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    posted a message on Requesting help on creating this challenging new ability

    As far as point 3 goes: with splash damage, you can specify the arc, meaning the radius from the unit, it searches for units to hit. Make the Arc 360° and it will be all around.

    Point 1 I don't know. Point 2 should be s.th. about multiple persistents maybe?

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    posted a message on Forcing events to happen, without them actually happening
    Quote from SouLCarveRR: Go

    @FuzzYD: Go

    Custom games will always involved lag. there is nothing that can be done about it. It has to do with how the game is implemented over the internet.

    Bullet time reflex's are not possible. Do not make games that players need to be able to react to anything faster then 1second.

    Mouse detection isnt possible either the reasion being is that the "SERVER" does not track the players mouse position. It only tracks USER EVENTS such as, a unit has the mouse over it, A button was clicked, a unit was clicked.

    Now this would be a different matter if Blizzard decided they wanted the player to send his MOUSE X,Y coords to thier servers every .0001 seconds. But IMO that would make bnet lagg even more. And its completely useless for the actuall SC2 game itself

    Yeah, now that you say, it really makes sense. So there will probably not even be a lag free work around of any kind in the future :( But you could do something like the Supermonkey with moving to where you clicked. Not as cool though :(

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    posted a message on How do I change zerg build times?
    • Abilites
    • Larva - Morph Unit
    • Double click "Ability - Info - Unit" contents
    • Double click the Unit
    • Scroll down to "Info - Time" (Above Unit)
    • Change
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    posted a message on Making more then one unit be made from training (Like Zergling)

    Have you tried looking at the Morph To Zergling ability?


    Have a look at:

    • Abilities
    • Larva Morph
    • To Zergling

    You just have to put multiple Units into the Unit field (pretty far down) of the train ability (Factory -> Train)

    EDIT 2

    • Ability "Factory - Train"
    • Ability - Info - Unit (Doubleclick)
    • Siege Tank (Double Click)
    • Scroll down, down, down to "Unit"
    • Add four Tanks in tank mode


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    posted a message on Forcing events to happen, without them actually happening

    Why discuss about what he wants to use this for? Question is: can it be done. Doesn't matter if anyone thinks this "should be useful" or not o.O

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    posted a message on Custom structure with custom description

    Maybe you just forgot to give the unit the new ability instead of the old one? Also need to adjust the Command Card of course...

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    posted a message on Leaderboard header group 2

    Well, you can change every line/column of text... So the second header could be just another row...

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    posted a message on [Solved] Need help with a trigger

    @uiasdnmb: Go

    Quote from uiasdnmb: Go

    Then an Event:

    Heavy Guard Purchase Events Unit - Any Unit uses Engineering Bay - Heavy Guard Upgrade at Generic6 - Complete stage (Ignore shared abilities) Local Variables Conditions Actions Variable - Set Heavy_Guard_Upgrade[(Triggering player)] = true

    Maybe, this doesn't accept "Triggering player", as it is a unit, that triggeers. You could try using "Owner of Unit (Triggering Unit)"

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    posted a message on [Release] Zerglingrush

    I just realized, that 15000 kills is way too much. Will be changed to 3000 tomorrow.

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    posted a message on [Release] Zerglingrush


    SC2 Mapster Forum

    Overview This map is a remake of an old StarCraft 1 fun map. The idea is to get the victory through better micro management as well as spending the earned money more wisely. This map aims for fast paced action and short games to achieve high replayability.

    • The first player who kills 15000 enemy units wins.
    • You get two zerglings per second.
    • You get one mineral per kill.
    • You get one vespene per second
    • Use minerals to upgrade your zerglings.
    • Use vespene to summon heroes.
    • In case you need to, use your SCV to build defense structures.


    • 11 Heroes
    • Fast paced gameplay
    • Fast zerglings if you go crazy on the speed upgrade

    Plans for the Future

    • Perfect balance
    • Multiple game modes
    • Server wide ranking
    • More heroes
    • Improve terraining
    • etc...

    How to Play Publicly published on EU BattleNet as Zerglingrush

    Money Region Strong defense

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    posted a message on Unit reseting to white half-orb after closing/reopening map

    You might have a problem with your dependencies. Do you have melee and campaign dependencies? Try opening a new map and in the wizard choose from the drop down campaign and don't alter it afterwards. Feedback plz :)

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    posted a message on Unit selection priority

    Maybe your new barracks is not flagged as building?

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    posted a message on How to enable Custom races in game?

    You can specify dropdown options in the lobby. You could just let the players choose the races there and ignore the "normal" race chooser. There is a tutorial for that somewhere around here...

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    posted a message on Building towers with timed life in region

    I just can't figure these two things out:

    • I want a building to be able to build/spawn towers in a pre-defined region (depending on player)
    • I want those towers to have timed life like the auto turret

    Some advice would really be appreciated :)

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