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    posted a message on Calldown MULE, I want to calldown WARPIGS instead.

    If you dont want mules at all just go and edit the mule unit remove the stuff like portraits etc and just rename the mule to war pig (or what ever) and just go and base it off what i said so add the kelmorianminergaussrifle (default weapon) etc

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    posted a message on [WIP] War Pigs - Planetary Rescue

    hey if you want i can help you (if your still working on it) i cna help you with making custom units etc so like rare unseen zerg etc

    also would any one like to help me with a map im not good with triggers or terrain but i wanted to make a rpg like thing or like hero wars from starcraft brood war

    looks like this: (minus the warcrfat 3 models etc)

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    posted a message on Model Ideas??

    hots u get swarmling and raptors i want their models right now though

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    posted a message on World of Warcraft Model (M2) Exporter for M3

    Hey im working on making this heroic rpg type map but my computers firewall wont let me reinstall wow model viewers (i had to reamke my computer user idr why) any ways i need elves like the class's like paladin etc dks and make both types go under the 1 option and give them npc gear the brown dk armor etc also i need a scourge army with the lich king (with sword if u can do that) and add any other types of wow units u want after wards thx email me if u can do this or reply (email [email protected]) thx abunch

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