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Have a Suggestion for SC2Mapster? Want to talk anything SC? Comon' in!
The Novazon model (nova with amazon skinD2)
by Crainy
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Anything related to the development of the SC2Mapster Galaxy Wiki
your came from are and my legs are
by msdarali
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Looking to kick back and shoot the breeze? Want to introduce yourself? Check here.
Greatest Natural Skin Care Lotion
by Fayemclean
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Are you an Owner looking to find additions to increase your Team? How about a player looking to join a Team? Recruit here!
FeverClan is recruiting!
by MaskedImposter
Jun 29, 2015 Go
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Player Zone
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Played a map and liked it (or hated it)? Talk about it!
Trieve's Test Fest
by Trieva
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Need feedback on your project or help testing your map? Post here!
Want to see someone else's reaction to your map?
by Deadzergling
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Have an awesome idea for a map but can't quite get it done yourself? Feel free to make some kind of suggestion or request for a particular map in this forum!
Using sprites
Jun 28, 2015 Go
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Want to discuss Heroes of the Storm? Post your wildly inaccurate speculation here!
can anyone correctly export the new Novazon ...
by egodbout
Jul 06, 2015 Go
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Forum dedicated to warcraft-related modding
The proper way to use War3 Mod (GA) in you map
by Renee2islga
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Development specifically regarding Melee maps and their balance.
Partial Portraits
by blackarro18
Jul 04, 2015 Go
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All about development of the Data Editor.
Adding shield to a unit that normally doesnt have ...
by Kelthin99
Jul 06, 2015 Go
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All about development of the Trigger Editor.
Need help with trigger
by dmenmonster
Jul 06, 2015 Go
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Interested in using the ever so powerful Galaxy Scripting language? Here's the place for you.
How to loop each unit?
by finiteturtles
Jun 20, 2015 Go
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All about development of the Terrain Editor.
All Doodads in picture
by Scbroodsc2
Jul 05, 2015 Go
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All about development of UI through the use of SC2Layout files.
Tooltip bug
by Seppo1835
Jul 01, 2015 Go
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Need help creating cinematics, or want to share yours? Use this Development forum!
Portraits not complete
by blackarro18
Jul 04, 2015 Go
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Development regarding the AI Editor can go here!
Idle workers, even when starting AI
by DeltaCadimus
Jun 18, 2015 Go
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Interested in learning about Textures, Models, Loadingscreens, or anything graphic related? Here's the place to be.
Imported models and actors
by lemmy734
Jul 07, 2015 Go
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Enjoy working on music, sounds, or tracks for your map/mod projects? Here is the place to talk about it.
Attaching a looping sound to a unit?
by DrJade
Jul 01, 2015 Go
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Looking to do some Galaxy editing? Here's for everything that won't fit into a specific Development category.
Disabling Terran up the Night
by Mallow25
Jun 24, 2015 Go
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Have feedback for the Map Editor? Need to report a bug? Post it up here to be added to our records.
Error Filled with Eternal Darkness
by FunkyUserName
Jun 28, 2015 Go
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Interested in doing some learning? Check out some user/staff-posted tutorials here. (NOT FOR POSTING QUESTIONS)
[Data] Unit duplication = Copy of unit
by Bayly
Jun 05, 2015 Go
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Discussion about current/future SC2 Map Projects.
Planetary TD
by JacktheArcher
Jul 05, 2015 Go
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Read Trigger Libraries & Scripts
All Trigger Libraries, Mod Dependancies, and useful Galaxy Scripts can be put here for others to use.
[Library] StarMovie: Play a video inside map
by Wilmatron
Jul 06, 2015 Go
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All Art-related assets, like icons, models, etc can be put here for others to use.
[Request] DuGalle/SC1 SCV
by Alevice
Jun 23, 2015 Go
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Read Data Assets
All Data-related assets, like: Spells, Abilities, Heroes, Weapons, etc can be found/posted here.
Is threre an actor event that triggers when a ...
by FunkyUserName
Jun 27, 2015 Go
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Read Third Party Tools
Got a Third Party Editor/Tool? Post it up here.
Handplane now has SC2/blizzard engine support
by JacktheArcher
Feb 10, 2015 Go
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