus multiplier for Queen to 1.1.
    • Increased Queen movement speed to 2.1.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Fungal Growth: Reduces enemy movement speed by 50%, disables abilities, and reveals cloaked and burrowed units. Enemies can still attack.
    • NEW ABILITY- Spawn Broodlings: Instantly destroys a friendly Biological ground unit (except Massive) and creates three temporary Broodlings at the target location. Costs 25 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- Proevolution: The Queen can cast Proevolution on a friendly Biological unit to permanently increase its attack speed and damage by 15% and movement speed by 25%. Costs 150 energy.


    • Changed Hive requirement to Lair for Adrenal Glands upgrade.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Symbiotic Predators: Zerglings regenerate health faster and morph 4 at a time.


    • Increased Baneling armor baseline to 1.
    • Increased Baneling (burrowed) life armor baseline to 2.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Evolve Splitterlings: When Banelings die, they spawn two Splitterlings. Splitterlings are smaller than a Baneling, have less health, and cannot Burrow. This upgrade reduces reduces Baneling and Splitterling damage by 50%. Bonus damage remains unchanged.


    • Removed Grooved Spines upgrade.
    • Decreased creep speed bonus multiplier for Hydralisk to 1.3.
    • Increased Hydralisk movement speed to 2.5.
    • Decreased Hydralisk build cost to 100 minerals and 25 gas.
    • Increased Hydralisk ranged weapon range to 6.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Hunter Killer Strain: Increases Hydralisk movement speed by 20%, attack speed by 20%, and health by 20.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Killer Instincts: When Hydralisks use Unburrow, their damaged is increased by 50% for 3 seconds. Dread Response: When a target is in close range, the Hydralisk can activate their Dread Response for a 3 second 50% movement speed increase. Bone Harvest: When the Hydralisk drops below 30% health, it can activate the Bone Harvest which allows their Needle Spines to pierce everything in its path for 3 seconds.
    • NEW ABILITY- Morph to Lurker: Allows a Hydralisk to morph into a Lurker.


    • Increased Roach build cost to 100 minerals, 50 gas, and 3 supply.
    • Changed Roach supply cost to 3 supply.
    • Decreased Roach weapon damage to 12.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Chitin Reinforcement: Increases the armor of the Roach and nearby allied units by 2. While stationary, Roaches can attack air units and attacks have 2 more range.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Tunneling Vengeance: The Roach forms barbed layers of chitinous armor that increases its armor by 1 and allows movement while burrowed. Every time the Roach is attacked, it receives a boost to its attack speed. Attack speed buff lasts 5 seconds after receiving last attack.


    • Added Lurker morph ability to Hydralisk. Lurkers cost 50 minerals, 125 gas, and 33 seconds to build. Lurker Den is required.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Tunneling Spines: Allows Lurkers to move while Burrowed and hold fire.


    • Increased Infestor starting energy to 75.
    • Decreased Infested Terran starting and maximum health to 35.
    • Decreased Infested Terran movement speed to .75.
    • Increased creep speed bonus modifier for Infested Terrans to 2.
    • Decreased Infested Terran range attack speed to .5.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Spawn Creep Tumor: Places a tumor that spreads Creep on any type of ground. Costs 50 energy.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Contaminate: Contaminates a structure. The Contaminated structure will take 16 damage per second and be unable to train units or research upgrades for 25 seconds. Costs 75 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- Infested Zealot: Spawns an Infested Zealot egg which takes 5 seconds to hatch and has 100 health. An Infested Zealot has 75 health, lives for 30 seconds and has a melee attack. Costs 50 energy.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Creep Pollination: When Mutalisks kill an enemy unit, the enemy has a chance to drop a Creep Tumor.
    • NEW ABILITY- Larva Spit: Mutalisks can spit Larva onto the ground. 45 second cooldown.


    • Increased Corruptor starting energy to 75.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Neural Parasite: Temporarily take control of the target unit. 45 second cooldown.
    • NEW ABILITY- Defile: Defiles a single target, causing damage over time to target and any nearby units for 30 seconds. Costs 50 energy.


    • Removed Chitinous Plating upgrade.
    • Increased Ultralisk life armor to 2.
    • Increased Ultralisk movement speed to 3.
    • Removed bonus damage to Armored.
    • Increased damage to 35.
    • NEW ABILITY- Devour: Consumes a non-Massive ground unit to regenerate health.
    • NEW ABILITY- Bladefeast: The Ultralisk can attack twice as fast and devour its enemies to recover health for 5 seconds. While Bladefeast is active, the Ultralisk moves 50% faster. 60 second cooldown.

    Brood Lord

    • NEW UPGRADE- Swarm Transmitted Disease: If a unit is killed by a Broodling, the dead unit will spawn another Broodling in its place.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Suicide Brood: Allows Brood Lords to spawn Scourge and Banelings. 45 second cooldown.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Mutaphiliac Ground: Friendly Zerg units regenerate health faster while on Creep.

    TERRAN Overview Video:


    • NEW UPGRADE- Fortify Position: Marines can build Bunkers.
    • NEW ABILITY- Phalanx Defense: While Phalanx Defense is active, Marines have 2 more armor, reduce splash damage by 50%, and can attack while moving but move 80% slower and cannot use Stim Pack.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Concussive Construction: Marauders can build Psi Emitters.
    • NEW ABILITY- Marauders can throw grenades that reduce armor by 1 for 3 seconds. 20 second cooldown.


    • Increased Reaper movement speed to 3.4.
    • Removed Nitro Packs upgrade.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Pillage: Reaper attacks on structures return 10 minerals on hit.
    • NEW ABILITY- Breaching Charge: Plants a highly explosive charge that can only be used on structures. Deals 300 damage. 15 second cooldown.


    • Snipe does additional damage to Biological. Removed additional damage to Psionic.
    • Ghost attacks no longer do +10 to Light. Ghost attacks do +10 to Biological.
    • NEW UPGRADE- High Voltage EMP: EMP saps energy in a larger radius and decreases enemy attack speed by 25%.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Moebius Cloaking Device: Allows the Ghost to cloak without using energy and regenerate energy faster than normal while cloaked.


    • Added the Firebat to the Barracks. Firebats cost 125 minerals, 25 gas, 2 supply, and 30 seconds to build. Factory is required.
    • Increased Firebat health to 125.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Infernal Architecture: Firebats can build Perdition Turrets.
    • NEW ABILITY- Killswitch Engage: When the Firebat's health drops below 30%, they can engage their killswitch and explode in a small blast.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Afterburn: Enemies hit by a Hellion's attack have their armor reduced by 2 for 3 seconds. Hellions can attack while moving.

    Siege Tank

    • NEW UPGRADE- Turbo Engines: Siege Tanks come equipped with turbo engines which allow 10% faster movement and decreases the amount of time it takes to Siege and Unsiege by 50%.

    Goliath Added the Goliath to the Factory. Goliaths cost 150 minerals, 50 gas, 3 supply, and 45 seconds to build. Tech Lab is required. Increased Goliath health to 220.

    • NEW UPGRADE- Multi-Lock Weapons System: The Goliath can target air and ground units simultaneously.

    Thor Increased Thor movement speed to 2.4. Increased Thor starting energy to 75.

    • NEW ABILITY- Calldown: ODRB: The Thor calls down an ODRB via Drop Pod. On-Demand Repair Bots can repair mechanical units faster and for free for 30 seconds.


    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Auto-Turret: Drops an Auto-Turret that attacks air and ground units at the target location. Requires Fighter Mode. 45 second cooldown.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Spider Mine: Spider Mines pursue enemy units that come in range and detonate for heavy area damage. Buried Spider Mines can only be seen by enemy detectors. Requires Assault Mode. 3 charges.


    • NEW UPGRADE- Epinephrine Rush: While a unit is being healed by a Medivac, they do 50% more damage and have 20% more health.
    • NEW ABILITY- Hot Pickup: Medivac can activate a 50% speed boost for 3 seconds while under fire and has its movement speed permanently increased. Costs 50 energy.


    • Increased Raven starting energy to 75.
    • NEW UPGRADE- EAP Cargo Bay: Allows the Raven to pick up Mechancial units and increases its movement speed by 20%.
    • NEW ABILITY- Scanner Brush: Scan a location on the map revealing cloaked, burrowed, and hallucinated units temporarily. Costs 50 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- Nano-Repair: Heals a friendly mechanical unit. Heals 3 life per 1 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- FUBAR Drop: Drop a temporary supply station that heals nearby friendly Biological units. Lasts 15 seconds. Costs 100 energy.


    • Increased Banshee starting energy to 75.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Seeker Missile: Missile that chases an air target. Has enough fuel for 15 seconds. Deals up to 100 area damage. Costs 125 energy.
    • NEW UPGRADE- Salvos Momentum: While out of cloak, each shot that hits a unit boosts the Banshee's speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds.


    • Increased Battlecruiser starting energy to 100.
    • ABILITY TRANSITIONED- Point Defense Drone: Drops two Point Defense Drones that negate nearby enemy projectiles. Costs 100 energy.
    • NEW ABILITY- Onslaught Volley: Battlecruiser attack speed is reduced by 99% for 8 seconds and range increased to 11 but cannot move while the ability is active.

    Vehicle Upgrades

    • Ground and Ship Vehicle plating upgrades are combined.

    Known Bugs/Glitches: Monochrome Laser for the Void Ray does not go past phase 2 and stops healing at phase 2. ODRB not spawning with Repair as auto cast.

    If you play and would like to give some feedback, use the TeamLiquid thread or the review system in Arcade. Can't wait to see you in the game!

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    posted a message on [SOLVED][PUBLISHING] Getting It onto Arcade

    Go to Map > Map Options > Arcade Map. Check that box. Now your map is published to Arcade.

    Be sure to fill out the Arcade Information too.

    I feel really silly for not having found this. Small check box though!

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    @ElBushido: Go

    I've had errors like this occur before. Usually, it happens when you have two different costs associated with the same unit. For example, if in the unit tab, Obelisk costs 100 minerals, and an charges 200 minerals for Obelisk, there is probably an issue.

    Hope that helps.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED] [ACTORS] Model Persisting Through Death

    I have several auras in my mod, and the models added for the aura through an actor stays on the ground where a unit dies. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to destroy it?

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    posted a message on [SOLVED][Actors] SetScale Problems

    I have two different problems with SetScale right now in Actors.

    First: I have a permanent buff that I want to increase the size of the target. Right now I am using Abil.Buffname.TargetCastFinish. I have also tried using the behavior and every subname included. The only time that I have gotten it to work is by giving the Abil.Buffname.SourceCastStart to the unit that is casting.

    Second: I have an upgrade that should scale up the size of a unit. I have a validator that requires the research to be complete. Using Upgrade.Upgradename.Add -> ValidateUnit IsResearchDone SetScale 2.000 2.000 and UnitBirth.Unit ->ValidateUnit IsResearchDone SetScale 2.000 2.000. Not sure if I am on the right path. Let me know if I need to put in more info.

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    posted a message on Coach/Mentor Needed!

    While I am not the expert you are looking for, it would be great to know more about you, your progress, and what experience you do already have. It might attract some more attention. Good luck finding someone.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED][PUBLISHING] Getting It onto Arcade

    I have fooled with the dependencies and republished everything. It seems to work just fine whenever I am in a party, and the game gets started that way. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Helral.

    Still trying to figure out why the maps do not appear in Arcade.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED][PUBLISHING] Getting It onto Arcade

    Dependency Error This is what is happening when people try to join another person's lobby.

    Haven't found any insights why my modded maps do not appear in Arcade. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED][PUBLISHING] Getting It onto Arcade

    I can find my maps that I have published publicly within the "Custom Games" section, but I cannot find them on the Arcade. Is there anything different in the publishing process?

    Also, when someone cannot join a lobby because of dependencies not being valid, any insights on this? As always, thank you, fellow mapsters.

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