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    It sounds like you're dealing with a tricky situation in your map design. To prevent adjacent cooling towers from taking damage when you attack one, you might want to check the proximity of their hitboxes or collision areas. Make sure they are properly separated, and there are no overlapping elements that could be causing this issue. Additionally, review your scripting or event triggers to ensure they are specific to the individual towers, not affecting nearby ones unintentionally. Tweaking the scripting or collision settings should help you resolve this problem.

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    Certainly! You can optimize the waiting time by implementing a system that identifies the players who have already made their choice and proceed accordingly. By categorizing the active players who've made their choice into a separate group, you can significantly reduce the unnecessary waiting time for the rest. This would enhance the overall gameplay experience and prevent the annoyance of sitting through additional seconds. So, the key is to efficiently clean up the waiting period by distinguishing between players who've acted and those who haven't.

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    Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be part of this community after benefiting so much from reading the forum. My latest project involves creating a stunning glass floor, similar to the mesmerizing Avernus Glass floor. I have a specific vision in mind: I'd love to achieve the look of pure, uninterrupted glass without any supporting structures.

    I'm wondering if there's a straightforward DIY method to create such a masterpiece. Perhaps there's a talented individual here who could guide me through the process or even take on the challenge of crafting one? Your expertise and insights would be incredibly appreciated!

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