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    This might be a stupid question but it seems easy to overlook. What I am trying to accomplish is a custom Terran structure that can construct add-ons akin to the Barracks, Factory, and Starport. I've got everything working great so far, but there's one last detail that's eluding me from achieving full functionality:

    The custom structure is not being recognized as an add-on parent. :| Whenever I attempt to build an add-on and there's space, it won't perform the action. If I place it next to the add-on that it constructs in the editor, it won't attach. What gives? I've made custom add-ons for the Starport and Factory and they work perfectly. I removed the add-ons from the Barracks and that works fine too.

    [Edit] I also wanted to add that the custom structure could not land next to a pre-placed add-on that it builds. Weird behavior.

    I first worked from an original unit (the Fusion Core) and modified it to build add-ons. This didn't work. Is there a flag/ability for "Add-on Parent" that I'm totally overlooking? I then attempted to duplicate the Barracks, then changed the model and actor to the Fusion Core again. Still the same problem. I'm believing that it's something hard-coded (through Events maybe) into the Barracks, Factory, and Starport actors/models, but I can't find where it is.

    Has anybody attempted this before and pulled it off and can enlighten me a little?

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