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    posted a message on SC2 is nothing less than a master piece

    In this sub I often read things like sc2 is frustrating, sc2 is to apm intesive, sc2 is to stressfull etc.

    And while some of that might be true sometimes, no other game matches the exitement and intensity that you experience when playing SC2. I recently bought AOE4 and that made me realize what you have to sacrifice in order to not make the game less apm intensive or less stressfull. You get extremely long matches where not much happens and it takes forever to kill things.

    This post should function as a counterpart to all the posts that are shitting on SC2. And if we keep in mind that the mayority of the dev team are SC2 devs, they should make their game new knowing that what they have created with SC2 is really outstanding.

    If they just make an Inofficial SC3 building on what they have learned from SC2 I would be more than happy.

    Thats it.

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