FPS Camera Library Demo Map v2.0


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    Aug 26, 2010
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The pathing is now working properly. There's three types of pathing stops now: terrain (cliffs, edges of ramps), units (ground only), and structures (again ground only). This means that you can't walk off or over cliffs, you can't walk through units, and you can't walk through buildings. You can however walk under flying units, walk under flying buildings, and walk up or down ramps.

The map has two ground units of different types to try to walk through, two ramps to demonstrate terrain pathing, cliffs to demonstrate terrain pathing, a flying unit to walk under, a building to try to walk through, and a flying building that you can walk under. All thse things demonstrate what's valid for movement and what isn't.

Put it together in five minutes so the map is plain and boring. The purpose is to demonstrate my pathing and for people to see how the library is implemented.