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    Up to the latest patch: yes. (one thread was by me)

    It duplicated 5000 times, wasn't funny at all.It was the TerrainObjectTrenchDiagonal for me, I solved the problem by setting the radius to a value greater than zero and removed the model of the terrain object. Then I could delete them.

    I guess that it somehow duplicates when something is done in the terrain editor and when the radius is 0 ... but that's simply guessing, I won't do any more tests with them :D

    Some seem to work though, I guess you should reference the campaign maps to see which one they used

    Quote from Rushhour: Go

    Sorry, for not replying, but I saw your PM/post not until now.

    Ok: Open up the data editor. Then select the datatype: Terrainobjects (at the same spot where you choose between effects, units, weapons,...) Search for the object (trenchdiagonal1) (now enable raw data view, since i have the german version of the editor and don't know how the fields are named in your version) I deleted the file path for _Model, _CliffSet and set Radius to 1.

    I am not sure what really made them disappear, but I guess it was the radius.

    Edit: And I checked what caused them to duplicate hundreds of times: Using the higher/lower tool of the terrain palette! Don't ask me why, but clearly a bug.

    Sorry for the noob question, but how exactly do you remove the model of the terrain object? I can set the Cliff Set to a value of None, but the Model i can't delete, it won't let me, i have to set it to something.


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