SC2 - Mira's Marauders Goliath


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    SC2 - Mira's Marauders
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SC2 - Mira's Marauders Goliath

  Custom model version of the Mira's Marauders / Junkers terran Goliath unit. It includes icon, wireframe, unit portrait, unit model, and custom textures.

StarCraft 2 - Mira's Marauders Goliath by HammerTheTank

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  Although quite outdated but still popular to various terran factions and mercenaries throughout the Koprulu Sector, the Goliath assault walkers operated by former Confederate remnant pilots joined Mira Han's Marauders mercenary group and customized their goliaths adding some spike decorations on the top and front of the cockpit and on the legs, replacing the old engines on the back with better ones for extensive power output and lastly, replacing the old gatlings guns with a rusty, double barreled ones for improved firepower. Overall, these heavily customized combat walkers less resemble the original goliath model but still fairly better than its predecessor when it comes to combat performance.