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    posted a message on got a quick question

    what is the best way to make different custom abilities based off the same original ability? for instance I want to have a few different abilities based off the seeker missile, should I make multiple copies of the ability? or is there another easier / more efficient method?

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    posted a message on Pandora - DotA and Heroes of Newerth based

    Hey, I am definitely interested in making larger scale maps. I am wondering if there is a place you learned all this stuff from, or was it brute forcing and trying different things out? I am new here +_-

    Anyway, the map looks nice. Someone else already posted the possible visibility issue.. so yeah, can't wait to see this map come together over the next several months.

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    posted a message on wc3 model porting

    I am looking to port some wc3 models; structures, doodads, units, and heroes. If someone could show me how that would be awesome, or if someone knows that it isn't possible at the moment that would be very helpful.

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