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    Hey it's looking really good, just be careful with those sounds, the good fellows at Aksys may not appreciate your use of BlazBlue sound files :S, also, if it turns out to be copyright material Blizzard may choose to remove your game from BNet.

    Also, increase the height of those hp bars and such, they got in the way at the end of the vid, covering up the faces and what not.

    Lastly, whenever you used your finisher move the camera zoomed/panned to you for a split second, it didn't look so good :S

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    Hey guys, in War3 if you used the "move unit instantly" trigger it appeared to "stun" the unit, meaning it interrupts casting and orders making them unable to do anything, however if you used "setpositionX" or w.e that was it would cause them to "slide" while still allowing them to issue move orders and such.

    I'm using the move instantly function in the galaxy editor and it appears to do the stun thing (animations are getting reset, causing it to look a little choppy)

    is there any way to get the sliding effect back? or does this function already do it and I'm just paranoid?

    Also, while we're at it, I need to know how to set launch sites for abilities (ex. ship fires missiles from the missile bay instead of the center of the unit)

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    posted a message on Ability Launch Sites

    Hey is there any way I can change the launch site from a host actor of a "launch missile" effect?

    I got the ability to work and everything but both of the missiles launch from the middle of the unit instead of it's weapons.

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    hey guys, I made a trigger that when the player left clicks, it fires raynors snipe effect at a location away from the caster in the direction the caster is facing, however, when I test it ingame, all it does is fire into the bottom left of the map :S


    UI - Player Any Player clicks Any mouse button Down.

    Local Variables


    (Mouse button clicked) == Left


    Variable - Set TempPlayer = (Triggering player)

    Variable - Set TempPoint[1] = ((Position of Ship[TempPlayer]) offset by 0.7 towards ((Facing of Ship[TempPlayer]) + 20.0) degrees)

    Variable - Set TempPoint[3] = (TempPoint[1] offset by 100.0 towards (Facing of Ship[TempPlayer]) degrees)

    Animation - Play Attack animation for (Actor for Ship[TempPlayer]) as Default, using Model Driven Looping options and Default Time blend time

    Environment - Execute Raynor - Raynor Snipe (Create Persistent) at TempPoint[3] from Ship[TempPlayer]

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    hey mate, seeing as you guys scrapped the rev3 is there any way I can get my hands on that terrain? both to use and learn from? ;)

    If not, can you tell me how you did the map lighting? when I made mine dark it made all of the blood and gore black for some reason :S

    I also wouldn't mind a flashlight that casts shadows.

    More on topic: that video's great, terrain and concept are beautiful. The part where you look out the window and see the rest of the ship is amazing. The only gripe I have is the camera. Not a big fan of permanently seeing my character's ass. Your character also covers most of the screen, I suggest moving it out and up slightly so you no longer see his ass and have a little more visibility, or at least making different cameras to choose from in the playable game.

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