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Have a Suggestion for SC2Mapster? Want to talk anything SC? Comon' in!
WarCraft 3 Icons Datamined in client
by FunkyUserName
Oct 01, 2014 Go
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Read Wiki Discussion
Anything related to the development of the SC2Mapster Galaxy Wiki
The Wiki Challenge
by Hockleberry
Aug 22, 2014 Go
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Read Off-Topic
Looking to kick back and shoot the breeze? Want to introduce yourself? Check here.
Carbot Animations new Mod
by GeneralSezme
Sep 28, 2014 Go
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Read Team Recruitment
Are you an Owner looking to find additions to increase your Team? How about a player looking to join a Team? Recruit here!
Cops and Robbers - LF Data and Terrain Editors
by SpectreGadget
Sep 13, 2014 Go
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Player Zone
Read Map Review
Played a map and liked it (or hated it)? Talk about it!
SC1 remake review
by GnaReffotsirk
Aug 21, 2014 Go
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Read Map Feedback (1 viewing)
Need feedback on your project or help testing your map? Post here!
Aureolin Eclipse (Single-player campaign)
by EivindL
Oct 01, 2014 Go
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Read Map Suggestions/Requests
Have an awesome idea for a map but can't quite get it done yourself? Feel free to make some kind of suggestion or request for a particular map in this forum!
Looking for trigger man
by MaskedImposter
Oct 01, 2014 Go
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Read Heroes of the Storm
Want to discuss Heroes of the Storm? Post your wildly inaccurate speculation here!
Accessing Heroes of the Storm models and data
by Kode35
Sep 12, 2014 Go
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Read Melee Development
Development specifically regarding Melee maps and their balance.
Setting up Game Variants - Melee & Co-op vs AI
by shahjee1
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read Data
All about development of the Data Editor.
Priority to attack than autocast ability
by nostradamus1915
Oct 01, 2014 Go
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Read Triggers
All about development of the Trigger Editor.
Detecting Targeted Units from Target Abilities
by TyaStarcraft
Sep 29, 2014 Go
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Read Galaxy Scripting (2 viewing)
Interested in using the ever so powerful Galaxy Scripting language? Here's the place for you.
Change textures
by SyCoAttack
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read Terrain
All about development of the Terrain Editor.
Weekly Terraining Exercise #179: A Guessing Game
by joecab
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read UI Development
All about development of UI through the use of SC2Layout files.
A few ui changes
by Sapphire_united
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read Cinematic Creation
Need help creating cinematics, or want to share yours? Use this Development forum!
Powerful traditional healer & herbalist in south ...
by Spoolofwhool
Aug 25, 2014 Go
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Read AI Development
Development regarding the AI Editor can go here!
AI Building Units
by Fulcrum75
Oct 01, 2014 Go
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Read Artist Tavern (3 viewing)
Interested in learning about Textures, Models, Loadingscreens, or anything graphic related? Here's the place to be.
Custom Loading Screen?
by NeroClaudiusDrusus
Oct 01, 2014 Go
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Read Audio Development
Enjoy working on music, sounds, or tracks for your map/mod projects? Here is the place to talk about it.
Editor degrades sound
by IskatuMesk
Aug 25, 2014 Go
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Read Miscellaneous Development (1 viewing)
Looking to do some Galaxy editing? Here's for everything that won't fit into a specific Development category.
Zeratul Void Prison
by Delta2401
Sep 28, 2014 Go
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Read Galaxy Editor Bugs and Feedback
Have feedback for the Map Editor? Need to report a bug? Post it up here to be added to our records.
Disconnecting from Lobby (Solved)
by hjfabre
Sep 26, 2014 Go
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Read Tutorials (2 viewing)
Interested in doing some learning? Check out some user/staff-posted tutorials here. (Not for posting questions)
[Blender] How to create an animated coin model ...
by WingedArchon
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read Project Workplace
Discussion about current/future SC2 Map Projects.
Legacy of the Swarm [Campaign]
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read Trigger Libraries & Scripts
All Trigger Libraries, Mod Dependancies, and useful Galaxy Scripts can be put here for others to use.
[Mod] Tomura's Shooter Systems
by Tomura
Aug 17, 2014 Go
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Read Art Assets
All Art-related assets, like icons, models, etc can be put here for others to use.
Dark Protoss Terrain
by SyCoAttack
Sep 30, 2014 Go
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Read Data Assets
All Data-related assets, like: Spells, Abilities, Heroes, Weapons, etc can be found/posted here.
Pirated Assets
by greythepirate
Sep 17, 2014 Go
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Read Third Party Tools
Got a Third Party Editor/Tool? Post it up here.
Diablo 3 .app to .obj Not Working
by Daara87
Aug 12, 2014 Go
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