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    You seem to be in the good direction. 4 solid deck is really the real milestone for the map to be fun to play. Can't wait to try the map on NA (even though it's so hard to find players on new maps). That new deck looks insanely aggressive and has some fun cards :)

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    BattleBet/GambleCraft/whatever :

    One very popular (and fun) thing of Starcraft1 and Warcraft3 that isn't allowed in Starcraft2 because of Battle.net2 impossibility to name games: Melee match with observers in public games.

    It's fun watching games live and playing while being watched. Since there is also no chat lobby it's hard to find people to play custom games with. So here's the idea to make this possible, more unique and popular:

    Using the sc2 leaderboard systems, people could place bets on the people playing. You can only bet if someone bet on the opposite player and you can only bet an amount you possess and that is equalled on the other side. If you run out of cash you are awarded a free 100$ to start over again. This would add fun in watching replays and make a bit more than "blizzard map with spectator enabled". There could be a leaderboard for gamblers and for players. Maybe they get a small cut of the profits gamblers make.

    Additionnal possible options could be side bets, betting on yourself, or even special bets like "3/1 bet if he take him down in 10 minutes or with 70% handicap option". One important feature would be to be able to change bet until a set amount of time. For example, you can add to the bet until the 5 first minutes of the game, and possbility to offer a double up bet late game when it gets intense.

    There could also be some kind of tournament or elite mode. Like people gamble minerals that they can trade for gas to get tournament tickets. If everyone has 1 gas to spend a tournament start for a big amount of mineral prize. Maybe every player spectate during the other games or it's simply a best of 3 of 2 players that have a high player ranking. When a game is done map and mineral patches reset for next match. Something like that.

    Hope someone make this and it goes popular.

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    It would be awesome to play a good card game on sc2. I would really love to help you test but I'm on the NA server.. :(

    It would be great to cuztomize decks, but building pre-built decks is the good way to start designing the game anyways (i guess customize is not the easiest thing to script and balance). What I can say from the mind rot deck is that some cards looks fun, but maybe it needs a bit more flavour. Also, the deck doesn't seem to make that much sens as a whole, and I don't know how your map is actually played but I'm not sure these cards actually work together/combos. It's hard to review a deck alone though since I can't compare with other ones. I see it as a offencive+draw deck but it's hard to tell when you don't have other decks to compare.

    You should maybe start with 2 basic opposite decks, for example offencive versus defensive, life versus damage, creatures versus spells, discard vs draw, etc.

    If you take for example a Mind Rot deck at magic the gathering, it's a pure black deck about annoyingly making opponent discard. This might mean less creatures, more cards to slow down opponent by killing his creature or having low cost cards with a few deadly really expensive rares, etc. Having the Greed card might better fit in a deck trying to overwhelme opponent with cheap mana cost cards or spell deck, while you'd like mana boost card for one with expensive cards. I don't know the values of mana but the rares doesn't seem so much more expensive than most creatures. Make sure it's just about drawing the assassin for insta win.

    For the specific cards, I would say they could sometimes have multiple possible use to add more unexpected use of them. For example, I would change Shadow Merge to be able to cast also on opponent, so it can get your creature immune, but you can also use it on an opponent to get your assassin through detecting or to counter a buff spell opponent casted on his creature.

    For the creatures, it seem like the ghost could slow down single target for Creepie Crawlie but he's made for killing masses of units anyways. It seem like the creatures are too balanced and doesn't work together. Maybe I would rather be able to combine a high resistant creature with banelings. Having my psi warrior slowing down creature and then devourer blink away seem to make both abilities pointless. The assassin deadly 1 shot invisible killer doesn't seem to fit so much with the spells or Grimclaw that would rather be combined with low damage ones to get a chance of getting final blow.

    Overall the deck looks deadly and balanced, but personnaly I would like to see a bit more personnality in the deck to really wanna play it. I also have no idae how the game is played so it doesn't help. If I'm gessing right, when you cast a creature it cast a real starcraft unit running toward opponent?

    Hope all this make sens and helps in any way. I'm really looking foward in playing your game when it's released.

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