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v1.2 :

- Fixed bug in Add Unit for detectors. Wrong index was used. This could cause script crash under certain circumstances.

- Fixed bug that could possibly not allow the AI to build vespene in the main town in certain circumstances (e.g. custom races).

- Add a new way to define a build order step: using existing unit. this way the default bully system is completely sobstituted and the always rebuild bully bug solved. Of course, you need to actually set the rebuilt count in the unit property to Never to have it work correctly.

- Tested the AI with Xeyed custom race by Supernova134.


v1.1 :

- Fixed bug in Issue Orders to detectors units. Wrong index was used. Reported by Ahli634.

- Overhaul of variables structure. Now everything uses records!

- Improved alignement of structures in supply regions.

- Improved rebuild behaviour.

- Custom resource support added.

- Better hints and grammar.

- Supply structures can now use abilities too.

- Reduced the overall number of cycles of the AI, resulting in a slight improvement in performance.


v1.0 :

- Release