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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    Cumulative updates have been translated and published. Available now.

    T5 new ability: Turbine Drive

    T5 Seeker gets a new ability.

    • Switch to mode B to enable Turbine Cloakdrive ability.
    • When activated, the unit drills through warping to the target location, destroying every unit in its path.
    • Using the Turbine ability triggers a global alarm.

    Balance Updates

    Artillery Vessel is changed to Liberator Artillery.

    • The unit uses the same weapon. All other stats are the same.
    • The unit now has a brief deploying delay when switching to the long-range mode.

    Inhibitor is now buffed.

    • The purpose of this change is to balance the unit when dealing with late-game banshees.

    General Updates

    • A tutorial mode is added.
    • UI is revamped. Game FOV is increased.
    • Lighting is improved.
    • Now uses a new splash screen.
    • Fixed a bug that affected the core warping mechanics.
    • Orbital Focus now displays a warning message that it might destroy your own Carrier.

    Warp in.



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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    Cumulative updates have been translated and published on all servers. Available now.

    Balance Updates

    Tier 1 banshees are now nerfed.

    • Weapon range is reduced from 9.8 to 4.9.
    • Range increment per upgrade is reduced from +1.4 to +0.7.
    • By design, inhibitors are supposed to act as counter units to shield-holding banshees. However, late-game banshees have been able to freely attack from outside of the inhibitor's AoE, effectively breaking the game.
    • With this new change, even with a full upgrade on weapon range, banshees are now unable to attack from outside of the inhibitor's AoE.

    General Updates

    AIs are now greatly improved. Try them and be surprised.

    • AIs now know to use banshee's shield ability.
    • AIs now know to use Inhibitors, mostly offensively.
    • Internal fleet strength calculation has been calibrated to allow for more hostile behavior.
    • AIs now offensively react to Carrier being damaged.
    • AIs now try to evade orbital strikes.
    • AIs now more naturally react to singularities.

    Basic stat system is added.

    • AIs count as legit competitors, and do not prevent stats from being recorded.

    Self-destructing Carriers are now penalized by -1 point.

    • The purpose of this change is to compensate for leading players performing a "bounty-reset" or attempting to control multiple T5 units at once.


    Warp in.


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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    This patch fine-tunes the gameplay. Available now on all servers.

    Updates: Cloakdrive Ganks

    Assemblies are now named Carriers.

    Carriers are now excluded from Mass Cloakdrive transfers, making it a more offensive ability without risking your Carrier.

    The UI elements have been changed to hide most of the information about hostile units.

    • Cloakdrives now do not reveal their X-shaped destination mark to other players. Make a surprise.
    • Cloakdrive visual effects are replaced with a faster gank-feeling one.
    • Vertical locations are now hidden for all units, including Orbital Disruptors.
    • Hostile enemy units now cannot be selected. This hides the reload time of the weapons.

    Arbiter Relays now have 2x wider Cloakfield radius.

    AIs now change weapons.

    AIs are improved.


    Lightings are improved.

    Minor game text fixes.

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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    As always, cumulative updates have been translated and published on all servers.

    Updates: Attack units

    Attack units now have secondary weapon modes.

    • Battlecruiser: EMP plasma cannon with shieldburn effect.
    • Raven: stackable shield projector.
    • Laser artillery vessel: 4x ranged green laser.

    All combat units except T5 units now have 2x attack range. That includes ravens.

    Expanded upgrade caps for T1 banshees.

    Expanded unit caps to 77 for T1 banshees.

    Updates: Tech units

    Singularity modules now have longer charging time.

    Arbiter relays are now immobile when deployed.

    Arbiter relays now stay active indefinitely until undeployed.

    Arbiter relays now do not transfer Assembly stations.

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    posted a message on A question of ethics, integrity and maps.

    Interesting topic. My core viewpoints are:

    1. Creative activities can be put as making new combinations of existing things, not making new things from complete scratch.
    2. Methods like trigger obfuscation implies that the maker wants to protect the combination they produced. Thus, reverse-engineering requires consent.

    Q. As a map maker, is it ethically proper for you to copy others peoples maps, change stuff and publish it as long as you give proper attribution and the map was unlocked?

    • Yes.

    Q. What if the map was locked?
    Q. And what if it was locked and the maker declared they had abandoned it?

    • Given that no reverse-engineering is done, yes. As I see a successful replication as a proof of creative ability, neither attribution nor consent would not be necessary.
    • Though, I don't see any point in making just a mimicked version of wanted map, when a playable execution already exists.

    Q. And if it was abandoned for 3 years, and was broken from all the blizzard patches?

    • Then there's a point. No attribution is necessary, but it would be helpful to inform the players.

    Q. What if you've tried all possible ways to get in contact with the maker, and have gotten no replies? How long should you wait for a reply?

    • I'd just work on replicating from scratch. Reverse-engineering requires consent.

    Q. As a map maker is it ethical of you to abandon a map and let future patches break said map, without ever updating it?

    • Yes. Arcade maps are freely playable, so no users are entitled to demand an update or fix.

    Q. Is it ethical to post maps that you didn't copy a map file from another maker, but the game is almost the same as another game aside from terrain and certain aspects of data and trigger coding?

    • Yes.
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    posted a message on Patch 3.0 Map-Maker Troubleshooter Thread

    @FunkyUserName: Go

    Great. ::rolleyes:: Definitely will not do a fresh upload.

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    posted a message on Patch 3.0 Map-Maker Troubleshooter Thread

    Publish name must match the previous names of all locales

    Has this been fixed yet?
    I can't upload any update for multi-locale maps. (which means different map names for each locale)
    Tried "use map name for all locale".

    Fresh uploads work.
    Updates for single-locale maps work.

    Maps are in TW/KR Region.

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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    Just uploaded a teaser video ;)
    See the main post.

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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    This map has been renamed from "Banshee Blood" to better reflect the gameplay.

    Changes in Cloakdrive 1.0

    Gameplay now focuses on more fun and less micro.

    • Entire map is revealed from the beginning.
    • Observers and scanner drones are removed.
    • Shields are now banshees' unique ability.
    • Shields now change color and icon with each upgrade.
    • Inhibitors now negate all abilities, including singularity modules.
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    posted a message on [Space Arena] Cloakdrive

    Embed Removed:

    From the dev of Sniping:Sniper..


    Press C to warp anywhere.
    Cloakdrive is a simplified epic space warfare. Gather your fleet and dive into any battlefield.
    Features splash damage and green lasers.


    • Take control of your Carrier and bring on the destruction.
    • Two unit classes: Combat units / Tech units
    • The game is a deathmatch. Each game lasts 20 minutes.
    • Supports up to 7 players.
    • AI support - challenging. AIs use all units at will.

    Combat units

    • Combat units are tier-based from T1 to T5 with one type in each tier.
    • No unit becomes obsolete. No special abilities.
      • Except for the minion banshees. They have shields blocking all damage for a moment.
      • Upgrade the shield 3 times to get infinity shield.

    Tech units

    • Support units with special abilities.
    • Prism Inhibitor - disables/negates all enemy non-orbital abilities, including Cloakdrive transfers.
    • Singularity Module - which does what its supposed to do.
    • Arbiter Relay - mobile Cloakfield relay.
    • Orbital Disruptor Focus - reigns from above with Z axis damage.
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    posted a message on Patch 3.0 Map-Maker Troubleshooter Thread

    Pitfall: Unable to update multilocale maps properly, for those freshly published after 3.0 patch. This does not block the update, but only the enUS locale will be published. This leaves "published name for <your locale> does not exist, and it will be excluded from publishing." in message log.

    Workaround: Overwrite enUS locale texts with texts from your desired locale.

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    posted a message on Patch 3.0 Map-Maker Troubleshooter Thread

    Pitfall: Images for arcade game previews and screenshots do not resize properly. All images appear "jagged" as if a naive resize filter is applied.

    Solution: none on the client side.

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    posted a message on Unable to publish to Americas region

    @Traysent: Go

    Just succeeded in making a fresh new publish and updating on Americas. From what I've tried, upload failure with mismatching names might not be related to region. For instance some members on the other thread reported success uploading to KT region, which I'm guessing are new uploads and/or has one locale, while I am getting mostly failures on that region, which are updates. Most of my maps are on KT. I'm suspecting that the enGB locale removal bugged the name check process on uploads.

    I was able to update some maps in KT region. Major factor is that they were for internal tests, and has never been published with enGB locale specified on it. If this factor is causing the failures, any map having its enGB name still registered on bnet in would fail on upload. Initial publishes / maps with no enGB name registered on bnet will succeed uploading.

    I suggest you investigate this to replicate.

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    posted a message on Patch 3.0 Map-Maker Troubleshooter Thread

    @FunkyUserName: Go

    Same problem here, and Use for all regions option doesn't solve it. (tried KT region) I noticed something while trying different maps for uploads, as some of them got past the name check. From what I see, the main differences are:

    • is published with multiple locales defined, and has a published map name to compare, for each locale.
    • displays "unknown locale does not match published name" for a short time (bout 0.5s) when clicking use for all regions button (not the checkbox one, but one above the log panel)

    Assuming these differences are the root causes to this problem, solving it would require a database cleanup or a namecheck exception rule on Blizzard side.

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    posted a message on Banshee Blood [ Epic Space Warfare ]

    Updated game info with release 6.0. I've been working with this map since last update, it was just not being localized at the same time. I wish localizing becomes less tedious with LotV.. Too much to check.

    Long list of updates

    I've decided to make the gameplay focus on more competition, and less survival.

    • Assemblies now respawn. Destroy more to win!
    • All units can now phase-jump on their own.
    • Extended playtime to 20 minutes.

    Unit changes

    Previously, units were balanced in a tier-based manner. Changes were made to make each unit to have their own purpose, independent of their respective tier.

    T0 Banshee

    • Removed. Assemblies spawn T1 Banshees instead.

    T1 Banshee Squad (former Megabanshee)

    • Weapon Damage upgrade : +11 each, 49 level max.
    • Weapon Range upgrade : +0.7 each, 7 level max.
    • Energy Capacity upgrade : -14 each, 3 level max. (abilities use 100% energy, so lower energy cap means faster charge.)

    T2 Battlecruiser

    • Now fires much faster. (1.96 -> 0.07)

    T4 Laser Artillery Vessel

    • Now fires green lasers. of death.
    • Now targets up to 7 units within its range.
    • Now has twice longer range. (4.9 -> 9.8)

    T5 Seeker

    • Now has decreased target range. (343 -> 49)
    • Weapon is not projectile-based anymore.


    • Now has increased HP. (7777 -> 77777)
    • Mass CloakDrive upgrade : -14s each, 7 level max. Upgrading also provides 1 Mass CloakDrive charge.
    • EN regen upgrade
    • HP regen upgrade

    Other changes

    • Replaced CloakDrive FX.
    • Removed unit glow.
    • Removed repair zone.
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