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    @TheAlmaity: Go

    Yes, I meant armored. Thanks for editing.

    And Orloth informed me that the forum already had a name similar to "Raganoth", so I changed it to Kanaro. Sorry if missed an edit somewhere in there, I'll change it.

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    Playing hardball with the man who owns your contract!?, David looked down his arm, over his sidearm, and into the face of Krag the Bloody. I deserve the shitstorm coming my way. I won't be surprised if I buy it right here.

    It reassured him only slightly that Leo was at his right shoulder, and the two pistols that looked like toys in his hands were trained on Krag's lackeys and not on him. There were two standing on his side, and six of them, not including Krag's ugly mug. If things turned sour, David was entirely sure that he would buy it first, followed closely by his friend Leo.

    “-tched. Why don't we just put our guns away and go back to the way things were,” Krag was saying. “I like you David. I really do. I'd hate to have to end you right here and lose such a valuable man. Come on. You know I'm a man of my word. You can-”

    David was knocked out of his panicked thinking suddenly, and he took a step forward, brandishing his sidearm. As the ruffians around Krag raised their guns and prepared to fire, he stopped. “Man of your word? Oh really? A man of your word.”

    Krag raised his hands defensively. “Come on, David. Don't make this harder than it has to be.”

    “I should say the same to you. Why don't you give me the ship I bought from you, and we can all go away and live out our respective lives of crime.”

    Krag looked to either side, and seeing the multitude of guns around him, he regained some of his confidence. “Look, David. You aren't in the best of positions to be bargaining with me. You can either put down your guns and I'll overlook this incident, or you can die right here. It's your choice.”

    David smirked, even though he was starting to feel quite conspicuous standing in the middle of the docking bay with guns pointed every which way. He thought it was somewhat odd that he had time to notice the passers-by studiously ignoring the exchange as he prepared to roll the dice and die in a blaze of glory.

    “Well, as I see it, you shoot me, and you've got a whole different set of problems.”

    “Oh?” Krag said. “I think Leo here is the only one who will miss you, and he'll be joining you.”

    Taking a deep breath, David set the hook. “You're right.” He dropped his gun, and re-holstered it. He felt the confusion from behind him as Leo debated whether to lower his own guns. David ignored him and focused all of his attention on Krag. “But it's not those that will miss me that you have to worry about. How do you think it is going to look for you when word gets around that you went back on a deal you made with one of your men? That you denied him the prize that you promised him?”

    Looking to the thugs pointing guns at him, he went on. “It looks to me like Krag the Bloody can't be trusted to uphold his end of the bargain. How is that gonna look to all of the 'respectable' businessmen you deal with?” David could see the realization beginning to click in Krag's mind.

    “It was part of the deal that you not spread the word of what we agreed,” Krag said through gritted teeth.

    “Good for me that I did,” David said, trying to keep the edge out of his voice. If I'm caught in this lie, it's all over. “If I hadn't, I wouldn't have anything to bargain with, now would I? You give me the ship I was promised, and your reputation stays intact. You shoot me, and things will get mighty tough for you.”
    He could see the wheels turning in Krag's eyes, and he waited.

    “You wouldn't dare have risked our deal by telling someone,” Krag said.

    “Shoot me, and you'll find out just how wrong you are.”

    Seconds passed, and David concentrated on breathing evenly. He couldn't help his hand from straying to his sidearm, ready to pull and fire if his ruse failed. He wouldn't survive it, but at least he'd get a shot at taking Krag out first.

    Krag raised his arms again. “All right boys. Put 'em down. You win, David. Your ship is waiting for you.” He stepped forward and handed David a file. As the file switched hands, Krag leaned forward, “Good luck. You'll need it.” David noted the fury in Krag's voice and the way he quickly turned and stalked out of the docking bay. He sure isn't going to be making things easy for me any time soon.

    “Now we need to go tell people,” David said to Leo as they watched Krag's lackeys leave the bay.

    “I'm surprised he didn't shoot you,” Leo said as David opened the file and gave it a cursory glance to make sure all of the essential paperwork was there.

    “Of course he wouldn't shoot me. He wouldn't want to soil his reputation for being 'trustworthy'.”

    “Everyone knows he's a lying backstabber,” Leo said slowly.

    “He doesn't know that, does he?” David said with a smirk as he led Leo towards Bay 4, and his shot at freedom.


    -Introductory post... oh, and I got a ship.

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    @TheAlmaity: Go

    Edits have been made, and I completely expected to have to tone down the abilities.

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    Hi everyone,

    Orloth pointed out this section of the forum to me and suggested that I join up. I have a somewhat interesting idea for a character in that I want to focus on a small group of individuals instead of making a powerful figure in one of the factions. I have opted to not have an army, and I know how difficult this will make things for me, but that will just make it more fun to try and survive :-D).

    I was briefly involved in Tremors of War (I think my username was Morelyn o.O) near the end of it's run but had to drop out because my computer fried. D-:

    Below is the character(s) that I have come up with. David and Leo will be the only ones to start with, but the others will follow in the first couple of posts as the crew of Gambit is formed.

    Peruse and critique at your leisure,


    The transport ship Gambit, captained by David Kanaro, has a murky history. Only recently acquired by David from the small-time pirate Krag the Bloody, it is sorely in need of repairs. Outfitted to one day be a prime smuggling ship with superior maneuverability and speed, as well as decent cargo and smuggling space for a ship of its size, right now it is little better than a heap of scraps.

    Weapons 0
    Armor 0
    Maneuverability 7
    Security 1
    Cargo 1
    Speed 7
    Total Cost 100

    David Kanaro (Captain)

    Before acquiring his new ship, Gambit, David was a low-level enforcer for the pirate Krag the Bloody. He and his partner, Leonardo Damoran, bought their employment contracts and bartered a deal to get their own ship. It was their goal to set out as independent traders and smugglers, but upon acquiring Gambit in a sorry state, they have been forced to work menial or small-time jobs on Domus while they get the ship back to operational and reliable status.

    Health 325
    Movement 2.25
    Armor 1
    Sight 9
    DPS 20(+30 v. heavy)
    Damage 30(+45 v. heavy)
    Speed 1.5
    Range 7

    Penetrater Rounds – deals x2 weapon damage in line 1 unit wide x 9 units long (10 sec. cooldown)
    Total Cost 53

    Leonardo Damoran (Leo)

    Leonardo Damoran (Leo, except to authorities) is a hardened ex-convict. Always ready to fight, and often preferring to, he is the bullet to David's gun. Not terribly bright in anything except how to tear apart the enemy, Leo is fiercely loyal to David since they became assigned partners under the pirate Krag. Though he is older than David, he defers to the younger man, as he is smart enough to know what he doesn't know. But he often grumbles about his captain's decisions, not seeing the point in restraining himself.

    Health 400
    Movement 2
    Armor 2
    Sight 9
    DPS 10(+30 v. light)
    Damage 5(+15 v. light)
    Speed .5
    Range 5
    AoE .5

    Concussive Shells – as marauder
    Total Cost 53

    Dr. Jonathan Rark

    To be introduced to David and Leo shortly, Dr. Jonathan Rark is a retired Terran military research scientist. After his retirement he decided to fill in the gaps in his expansive knowledge by traveling through the galaxies among the different species and learning all he could.

    Health 250
    Energy 250
    Movement 2.25
    Armor 1
    Sight 9

    Heal – heals 15 hp/second, autocast, 3 energy/second

    Selfix Armor – Medic's armor rapidly heals him for 9 health/sec and 15 energy/sec when out of combat. Healing or taking damage counts as being combat.
    Total Cost 25


    Po'Nath is another character that will be introduced as part of the crew of Gambit shortly. He is a secretive protoss high templar on the run from his own people for being a heretic.

    • the rest of his story to be filled in as the story progresses (GM cue to screw with him and his story as you see fit)

    Health/Shield 100/125
    Shield Regen 2/sec
    Energy 300
    Energy Regen .5625/sec
    Movement 2.5
    Armor 2
    Sight 9

    Psionic Storm – as high templar

    Feedback – as high templar
    Total Cost 35

    Casey Yaff

    Casey Yaff is an escaped Terran experiment. Though she appears to be human, she actually has some zerg genes spliced in with her human compliment. She was to be liquidated as a 'failed' sample, and instead managed to escape.

    • Cue GM interference, zerg or Terran.

    Health 150
    Energy 200
    Movement 2.25
    Armor 0
    Sight 11
    DPS 6.667 (+6.667 v. light)
    Damage 10 (+10 v. light)
    Speed 1.5
    Range 6

    Snipe – one shot dealing 45 dam

    Personal Cloaking – as terran ghost
    Total Cost 34

    Jerry Pockin

    Jerry “Puck” Pockin, will be introduced to be the pilot for Gambit.

    • I have plans to eventually spend points to make him an actual character, but for now he is just a crack pilot and a civilian.

    Haley Morgan

    Haley Morgan is the engineer for Gambit. She is another character that will be introduced later.

    • I have plans to eventually spend points to get her a souped up SCV, but for now she is just a civilian member of the crew.

    Total cost 300

    I do not want an army :-D

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