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    Minecraft Hypixel

    Minecraft Hypixel is the name of a massive multiplayer server that houses many PVP oriented mini-games.
    - On the main Minecraft menu, click Multiplayer, click add server, type any name, and then put this on the IP address: mc.hypixel.net
    - Simply right click the compass then click the mini-game you want. You can exit anytime and go back to the lobby.

    This is a list of all the fun mini-games they have:

    Here are my favorite games:

    Bedwars The arena is a bunch of floating sky islands. You and your teammates spawn in an island with 1 bed. Your goal is to quickly gather resources and build bridge to enemy islands and destroy their bed. Destroying a team bed disable their ability to respawn. Last team standing wins. Your main island will constantly drop resources to buy basic items. These sky island arenas are designed to nerf turtling and force expansion because the valuable resources are in the middle neutral islands.

    SkyWars: like bedwars but FFA

    Murder Mystery: Like a phantom mode in Starcraft. You are assigned a role and if your the murderer, you have to go around killing others without being caught.

    Build Battle: players are confined to a large private area where they have few minutes to build a giant item thats voted in the beginning in the match. Afterwards, the game will move to each area showcasing everyone's fast builds and you as a player gets to vote which is a good build. The player with the most high rated votes wins.

    - For more information please visit: https://hypixel.net/play/#games

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    Minecraft setup/installation
    - You will need to create an account with Mojang to purchase minecraft: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/ . Note: The other version from the Microsoft store will not be compatible with the additional content you'll be playing.
    - I've had inconsistencies with game capture/video capture with minecraft. I suggest right-clicking Obs and click Run as Administrator.

    Minecraft Tutorial Checklist
    Vanilla Minecraft is the stepping stone of the real fun on stream. With this checklist, you will be able to have enough basics to move onto Minecraft Multiplayer (Hypixel) and Minecraft Feed the Beast.

    Punch trees, create crafting table, create planks and stick. Right-click crafting table, place sticks and planks in this arrangement to create your first item: THE WOOD PICKAXE.

    Dig down a few blocks past grass/dirt until you see grey stone blocks. Aim cursor on stone while holding pickaxe and holding left click to mine stone. Once you get a bunch of stone, create these other tools and weapons:

    Pickaxe: Efficient in mining all kinds of rocks and minerals.
    Axe: Efficient in cutting wood.
    Shovel: Efficient in grass, dirt, sand, gravel, clay blocks.
    Hoe: hold Hoe in hand, right-click grass/dirt block and it the dirt block becomes tilled dirt block. This allows you to plant seeds on it.

    Tier list in terms of durability and mining speed:

    Gold tools/weapons is unique  because it has extremely low durability but the highest mining speed

    Ores to ingots

    While mining unground, you will come across these dotted stones. The peach and yellow is iron and gold respectively. You can put the iron and gold ore into a furnace to transform it into ingots.

    Create Furance

    place the furnace down on the ground and then right-click it to see this interface.

    You put wood or coal on the bottom left and then the ore top left.

    Running out of space? Create several chests to place items.

    Other misc tips
    - the bar right of your hearts is your hunger bar, when that drains, then your hearts will slowly drain. You will have to explore and kill animals or gather fruits to replenish hunger. Later on, you can build a Hoe tool to till soil and plant seeds you've gathered to grow food.
    - At night mobs will spawn. To survive the 1st few nights you can dig yourself a hole and cover it and wait until night. If your fast enough, you can surround yourself with dirt or cobble or make it large enough to move around in it.
    - Once its day time, most mobs will catch on fire and die, allowing safe travel on the surface.
    - Night is not why mobs spawn, rather they will spawn in areas with lack of light. Your short term goal is to build a bunch of torches and place them all around your play area so that mobs won't spawn at night.
    - explore caves or dig staircase going down. Surface level is around 60 blocks high. below that are random cave tunnels and mineshafts and ravines and lava pits. Practice holding crouch and standing at the edge of a block, this will allow you to prevent yourself from falling off a block. This is also used to create a 1 block bridge while slowly moving/crouching.
    - You will eventually see stone blocks with dots on them - yellow, peach, teal, red, blue. These are essential resources. Some of them you can put them inside the furnace (top spot) and use charcoal or wood on bottom slot to "smelt" it into an ingot.

    (Note: image greatly CGI'd than actual product)

    After playing Minecraft Vanilla, you will have enough  skils to move onto Minecraft Hypixel or Feed The Beast.

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    Hi A_Seagull!
    In this report, I would like to share you some information and convince you to play Minecraft on stream.
    Minecraft is not just easy survival game / 3D MSpaint, it has a ton of stream content!

    Why should you play Minecraft on stream?
    - Minecraft is popular enough to draw the attention to a lot of viewers, even after it being a decade old game.
    - Vanilla minecraft is a fun casual survival game. Think of it as playing 1 hour of Subnautica/Rust/The Forest. Since you've mastered and enjoyed those games, you will certainly enjoy Minecraft too!
    - Minecraft has enough unique content that separates itself from other survival games.
    - We will avoid building projects. Its only entertaining to see the finish projects. Not fun on stream.
    - We will focus your minecraft gameplay on content that provides strategy, progression and development.


    We will divide the Minecraft content into three sections:

    Minecraft Vanilla - Single player normal
    Minecraft Hypixel - Multiplayer server
    Minecraft Feed the Beast - Single player mods


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    Hey Calvin! Here is how to setup a Minecraft Modpack Multiplayer server!

    Step 1:
    Buy the Minecraft java version here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/store/


    Step 2: Time to purchase a monthly server service. I recommend https://www.creeperhost.net/

    In the creeperhost website,  click the "order" green button on the on the picture that says "Modded Minecraft".

    Step 4: Entered any name for your server (type anything, its just a label). Next, dragged the green bar to the very right until it says "custom players". This will unlock a hidden button on the right. Click this hidden button called "Select Package."

    Step 5: Now choose my server hardware. I would recommend minimum of 6GB for 4 people.
    Note: For comparison, if you're setting up a vanilla server, a minimum of 1GB for 4 people is enough.



    Step 6: Next, find the modpack you want them to install. You can check out the list of modpacks here on a separate tab: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/modpacks. In this example, I am going to install a modpack called Roguelike Adventure. It is an adventure/exploring modpack. Here, I type the word "Roguelike" and it will give me a long list of versions. I chose the one on the very top of the results since that is the latest version (picture maybe outdated).

    Step 7: At the bottom of this website, fill out the form. This website takes credit card or paypal. 

    Step 8: After the payment, wait at least 15 minutes for the website to finish setting up your server.
    Then, login to this website: https://panel.creeper.host/login 


    Step 9: This is the Control panel of the server. You want to click on "Create Instance" to start it up. It will ask you for name/label for it on your control panel, type anything. Once you hit okay, give it a few minutes to set up. The picture below took me 3 minutes to start it up. For the modded minecraft server, the initial startup load is probably going to be 10+ minutes. It may even crash. If that happens, click on the orange button on the top right to restart it. You may see a lot of errors in the console while its loading. This is normal. Finally, the IP address is the one below the name you gave it. For example my ip address is "QueenGambit.playat.ch"


     Step 10: Time to download and install modded minecraft for your computer.


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