Dead star tower war


6 players work together and build units, turrets, and towers. The goal is to keep waves of enemies from reaching the end of the road. There are several new units including a modified marine called a spartan (you know where it's from). Every faction gets at least 2 new units. All teams get modified bunkers that look different and add range (towers). Towers can be built on or off creep and may contain: scvs, drones, all terran infantry, infested brutes, hydralisks, roaches, archons, stalkers, dark templars (only used to make cheaper archons), and sentries. Money is rewarded after each wave, and each player starts with a barracks.

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  • Avatar of thepumaman1 thepumaman1 Jul 08, 2011 at 07:04 UTC - 0 likes

    Give this map a shot and i'll pay you... not sure in what... maybe blood.

    ...yeah, blood... a bucket or something

    michael: we clear the area before we call for survivors....... mark: so we mop the floor before we spill blood everywhere? ......michael: that's an order

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