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    Alright so I have been in the process of what I think could be a pretty cool game.

    The concept is something that I personally have not seen before. What I will be doing is, through forums, selecting 50 players to be the CEO's of 50 corporations. These corporations will sell products and items to other players who play the game, who will be able to turn around and sell the items to other players to make a profit.

    The cool part is that there will be a "stock market" for these companies. If you know anything about stocks, you may be pleased to hear that there will be stock brokers, shorting stocks, and obviously trading them.

    Another cool feature is that you can put the items you buy up for auction. These would be able to be bid on, and then bought later.

    The items you buy would give you bonuses in my other games. I am going to try and, once this game is published, try and convince some other popular map makers to integrate this stock program through their games.

    There is a down side to this however. In order for the game to work, at least one player in the game has to have played before in order for the bank saving to work properly. I will be setting up a channel so that people can find other people that have played before. If a game is joined and no one has played before, the game will display a message notifying you of that and then close.

    So if anyone has any questions (this post does not come close to including all of the features I have added/adding to the game) please ask.

    PLEASE do not steal my idea. PLEASE!

    (Sorry I didn't proof this cuz I'm lazy so don't critique my grammar, spelling, or whatever else)

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    Hey sorry I didn't know where to put this thread so I just put it in general.

    I want to make a global leaderboard, showing all time high scores from everyone. Unfortunately, I don't think that global banks exist. So I was wondering if anyone has a workaround that they have discovered. I don't care how complicated it is, this feature is necessary for the game I am making. Thanks.

    (FYI I would not be using the global bank for a global leaderboard, that was just an example)

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